Blue Hawaiian Marijuana Strain

Blue Hawaiian Marijuana Strain

Unlike pineapple on pizza, the Blue Hawaiian marijuana strain is one that everyone can agree on liking. Blue Hawaiian is a beautiful cannabis strain that is packed with fantastic flavors, that are both fruity, and sweet. 

It is a mix between Blueberry and Hawaiian Sativas, so Blue Hawaiian is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. The exact break down comes out to be a 70/30 split, which means depending on the dose, you might feel more Indica effects than you may initially think. 

Blue Hawaiian is the perfect strain for a vacation filled with waves and sun. The flavor profile and effects will take you to your own paradise, and put your world at ease. The name is a little misleading in terms of its appearance. You may expect it to have a tint of blue, however, its light green, with orange and red hairs throughout.

Its name does, however, precisely match what you would expect its flavor to be, with the upfront flavors of blueberry, berry, and tropical aromas filling your senses. 

The THC comes in at moderate levels of 15-20%, and there is also a small amount of CBD that averages between .1- .3%


Where did the Blue Hawaiian strain come from? Jordan of the Islands, based in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is the breeder of this strain. As previously mentioned, Blue Hawaiian comes from the Blueberry and Hawaiian Sativa marijuana strains. Going over the basics of each parent strain can shed some light into what you can expect the Blue Hawaiian strain to be like. 


Blueberry is a famous Indica strain that is known for its impressive flavor profile. This strain won the Cannabis Cup High Times tournament, for Best Indica in 2000, and has continued a rise in popularity ever since. This strain has some years behind it, and was first made back in the 70s’. The most prominent flavor with this strain, is obviously going to be blueberries, followed by an overall berry and sweet aroma. 

Blueberry is best known for the sleepy, and relaxed feelings it gives users. 


Hawaiian Sativa is a pure Sativa that possesses a massive head high, which should be evident to everyone, since Sativa is literally in the name. You will notice that you won’t’ feel many-body effects with this strain. If you’re someone who’s not a fan of body highs, this could be a great strain to try out.

An interesting fact about this strain, is that it is also sometimes referred to as “banana bud.” This is because its buds resemble the actual fruit.

Hawaiian Sativa is the parent strain that really puts the Hawaiian, in the Blue Hawaiian, by passing down aromas of citrus, tropical and sweet. It is often used therapeutically for stress, depression, and insomnia. 


The overall flavor of this strain is tasty. You can expect a sweet, fruity, and spicy flavor throughout. This is the type of strain that has consumers coming back for more, if nothing else, for the taste alone. 

Some have mentioned this strain has a bit of a cucumber flavor which really brings out a unique, sweet scent. 

The smoke is smooth, and will instantly warm your lungs, like a beautiful warm day on the beach, with your toes in the water, and butt in the sand. 


The appearance is light green and orange, and you will notice that it has an abundance of hairs, that are red and orange in color. For a strain that has blue in its name, it has no resemblance to that color in its appearance. It’s a pretty looking strain that often-times leaves growers very pleased.

While it has no blue in its appearance, it does have bright colors, like what you would expect to see on the tropical islands of Hawaii. 


When you think about Hawaii, you will remember the Blue Hawaiian strain, and this is where it truly shines. The aroma is one of the most pleasing marijuana smells that you will encounter. It instantly takes you away to a fruity paradise. 

You can expect to smell a blueberry forward aroma, with some tropical fruit, and earthy undertones.


Blue Hawaiian marijuana is known for being a Sativa-dominant hybrid. You can expect about a 70-30 Sativa/Indica blend however some reports of a 10/90 split have been reported. Even when this strain is smoked, users should give it some time for effects to be fully felt. 

The THC content has ranged from 12-24%, depending on the dispensary or local cannabis growing you purchase it from. 

Even with this ratio, a lot of consumers say that they still get body effects, that you would expect from an Indica, and it is a slow sleeper, which means you will need a bit before the full effects are felt. 

Towards the end of the high, users will experience some trippy sensory things going on, like heightened sound, or intensified colors. 

Some of the effects that you can expect with Blue Hawaiian are:

  • Happy
  • Energetic
  • Focused
  • Euphoric
  • Creative

You’ll notice that there aren’t many Indica effects listed for effects.


Happiness is a given with a Sativa-dominant hybrid, and for this reason, Blue Hawaiian works excellent for recreational purposes. Consumers often find themselves feeling extraordinarily content and satisfied. Because of this, other problems are sometimes eliminated, or decreased. Those merely having a bad day can benefit from this type of strain, and it can be a great thing to use after a long day of work. 


This strain is perfect for vacations, or outdoor activities, as it will significantly increase your energy levels. You will find yourself feeling ready to take on the day, therefore, some people use this as a wake and bake strain.

What is a wake and bake strain? A wake and bake strain just means that it packs a lot of energy to get you through the day, and almost all Sativas are considered to be wake and bake strains. They typically don’t cause people to feel drowsy, tired, or lazy. Some people use coffee in the morning, while some use Blue Hawaiian.


