Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain for Sleep Assistance and Psychological Conditions

Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain for Sleep Assistance and Psychological Conditions

Blue Cheese is a hybrid of the very popular Cheese strain combined with the Blueberry strain. Blue Cheese was originally bred in the UK, but today it has spread throughout the world. The Blue Cheese strain has proven to be very effective in the management of sleep disorders, as well as the management of psychological disorders including lack of appetite.

The breeders tried to get creative with it by adding little genetic twists to the original strain. Out of the creative experiments, came out the now famous Blue Cheese.

A blend between UK Cheese (hybrid) and Blueberry (Indica), it is rich in THC and possesses a cheesy aroma. Though classified as Indica (because of the 80% Indica and 20% sativa combination) the high won’t hit you hard. Instead, it washes over the body, producing wholesome relief with an enormous variety of therapeutic benefits.

This strain of marijuana has an exceptional flavor. The flavor of cheese is so intense that it takes two powerful strains of Blueberry to match the flavor provided by the Cheese.

Cheese strains have dominated many cannabis shops and medical marijuana dispensaries on both the west and east coasts of the U.S.

Appearance and Smell

Blue Cheese seeds grow up to two meters in height and the leaves are green with beautiful purple tint. The Blue Cheese product is moist, pungent, fruity, sweet with intimations of blueberry. This cannabis strain is both sweet and smells like a perfectly produced blue cheese. It is from this distinctive smell that you will know you have the right product.

Unlike the aroma, the flavor is on the sweeter side. Most of the acridness disappears during the combustion process. Inhaled, it is sweet and delicious. Exhaled, it is musky, earthy, and sometimes zesty.

To allow the branches and leaves to get a greater dose of sunlight, growers cultivate the plant to be medium in height and width. The plant appears magnificently beautiful with little white and orange hairs, purple and green leaves, and appealing hallucinogenic flowers. The sprouts are resin-coated, with a gleaming and sugary look that can attract many consumers. The Blue Cheese strain is as visually appealing as it is edible.

The Ultimate Combination

Cheese and Blueberry is the ultimate combination; a union of two powerhouses producing something special. The timeline for the Blue Cheese plant to start flowering is about two months. Several weeks into the flowering period the plant starts smelling with a fruity aroma. As days go by and the plant continues to mature, the aroma continues to become more intense. Indoors, the plant grows to height from 80 to 140 centimeters tall. Outdoors it can grow taller than this height.

Versions of Blue Cheese:

Blue Cheese by Dinafemis

Growers who lack patience for the long growing season and those who live in a region with a short summer will feel right at home with Blue Cheese by Dinafemis. It is a powerful Indica dominant that grows quickly and can be harvested in as little as 50 days. This version should be sent into flowering at maximum height of 40 cm because it easily triples in height during this period. When grown outdoors, it won’t be discreet because of the intense smell and the height of up to 3 meters.

Blue Cheese by Big Buddha

This is a crossing of Big Buddha Cheese and Blueberry. Blue Cheese by Big Buddha grows to a compact bush and produces a remarkable central flower cluster within 8 to 10 weeks of flowering. Inhaled smoke has a very nice flavor with a blend of the original Cheese and tasty dash of fruit. The effect is an uplifting, active and euphoric high. Blue Cheese Big Buddha seeds are mostly Indica, yet it ranked number three in the best sativa category at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2006.

Blue Cheese by Royal Queen

This version of Blue Cheese is bred by crossing Cheese and Blueberry then back crossing the resulting product with Cheese again to stabilize it and to enhance the flavor. When grown indoors the plant reaches heights of 80 to 140cm. Expect to harvest Blue Cheese by Royal Queen in 60 to 65 days of flowering. Grown outdoors the plant is slightly taller. September is the harvesting season from the start of the year.

Have a ventilation system and carbon filters ready and in place a few weeks into flowering. At this point the plant will start radiating a sweet, fragrant, earthy and zesty smell. This aroma gets more and more intense as the plant approaches maturity.

Blue Cheese by Royal Queen grows well in any set up. But best results are realized with the SOG method. Expect a harvest of 500 to 600g per square meter minimum. A more experienced grower can harvest well in excess of that amount, especially when growing in a hydroponic system.

How to Grow

It is a pleasure to grow Blue Cheese bud since it is one of the most sought-after strains. You won’t encounter growing problems since it has a natural ability to fight mold contamination. The buds produced are dank, purple and medium in size. They can be grown using any means, be it hydroponically, in pots indoors, or outdoors in soil. Indoors, Blue Cheese yields 18 oz. per square meter. Outdoors it yields 19 oz. per square meter. The purple hues are best realized when grown in slightly cooler temperatures than usual and harvested in September. Flowering takes a period of seven to nine weeks.

Training the plant can increase yields. For example, tying the branches down in a capital L-shape increases growth factors. In addition, using a screen to increase canopy area (screen-of-green training) may also help. This allows more leaves to be illuminated by sunlight. Indoors, the top of the plant can be removed to force it to branch into two.


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