Blackberry Marijuana Strain

Blackberry Marijuana Strain

The Blackberry marijuana strain gets its name because of its appearance and aroma. From afar, you can spot frosted nuggets with a dark purple tint throughout the plant. This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that gives you a calming cerebral high and has a lineage that goes back to the White Widow strain.

The parent strains of Blackberry are Black Domina and Raspberry Cough. It was first bred in 2009 by the Dutch company, Nirvana Seeds. Because of the strong fruity traits that this plant possesses, you want to be careful with how and where you use it, because you will definitely smell it.

This is a strain that is widely sold in California for medical uses as it gives the users the soothing high that they are looking for that can benefit them both physically and mentally. THC levels of the Blackberry Cannabis strain are relatively high coming in at 20-26%. While the THC levels are high in this strain, user experience a good mix from the the Sativa and Indica properties used to make it.

History and Origins

As previously stated, the blackberry marijuana strain comes from Sativa Raspberry Cough and Indica Black Domina. Black Domina is 95% Indica and was originally bred from a clone seed. Raspberry Cough is a strain created by Nirvana Seeds who have now perfected the seeds to grow the Blackberry marijuana strain. Raspberry Cough is a Sativa dominant strain that is about 70% Sativa and 30% Indica.

Blackberry strain is widely accessible all throughout California and is a staple at all dispensaries.

Blackberry Strain Info

Blackberry is often used to create other strains of cannabis because of its outstanding properties. While there is a long list of strains, the most popular ones Blackberry is used to make include:

  • Blackberry Cream Strain
  • Blackberry Fire Strain
  • Blackberry Cheesecake Strain
  • Blackberry Pie Strain
  • Blackberry Soda Strain
  • Blackberry Cookies Strain

Aroma and Taste Profile

With a name like Blackberry marijuana, it’s no surprise that it gives off a heavily fruity aroma.

This is a rather easy strain to decipher when smoked because it instantly fills the room with a berry aroma. If you’re looking to be discrete, this is not the strain for you. When smoked, it can give off a bit of a fuel smell that is very pungent, with both a berry and slightly skunky aroma mixed within it.

This is definitely one of the more popular flavor profiles available to consumers in the “white” family and it gives users an overall enjoyable taste. It is to be noted that smoke given off from this can be on the thicker side.


The main effect that is given off from this strain is the euphoric feeling that it gives consumers. The Sativa profile gives you that head high that some consumers love while still giving you a mellow body buzz that isn’t overpowering. You can use Blackberry and still have a clear head to get work done.

Because this isn’t a Kush strain, newer users can try the Blackberry Cannabis strain easily without going into coughing fits or having a burning feeling left in your chest.

Possible Side Effects

When it comes to this strain, it’s very similar to other strains of cannabis. If you’re trying to avoid couch-lock, do not over-smoke this strain and make sure to drink water so you do not become dehydrated. If you’re new to smoking marijuana, be sure to note that upon smoking, you will typically have red, dry eyes and cotton mouth. Most consumers always have eye drops on them just in case their eyes get a little too dry.

Medical and Recreational Uses

The Blackberry Cannabis strain is recommended for medical uses because of its pleasing smell and taste. Consumers who may not love marijuana are more likely to try this because it’s not as skunky smelling as other strains on the market and it tastes good.

The most commonly treated ailments with this strain are depression and stress. Depression and stress melt away because of the sense of euphoria it gives the consumer. Once this cannabis enters your brain receptors it often leaves users feeling giggly and peaceful.

Consumers rave about the headspace this strain puts them in, as it often leaves them feeling calm and just overall happy with themselves, much like the use of antidepressants can do. Consumers prefer this strain to antidepressants because the feeling of euphoria is on another level and lasts longer.

Patients looking for something to help with nausea find relief when using the Blackberry strain, which can help with appetite and keeping food down. Chemotherapy patients and those with severe hangovers are frequent users.

Because it gives you a nice head high; people like to consume this before watching movies, doing chores or watching youtube videos. Since it gives you a nice boost of energy, consumers also like to use it before going hiking because it puts them in a good headspace.

Depending on the dose you take, it might not be a good idea to drive or operate heavy machinery. If you want to go on that hike ask one of your friends not using Blackberry or call an Uber! While this hybrid gives you a pretty even head and body high, you still want to use caution when getting behind the wheel.


When growing the Blackberry strain it is important to once again mention how potent the smell is. It is recommended to grow this indoors, but also keep in mind that it is extremely pungent and it is not discrete in any way. If you have annoying neighbors it is suggested you try growing another strain or be prepared to get complaint calls from the people next door.

The difficulty of growing this plant is moderate and typically takes 9-11 weeks to harvest. Growers should wait for the plant to give off a dark purple tone, as this will be a give away that the plant is ready to be harvested.

Blackberry plants are typically between 30-78 inches tall. The yield that you can expect is pretty average, coming in at about 400-500 g/m².


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