Be ready to feel alert and focused while using this strain. This is the type of strain that can help people calm down, and get work done. Marijuana typically gets a bad reputation for making people lazy, and this is not the type of strain that does that. The opposite will actually happen, making users feel focused, so much so, that projects they have been putting on the back burner, will finally get done. 


Euphoria is universal amongst Sativas, and it is one of the main reasons why people choose the Blue Hawaiian strain. If you are smoking this strain, give it about 10-15 seconds before you can expect to feel the head high kick in. Once this happens, you will be taken to a happy place, where dark skies and worries are nowhere to be found. 

Those who are unfamiliar with euphoria can compare it to the feeling you get when you ride a roller coaster for the first time. 


Creativity is no stranger to the Blue Hawaiian strain. If you’re someone who is creative, and enjoys using marijuana to dive deeper into your creative side, this is a perfect strain.

If you’re an artist, writer, or musician, you could greatly benefit from this strain. Musicians have benefited from marijuana for years now, and it’s no surprise.

Recreational Pairings 

If you are wondering what sort of activities you should pair with the Blue Hawaiian strain, you you are in luck! This strain is great to be paired with a wide range of things, from social to individual recreational activities. 

Introverts can pair this strain with:

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Writing
  • Solitaire
  • Walking on the beach

Extroverts can pair this strain with:

  • Parties
  • Cookouts
  • Camping
  • Games
  • Dog parks

Negative Effects

There are no real side effects with this strain, other than dry eyes, and cottonmouth. In order to avoid this, keep eye drops and bottled water present.

Keep in mind that, with any strain, if you consume too much, you can get couch-lock. In order to avoid this, try to be smart while consuming this strain.

Since this has been reported to come as an Indica prevalent variation, you will want to test a bit of your product out at home, before you bring it to a party with you. Nothing is a more significant buzz-kill than bringing marijuana to the party that puts everyone to sleep. 


This Sativa has a wide variety of medical benefits. Blue Hawaiian helps with ADHD, Depression, appetite, and pain. Being a Sativa, with a right amount of THC, means it can help combat pain during work week. It is also a perfect strain for weekends, so you can go out and enjoy that farmers market you keep missing out on. 


You will notice, that upon consuming this strain, you will feel decreased levels of pain. Many people have mentioned that they’ve found a lot of relief from this strain, in particular. Marijuana is starting to be used, more and more, for pain management, as it can have far fewer side-effects than pharmaceuticals. Cannabis is non-habit forming, and comes in a wide variety of consumption methods, which makes it perfect for those who don’t like to smoke, or those who aren’t fans of swallowing pills. 


Depression can be significantly reduced when consuming Sativas in general, however, Blue Hawaiian has many reports of people finding great relief from it. The reason is simple, it makes people feel happy, euphoric, and focused as we have already gone over above. When you combine these effects together, with the pleasant vacation scent, they can significantly reduce depression. 

People use scents to de-stress in the form of oils or candles, and marijuana smoke is no different. The smell can be just as beneficial in healing stress as the actual body effects. 


If you’re someone who struggles with ADHD, you can benefit from this strain. As this strain works to increase your focus levels, you will find yourself being able to get more work done, and sharpen your brain. Using cannabis to force your mind to focus, feels very natural to many. 


A wide range of people struggle with appetite and nausea, but none more so, than chemo patients. Chemo causes people to struggle with hunger, as well as the ability to keep their food down. 

Blue Hawaiian is a strain that can help patients get their appetites back, and keep food down. This can significantly improve their moods, as malnutrition can really impact how you are feeling emotionally.

Is also great for those people who get upset stomachs with their hangovers. Nothing is worse than waking up after a night out not knowing who you drunk texted, while having a severely upset stomach. You can’t change the fact you texted your ex, but you can change your upset stomach hangover with the Blue Hawaiian strain. 


You can grow Blue Hawaiian both indoors, in a greenhouse and outdoors, however, outdoor growing requires a Mediterranean climate, where the standard temperature hovers around 70 degrees. If you can’t provide this, it won’t be able to grow, so if you live somewhere with dry heat, then don’t even try it. 

The total harvest time is about 7 to 9 weeks, and it is ready for harvest in October. New growers should be warned this strain isn’t as laid back as the people from the Hawaiian Islands, and the growth plan is much more high maintenance. This means new growers might not want to tackle growing this strain. 

Blue Hawaiian yields for indoor growers are 16-20 ounces per square meter, and for outdoor growers, about 24 ounces and up.

If you’re a novice grower, you may want to try out other strains, before attempting to grow Blue Hawaiian.

Similar Strains

Those who love the sound of this strain should also give these related strains a try:

  • Orange Creamsicle
  • French Toast
  • Chem’s Sister
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  • Oregon Pineapple
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Overall, this is a Sativa that all marijuana lovers should definitely experience. From the flavor to the effects, you will find yourself pleased. Keep in mind, while this is advertised as a Sativa-dominant hybrid, it has been bred with a few batches having stronger Indica effects. 

Trying to find different Sativa strains, can be a lot of fun for people in the marijuana community. You never know what you’re going to find at different dispensaries. Have you tried this strain yet? What are your thoughts?


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