Black Afghani Marijuana Strain

Black Afghani Marijuana Strain

The Black Afghani marijuana strain comes from two Indica-dominant parents, Black Domina and Afghani Kush, which gives it a solid genetic backbone to brag about. Black Afghani is known for having a spicy, herbal flavor profile with an emphasis on dark berries. Munchies will hit users hard making it a great weekend strain to kick back, relax and chow down on some grub.

The Black Afghani THC levels are extremely high at levels measuring above 22% on average. This strain has levels similar to the Purple Afghani strain, which is also known for being extremely strong, and this holds the Afghani family on a high pedestal in the marijuana community.

Black Afghani is mostly recommended as a medical strain, because it is packed with CBD levels of around 4 to 5%, which will help to tone down psychedelic effects.


This Indica-dominant body-melter is a cross between Black Domina and Afghani Kush. These are both Indica strains. You can expect about 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with this blend.  To get a better understanding of Black Afghani marijuana, let’s take a look at its parent strains below.

Black Domina

This strain was created by Sensi Seeds with the mission of creating a body-entrancing Indica-dominant hybrid. The flavor profile of Black Domina consists of black pepper and herbs. This is important to note, as this is seen in Black Afghani as well.

Black Domina is an easy strain to grow and it typically grows on the shorter end, coming in at under 30 inches. It was bred to be a rapid-flowering, crystal coated hybrid that comes in seeds, great for commercial or home growing use.

Relaxation, Sleepiness, and mood-boosting properties are all things users can expect to experience with the use of this strain. This is definitely the less popular marijuana strain between the two parents.

Afghani Kush

Afghani Kush has its roots all the way in the Hindu Kush mountains. Its genotype has been perfected for centuries and for this reason, it makes the perfect hash. Sensi Seeds, and a partner from the Netherlands, have made the seeds available for all growers.

Afghani buds are known for being massive and full of resin, which makes it a heavy hitting Indica, which is sought after by many consumers. This strain is desired for its sedative effects, and not so much for its healing properties.  Stomach issues, and the typically munchies, won’t ensue.

Overall the aroma to this strain is earthy, pungent and skunk, so typically users prefer this in an edible form, and avoid smoking it when they can.

Aroma, Appearance & Flavors

Black Afghani is sure to leave your nose filled with spicy blends of pepper and sage. Some people truly love the aroma here, whereas, others find it to be too spicy. The buds remind people of walking through a forest just after it has rained, giving off scents of wet mud and trees.

The flavor is a little harsh at first, as it punches you with pepper in the beginning. If you’re a fan of spicy flavors, you will most likely thoroughly enjoy the flavor. If you’re not a fan of black pepper, you may not love this strain, but give it a try, because on the exhale your tongue is left tasting berries.  The smoke is very heavy and pungent, so it is not great for those who typically don’t smoke weed, and might want to try it in oil, edible or topical form.

With the appearance, you can spot this from a mile away. Flowers develop as jade pine tree shaped coals with black sugar leaves. A bit of dark green will be seen, but the purple and black is what really grabs the eye at first glance.


Black Afghani is one of the easier strains to grow, as it can be grown both indoors and outdoors quite easily. It takes, on average, 50-55 days to flower indoors and outdoors, and produces a large yield.

If grown outdoors, you can expect a yield of 600 grams per meter squared, and if grown indoors, you can expect 450 grams per meter squared. If you’re harvesting this outdoors, it is best to do so in mid-October.

Physically the plant itself looks more like a landrace Sativa, which is odd because of its strong Indica roots. The leaves twist loosely off of each other, giving it a raged and wild look. Its dark leaves are thanks to its Black Domina parent strain, which contains high concentrations of the pigment anthocyanin. While almost all marijuana plants have orange pistils, these tend to look more orange than others, because of the contrast colors throughout the entire plant.

Medical Benefits

Black Afghani is mostly known for its medical benefits. Because it packs a ton of CBD, has high levels of THC and is of the Indica hybrid variety, it’s perfect for medical users. Much like any heavy hitting Indica strain, it will take a few minutes to hit users, and some might even experience a rush in pulse for the first few minutes. This eventually dies down into a comfortable body buzz.

