Afghan Skunk Marijuana Strain

Afghan Skunk Marijuana Strain

This flavorful mix of two classics will have you melting into the sofa right before you fall into a deep sleep. If you’re a fan of afghani and skunk strains, you’re going to fall in love with Afghani Skunk, which is the perfect blend of the two. Afghani Skunk produces an incredibly balanced indica-dominant high which is sure to relax every bone in your body.

Afghan Skunk Lineage and Origin

Afghan Skunk, also known as Afghani Skunk, is a classic strain which was first developed in the U.S. It mixes the pure genetics of the indica strain with the durable genetics of skunk strains. The resilience of its skunk parent strain makes this quite popular amongst new growers and it also produces an exceptionally high yield. After its creation in the States, it became a massive hit in the Netherlands where it turned into an instant classic. What strain is Afghan Skunk? It’s an Indica-dominant Hybrid with a 70% indica and 30% sativa heritage.

To understand a bit about why Afghan Skunk is such a powerful strain, it helps to know more about its parent plants.


Named after its geographical origin, Afghani comes from Afghanistan. In fact, some of the earliest varieties of marijuana are believed to be from this region. It’s known for it’s sweet and earthy aroma as well as its heavy production of resin which is passed on through its genes. Afghani produces a relaxing and sedating effect which is sure to deliver a peaceful euphoria. This indica is popular among patients seeking treatment for stress, pain, and insomnia.

Skunk #1

After first blooming in the 1970s, this hybrid strain has influenced cannabis globally. Using diverse genetics from all over the world, Sacred Seed Co. created Skunk #1 over a complicated selective breeding process. This cornerstone strain stimulates creativity with its high-energy buzz while also melting away stress and boosting your appetite.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Afghan Skunk has pungent and distinctive aromas and flavors filled with sugary sweet notes along with a kick of skunkiness and an earthy and woody finish. The buds feature a wooden hue with brown hairs and trichomes that are nearly invisible. In cold climates, the tops present a beautiful reddish-purple color.

Afghan Skunk Strain Growing Information

Afghan Skunk is highly recommended for novice growers. It’s a durable, robust plant which is not prone to disease and fungi. Afghan Skunk plants wrap up their flowering period after about nine to eleven weeks—though sometimes after only eight weeks.

Afghan Skunk is known to produce a high yield and its outdoor harvest time is in October. The Afghan Skunk plant measures at a medium height yet its buds are impressively large. Another great thing about Afghan Skunk is that it’s highly resistant to cold weather making it versatile for growing outdoors just as well as indoors in a wide range of climates. However, using soil is preferable, and because it has a pungent smell, you’re better off growing in a smell-proof system.

Afghan Skunk Strain’s Positive Effects

The aroma isn’t the only thing that’s potent with Afghan Skunk—it also tests at 17% THC. It supplies relaxed Indica tones mixed with euphoric Sativa highs. You’ll feel lazy, yet have some extra pep in your step. It may not be the best for energetic social settings because you’ll want to sit back and enjoy it’s relaxing qualities—though it may also give you a bad case of the giggles. It’s also great for regaining the focus in a busy mind which makes this a good strain for boosting creativity. If you’ve ever read an Afghan Skunk strain review, you’ll know it produces a relaxing high that keeps you coming back for more. For most, it quickly makes the top-five in their list of favorite strains.

Possible Negative Side Effects

Of course, every strain of marijuana comes with an adverse side effect or two. Though not everyone experiences this effect, this strain is known to dry you out—causing pretty bad dry mouth and dry eyes. If you’re already prone to dry mouth and eyes, it’s best to keep a beverage nearby and a bottle of artificial tears. Thankfully, these side effects are pretty easy to tame—a bottle of Gatorade will usually do the trick.

For new users, keep in mind that too much of a really good thing can turn into a bad thing. Take this one slow—you can expect a powerful punch with this strain. If using Afghan Skunk early in the day, you can also expect strong couch lock. To be honest, it’s best to stick to the couch anyways since this highly potent strain can cause dizziness on occasion.

Afghan Skunk Benefits

For medical users, Afghan Skunk is the perfect remedy for melting away pain, fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia. Some say it’s the best strain for managing ADD/ADHD. Afghan skunk is excellent for regaining an appetite—but as mentioned before, keep a glass of water nearby since it can really dry out your mouth. Due to it’s relaxing and sedating effects, Afghan Skunk is also great for taming muscle spasms and muscle tension. At the same time, it’s great for brightening up a depressive mood.

Recreational users choose this strain for its deep euphoric and spiritual high. There’s nothing like it for dissolving stress and putting you into a lazy yet cheerful state. Afghan Skunk can improve quality of life in those with chronic stress and anxiety. It’s highly recommended for the late evenings when you need to wind down and prepare for a good night’s sleep or when you need a mood-booster.

When to Use Afghan Skunk Strain

Although the Afghan Skunk weed strain has qualities that promote cheerfulness, its sedating qualities can hit really hard. It’s best to use this one in the late evening. Prepare to feel at peace and also ready for a good night of deep sleep. If you use it earlier in the day, make sure your schedule is clear ahead of time since you’re not going to want to get off of the couch.


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