Blue Haze Marijuana Strain

Blue Haze Marijuana Strain

The Blue Haze marijuana strain is a blueberry flavored Indica-dominant hybrid that is taking the marijuana community by storm. This strain is praised for its cerebral and physical high that provides its users with a nice balance of effects that can be used at any time of the day.

Blue Haze is a winner of the High Time Cannabis Cup backing its claims of being a top of the line marijuana strain. One of its parents strains, Blueberry, is also a winner of the High Time Cannabis Cup. The other parent strain is Haze, which has been world-renowned, since it took the stage in 1960.

It comes in with moderately high levels of THC, averaging between 18% and 24%. This strain is used for medicinal purposes because of its heavily sedating Indica properties. You can also expect to find some levels of CBD in this strain, but the levels are not high.

Blue Haze Origins

Blue Haze gets its name and flavor profile from its parent strains, Haze and Blueberry. Both of these strains have gained cult followings in the marijuana community for years, due to their impressive flavors, and the effects they deliver. Let’s take a look at these parents strains in further detail below.


Haze is a pure Sativa and is used in a large number of hybrids. It is popular for marijuana hobbyists who enjoy the outdoors and physical activities. This strain lifts consumers moods and leaves them full of high energy, ready to take on the world.

It originated in Santa Cruz California, back in the 1960s, and ever since, it has been a Sativa staple for many. Haze delivers a classic marijuana taste of earth and wood, and it is packed with high levels of THC.


The Blueberry marijuana strain is a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup for best Indica, and this is largely due to its intoxicating fruity flavor, and intense Indica effects that last for a long time. This strain can also be traced back to the good old days, first introduced to the marijuana community back in the ’70s.

Blueberry is an Indica-dominant hybrid, that typically packs an 80-20 Indica to Sativa ratio. The genetics have been passed around, a large amount, due to its original breeder, DJ Short, who worked with multiple seed banks and breeders.

Aroma, Appearance, and Flavor

After learning about Blue Haze’s parent strains, it should be of no surprise that has a sweet, blueberry smell. Marijuana connoisseurs go crazy over this strain, specifically for its aroma. People describe the aroma as sticking your nose into your favorite blueberry pie that has just come out of the oven, baked with love, by your granny.

The appearance of Blue Haze is lime green and it has beautiful blue notes throughout, which it gets from the blueberry side of the family. At first glance, people will notice the dense sticky buds, with translucent trichomes.

Blue Haze is known for tasting just like the aroma it gives off. It blasts consumers with impressive notes of blueberry, with a lingering taste of black pepper. Something to keep in mind, is that this strain won an award at the High Times Cannabis Cup mainly due to its flavor. Those familiar with the Haze strains will notice an undertone of musk and herbs.

Note: Blue Haze is the perfect strain for new users, as it tastes good, and has moderately uplifting effects. Starting off with a great tasting strain will open up your senses, and leave your tongue wanting to try more.

Medical Benefits

You won’t be surprised to know that this strain is used for various medical disorders. It is said that Blue Haze helps treat symptoms of ADD, ADHD, and PTSD. This is because of its ability to relax users, in such a strong way, that their face is often plastered in a permanent smile.


Quite possibly the biggest medical use of this strain is to treat depression. It is one of the more uplifting Indica-dominant strains, because of its linguae. You typically find that Sativa-dominant strains are the uplifting strains but with the high THC and CBD, this Indica strain can give the sativa strains a run for their money.

Chronic Pain

People who suffer from chronic pain should definitely give this a try. With a terrific flavor profile, and its sedating effects, it can relieve its consumers of some of their daily pain. Users are often left with a nice body buzz, which is felt from the head, all the way down to the toes.


Stress is another disorder that you can use this strain to treat. Because this strain won’t leave you in a couch lock state, it can be used any time of day. Some strains work better when used at night or in the morning, but that is not the case for this one. If you’re starting the day off feeling super-stressed, you can fear not with Blue Haze, and smile knowing you will be able to take a bit before heading out the door for work.

It has been noted in some reviews that people have quit smoking cigarettes altogether and use just one hit of the Blue Haze marijuana strain, to help put their nerves at bay. Some say weed works better in getting rid of their stress, while also helping them smell better, and has improved the condition of their teeth, that the cigarettes were turning yellow.

Cancer Patients

Cancer patients have found great success from using this strain. It doesn’t cure cancer obviously, but it helps treat some of the side effects that chemotherapy brings onto the patient. People who struggle with their appetite can find success from using Blue Haze, which is the number one complaint cancer patients have. Overall, feelings of nausea can be diminished, allowing those with cancer to go about their day.


Insomnia is another disorder this strain can be used to treat. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, it can be wise to try medical marijuana, and this might be the perfect strain to try out, because it leaves users in a blissful state of mind. Keep in mind, to help with Insomnia, this strain needs to be used in a large dose.

Positive Effects

This crossbred strain is a beauty, thanks to the parents that made it. It takes the best parts of each, giving you a strain that is pure gold. End results from this marijuana strain are very potent and the effects are long-lasting.

First off, one of the more positive effects is that it brings on a sense of euphoria. This is a major reason that doctors prescribe the strain for medical uses. Another effect is a general uplifting feeling, and it is known for taking you out of depressed funks, and making you feel light and relaxed. For those who feel uncomfortable going to a psychiatrist, it can be helpful for them to take a bit of Blue Haze to self medicate, and change their overall outlook on life.

Creativity is one more effect that can come from this strain. Are you a musical artist or a painter? This strain may be what you’re looking for. Typically, Indica strains wouldn’t be recommended for those trying to be creative, but Blue Haze gives some people an artistic breakthrough. It allows users to be able to jump freely from one thought to another, in a beautifully successful and scrambled way. It has the perfect amount of Indica to Sativa effects, not bringing users to far to one side, or the other, on the feeling spectrum.

Possible Negative Effects

Blue Haze can have negative side effects if it is over-consumed. Some people reported feeling incredibly on-edge after smoking it, however, they did note that they consumed a gigantic amount in a short time. As always, go slow, and let the good times roll.

Red eyes and cottonmouth are sure to ensue as well. Keep some eye drops and water near you to counter these effects.

Growing Blue Haze

This is a strain that is moderately difficult to grow. On average, it takes about 8-9 weeks for this plant to flower, both indoors and outdoors.

When growing outdoors, growers can expect a medium yield. The plant will also grow to be around 72 inches tall with flowers that grow in an elongated, spade-like shape. The leaves are yellow and green in color.

A lot of people who have grown this strain have commented on the sweet smell it gives off when growing it. It can be a delightful, natural air freshener for those who choose to grow indoors. People don’t have to be worried about their nosy neighbors complaining to their landlord about a skunky or pungent scent.

As far as harvesting goes, you can expect to harvest Blue Haze in late October. If grown indoors, the yield will be a little bit smaller than when grown outdoors, as is the case in most marijuana plants.


Overall, this plant is quite a treat for both medical and recreational users. People who enjoy a nice, smooth, and flavorful smoke will enjoy Blue Haze. It can be very beneficial to those who are creative in nature, and will leave a smile on all consumers’ faces.

As mentioned above, Blue Haze won the High Times Cannabis Cup for having the best taste. Is this strain on your list of marijuana to try?


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