Body Pain

The CBD in this strain greatly helps people who struggle with pain disorders, especially heavy body ones. If you are someone who deals with pain on a daily basis, and you want to avoid pharmaceuticals, this could be a great strain for you to treat pain without developing an opioid addiction.

Additionally, for those who don’t have insurance, this strain is exceptional to help with pain after any type of accident and won’t put peoples bank accounts into negative figures. A trip to the doctor may not help the type of pain you are dealing with and could cost you hundreds of unnecessary dollars. Unless something is broken, using a bit of Black Afghani can help you sleep at night, even with pain that will go away over time.


There are some extremely positive user reviews of this strain, when it comes to insomnia. Some people reported getting the best sleep of their lives after years of dealing with insomnia. Black Afgahni will put you to sleep and keep you there for hours on end.  When people are able to get adequate sleep, often times, other problems they suffer from tend to lessen.


This type of marijuana can also be used for cancer patients. Black Afghani is a strain that will produce the munchies, which helps with the lack of appetite that a lot of cancer drugs bring on. It also will help people who are struggling with anxiety as a side effect of chemo, and can calm their minds, and give them a positive outlook to fight through the cancer, and battle it to the end.

With high levels of THC and CBD, it can help side effects from cancer including:

  • Nausea
  • Sitting discomfort
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Delirium

Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Those who are depressed daily can find some relief with this strain. It doesn’t have the overly positive effects that some Sativas have, but it definitely can help put your mind at ease. It blankets your mind with carefree feelings which can help combat overthinking.

If you’re someone who struggles with the late-night anxiety and/or panic attacks, then this is your strain to help put those to rest. Take a little bit before they ensue, to prevent them from happening, or take a bit when one starts, so you can nip it in the bud, before it has a chance to grow.

Recreational Uses

For those who are looking for marijuana before sporting events, concerts or social get-togethers, please walk on by, because this is not your strain. Black Afghani should be used for more relaxing activities that one can enjoy solo or with their partner.

Black Afghani is a good strain for those who like to kick back and binge watch their favorite movies or sitcoms. A case of the giggles is sure to ensue, making any show infinitely better.

If you enjoy the outdoors but don’t love hiking, you may enjoy this strain. Bird watchers enjoy laying back and watching the trees on a beautiful warm, summer day. Take a page from your childhood, grab your friends, and go play a game of night tag under the stars.

Negative Effects

You’re not going to find a ton of side effects with this strain. First-time smokers should steer clear of Black Afghani. This is too intense for even some advanced smokers, as it is packed with THC. Visual effects might scare new users at first and could be too much for them to handle. Start with a less potent THC strain and work your way up, so you can comprehend the physical effects you will feel.

If you happen to consume too much of this strain, it would be wise to find a safe dark place and sleep it off. When doing this, be sure to have a lot of water with you, as you will be quite thirsty, and water usually helps people come down. An old trick you can use is putting a bit of sugar in the water, and it will help any psychological effects, like time dilation, to subside.

The worst thing you can do is to consume fatty foods, as this may work when you are drunk, but it doesn’t work with weed. This has the opposite effect of what you want, and will make your body absorb the THC faster; leaving you feeling higher than you normally would.

Dry eyes and dry mouth will also present themselves, however, these aren’t very serious effects as they’re easily treated, and can be a side effect of any strain.

Where To Find Black Afghani

This strain is typically found in medical dispensaries. Colorado and the west coast will be your best bet for locating it, as they are loaded with dispensaries. Be sure to phone ahead before you visit your local dispensary, to see if they carry it.

Related Strains

Here some other strains that are used heavily in the medical marijuana world.

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The Black Afghani strain is a great strain for those suffering daily from heavy mind or body ailments. It’s not heavily desired outside of the medical marijuana world, but it still does have some recreational users who are fans and use it at nighttime.

If you’re a fan of THC heavy, Indica driven hybrids, you will most likely enjoy this plant.


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