AK 47 Marijuana Strain

AK 47 Marijuana Strain

AK 47 marijuana strain has effects that won’t startle you as much as the gun itself, but is a favorite Sativa-dominant hybrid among cannabis consumers. Ak 47 marijuana is named after nothing in particular, and is just a random named attached to the strain. The AK 47 weed strain does have a high THC content that shoots right to your brain, leaving users with a faster effect than other strains.

AK 47 Strain Genetics and Origins

This strain was created by Serious Seeds in 1992. Made from a heavy hitting combination of four popular and powerful landrace marijuana strains including:

  • Colombian
  • Mexican
  • Afghani
  • Thai

To be technical, this strain was first developed back in the ’70s as a Thai and Afghanistan cross. From there, growers mixed these two strains with a Colombian and Mexican cross which yields the current day strain. In 1999, the strain underwent a rework, so uniform seeds could be produced.

THC, CBD, and CBN can all be found within this strain. Typically, strains have both THC and CBD or sometimes just one over the other. Because the AK 47 marijuana strain possesses all three, it stands out and is something that should be noted. Consumers know effects from this strain are going to be one of a kind, unlike most strains on the market.

For those of you who haven’t heard of CBN before, it is known for its sedative and medical properties. CBN is still being researched for how it is able to give marijuana strains such unique effects and why it gives people the feeling that it does.


When you have a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a name like AK 47, people would assume it would be a heavy hitting head high type of marijuana. The exact opposite is actually true, and this is due to the fact there is both CBD and CBN found within the strain.

A high level of THC is found in the AK 47 strain measuring in at 20%-24%, but the CBD and CBN counteract most of the psychedelic effects. CBD and CBN leave consumers feeling mellow, and the THC is able to poke through enough to leave people feeling overly joyful. You get the best of both worlds with this strain, feeling a head and body high that stays consistent the whole time.

AK 47 strain reviews never have consumers complain about getting paranoid or being couch-locked. Most reviewers mention that this strain gives them the giggles and they don’t stop smiling ear to ear. Since the head high doesn’t impact your mind with any psychedelic effects, consumers do not typically use this for any help in the creativity department.

Great for morning, afternoon or nighttime use, depending on the dosage and consumption. If you really want to overindulge and feel that heaving hitting to the moon kind of high, then plan to have a good chunk, if not all of your day taken. Newbies to this strain should take a small amount and gauge their bodies reaction before diving into a large dose. 

Medical Uses

The AK 47 strain has a unique set of properties. Patients are going to get varying effects based off of the dosage consumed. Those looking for help with insomnia, appetite or chronic pain should take a heavier dose right away, or consume more frequent doses.

Patients looking for relief with mental illnesses like depression, bipolar, or stress can take a smaller dose. It has an overall short duration, which means you can take this to help uplift your mind and spirit before attending work or an outing.

Overall this strain helps patients with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

Recreational Uses

Consumers who use this recreationally are probably going to do so multiple times. The high time for this strain is on the shorter to average end overall and lasts around 3 hours. Those looking to use this recreationally, but aren’t wanting to be out of commission all day, are going to love this strain. You can enjoy yourself for a bit, and then return to being productive.

Since the head high in this makes you feel so happy, it often leaves users feeling merry hours after the actual high has worn off. If you absolutely hate your job, try some of this before going into work, and it will make it more bearable to get through the day. Indulging in this, instead of your morning coffee, can set you up for a happy go lucky day.

Recreational uses include:

  • Use before a social gathering
  • Consuming alone or in groups
  • To help unwind

Aroma, Scent, and Flavor

The overall aroma of the AK 47 strain can be compared to the smell of a gun powder. Powdery, earthy, diesel and skunky are the scents that consumers first notice. When the buds are broken down, a bit of sweet and sour scent can be smelled.

A floral taste is left on your tongue after you smoke this strain, and the overall smoke is a bit thicker and heavier than other strains on the market. Because the smoke is a bit more intense, those who use this strain for medical reasons tend to do so in the edible, concentrate and oil forms.


The AK 47 cannabis strain is a medium to difficult plant to grow. It is not recommended for new or inexperienced growers due to the fact the plant is very susceptible to mold and mildew. Because of its sensitive nature, growers should try to grow this plant inside, and heavily monitor the temperature.

This plant grows best when the temperature is below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If the plant is exposed to warmer temperatures the buds will open early and be fluffy, which is bad for bud production. AK 47 strain flowering time averages about 60 days and the plants can yield between 350 and 500 grams per square meter.

The leaves are fairly tall and wide with large calyxes, blended with red-orange pistils. Buds can appear silvery or white in color, making this a great physical addition to any garden.


The AK 47 strain price comes in at about 1/8 g $36 USD, and 1/4 g 78 USD. This is an average price.  Prices will obviously vary depending on the state and dispensary.

The AK 47 strain has won numerous Cannabis cup awards, along with awards in other countries making this a worldwide show stopper. Because of its popularity, the pricing for this strain is very reasonable.


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