Amnesia Haze Marijuana Strain

Amnesia Haze Marijuana Strain

Amnesia Haze is a global strain that has won multiple awards and is loved by recreational users and medical marijuana patients alike. This powerful and potent strain produces a clean pure high with relatively few side effects. Unlike its name suggests this unique strain won’t put you in an amnesia haze at all. Instead, it makes people feel positive, motivated, and energized.

Amnesia Haze Origin and Lineage

The Amnesia Haze marijuana strain was masterfully created in the Netherlands by Soma Seeds. This strain is often referred to as an ultra-hybrid, but it is technically a sativa strain. Its 80% sativa, 10% indica ratio makes it a nicely balanced and well-rounded strain.

The Amnesia Haze strain THC content is also impressive at around 21%. This strain is definitely a hard-hitter. Be prepared, just a little bit of the Amnesia Haze weed strain will go a long way.

Incredible consideration and precision went into the professional breeding techniques and diverse lineage of the Amnesia Haze marijuana strain. It is truly no wonder why this strain is so incredible when you look at its dynamic parent plants. The strain Amnesia Haze was created from some of the most popular strains and landrace strains out there.

The impressive parent plants of Amnesia Haze include:

        Jamaican Sativa

        Hawaiian Sativa

        Thai Sativa

        Afghani Indica

        South Asian Indica

        Cambodian Sativa

        Haze Sativa

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

The Amnesia Haze cannabis strain has an overwhelming earthy aroma that will fill any room it may be in. After a bit, its initial pungent earthy scent will blend smoothly with highlights of pine, lemon, and citrus.

Unlike some strains, you can expect the flavor of Amnesia Haze to be similar to the way it smells. This strain has earthy flavors with light hints of sweet citrus.

The Amnesia Haze strain is a traditional looking marijuana strain with hues of grey and green. Still, tiny brassy orange pistils curl through its buds with impressive beauty.

Amnesia Haze Grow Info

Unfortunately, Amnesia Haze is a marijuana strain better left to the professionals when it comes to growing. This is not the easiest strain to cultivate and beginning growers should be wary unless they are up for a challenge.

This strain is sensitive and requires just the right conditions to grow strong. It is also very susceptible to pests, so it needs to be monitored regularly for little intruders. This is not the low-maintenance strain you might have been looking for.

The Amnesia Haze strain flowering time is around 9 weeks with an outdoor harvest around late October. The Amnesia Haze strain yield for both indoors and outdoors is on the average to large end.


Growing these plants indoors can be a great way to keep them away from pests. But, they can grow to be on the taller side, and they require specific conditions which can be challenging to create indoors. In order for the Amnesia Haze strain to grow properly, it must be cultivated in a Mediterranean-like climate. The humidity levels need to be low while still keeping it hot enough. When growing indoors, you can expect a yield of around 21 ounces per squared meter.


These plants prefer a sunny and Mediterranean-like climate. If you decide to grow the Amnesia Haze marijuana strain outdoors, always be on the lookout for pests that will take out your crop. You can expect an outdoor yield of around 25 ounces per plant.

Positive Effects

This strain will not have you so high that you can’t remember what happened the next day. Amnesia Haze sparks creativity and motivation. It makes users feel euphoric and energetic without the anxiety or paranoia that is notorious for accompanying sativa strains.

Although Amnesia Haze will give you energy, it won’t give you as much as some other strains will. This makes it great for an afternoon pick-me-up or a way of powering through social situations in the evening while still being able to get to sleep at night. Really, this strain works for any time of the day, which is excellent for medical marijuana patients who don’t want to risk being couch locked for the entire day.

Possible Negative Side Effects

The unfortunate part of using sativa strains is that they tend to come with more negative side effects than indica strains. But, the Amnesia Haze strain is different. This strain gives you the best of both worlds, an energetic and uplifting high without the paranoia or anxiety.

Amnesia Haze is not known to produce the dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, or nausea that other sativa strains are known for. However, there is always the possibility of these things happening. It is best to avoid this by knowing your limits and sticking to them. Always start with smaller amounts and try more the next time if you feel comfortable.

As with almost every single marijuana strain, the two most common side effects are going to be dry mouth and dry eyes. Dry mouth isn’t so bad. Just be sure to keep plenty of hydrating fluids within arms reach in case you are feeling too relaxed and lazy.

Drink plenty of water or hydrating fluids before, during, and after you use Amnesia Haze. This should help prevent or manage dry mouth. For dry eyes, stop by your local pharmacy before you use Amnesia Haze and pick up a bottle of moisturizing eye drops.

Medical Benefits of Amnesia Haze

 The Amnesia Haze marijuana strain is utilized by medical marijuana patients for a variety of health conditions. However, the most popular use is likely for mood disorders. Its uplifting and mild relaxation effects make it an incredible source for those with stress, anxiety, or depression.

When using Amnesia Haze for a mood disorder it is best to stick with smaller doses. Having too much THC can sometimes have the opposite effect and make a person more anxious.

Amnesia Haze is also effective for many people who suffer from physical disorders like fatigue, lack of appetite, and chronic pain. When using this strain for physical conditions a larger dose may be required for you to feel its full effect. An easy way to get a larger dose may be to try Amnesia Haze concentrates or edibles.


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