Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

A lot of weed is being sold in the United States, and one of the most popular strains is Blue Dream. It  is outselling most of the other strains of cannabis by wide margins. There are hundreds of strains, so why is the Blue Dream strain leading the pack?

If you have not tried Blue Dream, you must have been ignoring the cannabis scene for quite a while. This strain is everywhere and you can find it almost everywhere. It is highly sought after in dispensaries, in part, because it won’t knock you out after you smoke.

Blue Dream is a rather moderate hybrid with THC content somewhere between 17% to 23%, so it ranks in the middle of the strength category.  This should not fool you as the strain is a great all-round flower offering many benefits.

Blue Dream is a hybrid of uplifting Haze sativa and a calming Blueberry Indica. This makes it suitable for all day usage because of the balance it achieves from the two parents.

What Makes It So Special

Blue Dream has a significant THC content and it is a sativa dominant, so the overall effect is a cerebral stoniness nicely balancing the Indica couchlock tendencies. You end up with a calming full body effect and cerebral invigoration. Blue Dream also offers a juicy berry aroma thanks to its Blueberry heritage.

Many users claim this strain offers a vast array of potential medicinal benefits. Some who use it say it relieves headaches, depression, anxiety and even helps to curb menstrual cramps and related maladies. One noteworthy thing is the high is enriching, but not overwhelming. Most users categorize Blue Dream as outstanding.

Others contend that it is not super strong, and due to its popularity, it can be grown for ‘generic’ results.

Open Source

Open source is a term borrowed from the world of software developers. In its application here, it means Blue Dream’s genetics make it easy for any producer to grow. It is a strain not claimed by one particular group. The clones are abundant as the buds sell at very affordable prices, but the quality can be inconsistent.

Highly Productive

Blue Dream is very easy to grow and yields a big harvest. When grown with a 1000-Watt light, you can yield two pounds of smokable flower. This is a lot of cannabis. This strain is also resistant to powdery mildew, and is a favorite for growers because it roots quickly and consistently.

The High

The buds may not look as pretty as some elite strains, but the high is what keeps everyone coming back for more. Furthermore, Blue Dream has an impressive aroma, with a spicy intuitive surrounded by fruity notes of grape and blueberry.

Inhaling it provides tastes of fruit with a strong distinctive odor. The odor can linger so keep that in mind.

Back to the high, the high is uplifting but not crushing. This is Blue Dream’s signature balanced property, which provides for a lot of versatility. The feeling it produces is a combination of calmness and intellectual stimulation.

For users, it is their go to strain for a calming, thought provoking and no worries experience. The strain makes your endless list of things to do in a day seem much more achievable. The effects are typically long lasting, is ecstatic and can be experienced by the whole body depending on the cut you have obtained.

The Effects

Blue Dream is a favorite among artists and creative people because it promotes creative productivity. Yet it has a pleasant mellifluousness and practically no couchlock. Users say it relieves everything from headaches, anxiety, nausea, depression, pain and even menstrual cramps. Its ability to quickly relieve these conditions is amazing. Thus, Blue Dream is a favorite among medical marijuana users because of the prompt onset of its effects.

This strain of cannabis is referred in the fitness industry as a workout weed, as it sets the mood for heavy weight workouts that involve repetitions, and also for extreme workouts by runners. A person may also become talkative and philosophical while high. You can give it a book geek, brain all wired up, the person transforms to a really cool person.

The Blue Dream strain can also potentially help in managing osteoporosis, arthritis, and scoliosis.

Blue Dream Composition

It is made of 17% to 23% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and 0.1% to 0.2% CBD (cannabidiol). As you can see THC is its key psychoactive component which inspires the auditory, physical and visual senses. The CBD of Blue Dream is the not-psychoactive element that tackles the euphoric effects of THC, plus it provides sleep stimulating effects. That is the reason why this strain is recommended for soothing pain, as it can do so while still keeping a person alert throughout the day.

The Blue Dream Strain is also composed of terpenes, which can either counterbalance or promote the psychoactive terpenes effects of THC. Terpenes give individual strains of cannabis their characteristic unique odor. it is a highly aromatic organic compound found in variety of fruits, herbs, spices, vegetables and plants.

This strain of cannabis is high in caryophyllene, terpinolene and myrcene which all are analgesic pain relievers. It is also known to be anti-proliferative of cancerous cells, antidiabetic, anti-spasmodic and antipsychotic.

Myrcene is in mangos, sweet basil, bay, parsley and thyme. The notion that eating mangoes before you smoke weed will get you higher is attributed to this terpene. Caryophyllene slows down damage to the nervous system and brain. Terpinolene is a strong sleep sedative which is found in tea tree oil. It is also found in soaps, perfumes and lotions.

Blue Dream can also be produced in vaporizable and edible concentrates since it is typically thick in trichome resin and is mass produced easily. Concentrates are suitable for people who are not able to huff raw marijuana smoke.

Cannabis concentrates are the fastest growing sector in the United States retail cannabis industry. In 2015, the packaging and branding of Blue Dream concentrates helped it become very popular. Blue Dream has become an iconic cannabis brand that was featured in a hip-hop mixtape called Blue Dream and Lean by DJ Scream.


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