Afghani Marijuana Strain

Afghani Marijuana Strain

Afghani, also known as Afghan Kush, is a truly exceptional plant. In fact, it’s believed to be one of the oldest landrace strains on earth. The first generation of cannabis growers cherished this plant because of its incredible potency and medicinal benefits, and it’s just as favored today.

Nature refined Afghan Kush into a powerful strain all on its own without the help of humans for thousands of years, and after scientists got ahold of it, Afghani was refined even further. Now, this plant is the rock-solid foundation for many of the world’s most popular strains including Black Afghani, Purple Afghani, and Pineapple Afghani strains. With its versatility and potent sedative effects which easily neutralize stress and anxiety, there’s no wonder why it has stood the test of time.

Afghani Marijuana Strain Effects

The high experienced from Afghan Kush is primarily physical at first before it trickles into the mind, leaving you free of negativity, and boosting mental clarity. Regular users may benefit from increased focus over time as it has a way of obliterating mind clutter. With a deep sedating effect, you can expect to feel melty, relaxed, and on cloud nine.

Since you’ll feel too relaxed to accomplish any strenuous physical tasks, you’re better off indulging in Afghani in the evening. Your body will instantly feel weighty—after all, this isn’t an energizing marijuana strain. You’ll want to chill out on the couch and not get up until you’ve had time to get a good night’s sleep—so make sure you don’t have any obligations before you light up.

Afghani also really brings on the munchies. Probably the only time you get off the sofa is when you’re raiding the pantry. Otherwise, you’ll be best to sit, relax, and let life’s pains and worries melt away, until you wake up rested and revitalized the next morning.

Medical Benefits

Afghani is great for supporting both mental and physical health. At the heart of this herb’s medicinal benefits are its sedating effects. It has a superb ability to calm the body and mind in a way no other strain seems to be able to match.

When it comes to mental health, Afghani is great for managing stress, anxiety, and panic disorders such as PTSD. Afghan Kush helps comfort the mind when it is overloaded with emotions, and it promotes mental clarity and calmness.

As far as its physical benefits, this weed is one of natures best defenses against chronic and acute pain. It’s helpful for those harmed in an accident, who need a hand coping with pain, without resorting to addictive prescription pain pills. Chronic fatigue, back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia are no match for the incredible powers of Afghani weed.

With Afghani’s ability to spark an intense case of the munchies, those with eating disorders can experience an improved appetite. It can also help ward off nausea and stomach pains. The deep relaxing effects are great for loosening tense muscles and preventing headaches due to muscle tension in the jaw and face.

Smell, Taste, and Look

With a scent that is as sweet and fragrant as perfume, Afghani indulges the senses with a pungent earthy and floral aroma. The outstanding aroma perfectly pairs with the unbelievable spicy and piney flavors you experience when taking a hit. The aftertaste is herbal and earthy which seamlessly blends with the initial experience of pine and spice.

As far as its appearance, Afghani is on the short and bushy side like indica plants are known to be. It has large, lengthy, and wide water leaves with a dark green color. The buds are densely packed and quite thick with a color that varies from pale green to dark green with golden-orange curling pistils surrounded by sugary leaves. This beautiful herb is the epitome of an indica. Afghani really has that classic marijuana look, which you would expect from such a foundational strain.

Growing Afghani

Afghani is considered a relatively easy plant to grow—it is resistant to mold, mildew, and disease, and it flourishes both indoor and outdoor. Since it only grows to be around 2 feet tall, it’s perfect for smaller indoor spaces. Moreover, it’s a discrete plant to grow for personal use outdoors, since it won’t be towering over your garden like many other strains—perfect for preserving your privacy.

A generous yield outdoors will require a climate with warm, dry summers and mild winters. This makes places with Mediterranean climates such as Southern California, the south-west of Australia, and Central Chile perfect for this strain. The harvest time is somewhere around early October or late September—right before cooler weather sets in.

The flowering period of Afghani is between 7 and 8 weeks which is pretty quick. Outdoor yields are about 21 ounces per plant on average, while indoor yields are a bit less with an average of 16 ounces each square meter.

Afghani Marijuana Strain Side Effects

As with all marijuana strains, the benefits come with a handful of side effects. This is especially true when it comes to strains with especially high THC levels where the effects of dry mouth, dry or itchy eyes, and feeling dehydrated are most common. Thankfully, most of these Afghani side effects are pretty easy to combat.

With a little bit of preparation, cotton mouth or dry mouth are effortless to prevent. Keep a hydrating beverage nearby and sip on it before, during, and after using Afghani. This will not only help with the cotton mouth feeling, but you’ll also help you avoid that overall parched feeling. Once you’re toking some Afghani and the couch lock hits, you’re not going to want to get up and search for a drink.

Dry and itchy eyes aren’t too difficult to manage either. Eye drops or artificial tears will help you avoid this problem. You can find them at any grocery store or pharmacy. Just follow the instructions and drip a couple drops in each eye when your eyes start to feel dry or itchy. Drinking lots of fluids will also help avoid this problem—but not entirely. As long as you have eye drops nearby, it shouldn’t be a problem.

There are also some less common side effects which you should keep in mind. For novice smokers, dizziness and headaches can be a problem—but it’s still pretty uncommon. In very rare cases, some consumers may experience paranoia. Fortunately, these side effects tend to fade quickly, so don’t let them turn you off to trying this powerful strain.


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