Big Bud Marijuana Strain

Big Bud Marijuana Strain

There is no mystery behind the name of this strain. The Big Bud marijuana strain is exactly as its name suggests—it’s big. But, this strain has a lot more to offer than just size. It even won the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 1989.

What is possibly more impressive, is that it remains a popular choice, even today.

The Big Bud strain definitely doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. It’s an incredibly unique strain that doesn’t disappoint.

It’s important to note that there are several variations of Big Bud. It has been around for quite a while, so it has been bred and rebred. You may want to try a few different variations to see what you like the best. But, if you like a nice sedating high, you’re sure to love Big Bud in every version.

Big Bud Origins

The Big Bud marijuana strain is a true legend among growers. It was first developed in the United States and became popular in the (then underground) market in the 1970s. But, during the 1980s, Big Bud was safely brought to the Netherlands to escape America’s War on Drugs.

The Big Bud strain had the opportunity to thrive in places like Amsterdam, where it was nurtured and genetically stabilized. The strain, of course, survived and gained popularity once again in the USA. The Big Bud cannabis strain has persevered to this day, by the famous growers and breeders at Sensi Seeds. Although there are many different variations of this strain, the version produced by Sensi Seeds remains the most popular.

The THC content of this strain also varies, some strains may be around 15%, while others could go all the way up to 26%. Typically, the Big Bud strain contains minimal amounts of CBD. In most cases, the CBD content will be less than 0.1%. So, if you’re looking to take advantage of the many health benefits of CBD, you may want to try CBD gummies, oils, or vape instead.

The Big Bud strain genetics are somewhat unclear. But, it is believed to be a cross of the famous strains, Northern Lights #1, Skunk #1, and Afghani. This indica-dominant hybrid strain is 85% indica and 15% sativa. Many people say this strain is similar to the very popular Jack Herer strain. This is because they share a similar genetic profile. But, Big Bud has more of a grape flavor while Jack Herer has flavors on the more citrusy side.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Big Bud offers a delightful sweet earthy and fruity aroma that’s loved by many users. Keeping with the “what you see is what you get” vibe of this strain, the taste of Big Bud is very similar to the aroma. The Big Bud weed strain has captivating sweet and spicy flavors, with hints of fruitiness as you exhale.

Probably the first thing anyone will notice about this strain is its huge buds. The good thing about these buds for growers is although they may be large, they are also compact. This means that they don’t need as much room to grow as you might think. These big buds have a nice deep green color, with fewer than average pistils. The sticky silver-white trichomes that densely coat the buds make them almost appear wet.

Growing Information

It’s hard to find a grower who doesn’t want big buds. Large buds mean a large yield. But, strains that produce a high-yield aren’t always the most quality product in the end. That is definitely not the case with Big Bud. Big Bud produces premium marijuana at high yields.

You would think that it doesn’t get much better than that for growers, but you’re wrong. What’s even better about this plant, is that it’s resilient and versatile. You can grow the plant indoors or outdoors. Even beginners can try to take this strain on.


If you choose to grow the Big Bud marijuana strain outside, it could grow up to five feet tall. These plants demand a warm climate with plenty of sunshine to grow and thrive. The plants will be ready for harvest around the beginning to middle of October. The Big Bud strain yield for outdoor growing is around 25 ounces per plant, but it could produce even more.


For indoor growing, Big Bud does well using the hydroponics setup. Some string and wire may be necessary to support the plants. You also need to make sure you have plenty of room for the plants to grow indoors. You may even want to consider topping the plants and bending the branches to allow for horizontal growth. Indoors, Big Bud’s flowering time is around 7-9 weeks. The plants can produce around 20 ounces per square meter, when planted indoors.

Big Bud Strain Effects


Big Bud may come on slowly, so give yourself some time to feel the effects. Although it may be slow, once it does hit, you can expect to feel very stoned. This strain produces a heavy cerebral high, that makes users feel happy and extremely relaxed.

Most likely, you will start to feel intense couch-lock with this strain, and then afterward you’ll probably be pretty tired. Big Bud is best to use in the evening, or at night, when you just want to chill out, or if you’re having a hard time getting to sleep.


Like I mentioned, this strain is likely to cause couch-lock. Some people may consider this a positive quality, while others may think of it as a negative. Either way, make sure you’re prepared for it. An extreme case of the munchies may also be something to be ready for.

The most common side effects of Big Bud are dry mouth and dry eyes. Occasionally, if a person has too much, they may also feel dizzy or end up with a headache. To avoid dry mouth or dehydration, make sure to keep plenty of water close by so you can stay hydrated, even if you experience couch-lock. Moisturizing eye drops should be enough to take care of dry or itchy eyes.

Medical Benefits

Being an Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain can be heavily sedating. This makes it ideal for medical marijuana patients who suffer from a great deal of pain. Big Bud has also been used for patients with anxiety, depression, and of course, insomnia. Just make sure you aren’t using this strain unless you are prepared to be sedated for hours. It might not be the best strain for medical marijuana patients who want to relieve their symptoms, but also stay alert and focused.

Big Bud may be especially helpful at relieving the symptoms of health conditions like:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia


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