Blueberry Marijuana Strain

Blueberry Marijuana Strain

The Blueberry marijuana strain is like the breakout star from the ’00s who is still killing it in the movie game to this day like; Johny Depp or Mark Wahlberg. It is a legendary Indica that has traces going all the way back to the ’70s, when marijuana really started gaining interest.

The sweet flavors of pure blueberry combined with its relaxing effects put people in a mellow space. Great for those looking to combat stress and pain, while still getting a bit of a head high. This would be thanks to the large amounts of THC found within the strain.

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Blueberry Marijuana Origins

This strain first gained popularity back in the year 2000 when it won Best Indica Strain at the Cannabis Cup, putting it on everyone’s must-try list. While it doesn’t have an out of this world intricate taste or funny name, it is still considered an A-list strain. Its simplistic name and straightforward flavor help it stand out in a world of strains trying to get fancy and complicated. Sometimes a classic straight shooter is all people need.

Parent Strains

Being a landrace strain means Blueberry marijuana strain has “parents” in the lineage of Afghani and Thai landrace strains. It does lean 80% Indica but it has THC levels measuring at 15% – 25%, which leaves users with a head and body high.

Ancient Lineage

The reason why this is such a legendary strain is because of its ancient lineage. American breeder DJ Short was crossbreeding landrace strains (strains not manipulated by humans) starting back in the 1970s. He worked with a large number of seed banks and breeders to perfect its characteristics. Due to his wacky and nontraditional ways, he was dubbed by some the “Willy Wonka” of the marijuana community.

The end result of his madness means that today there is a vast disparity between each blueberry plant. You may try the Blueberry marijuana strain from one dispensary that tastes similar, but a bit different from another dispensary. This isn’t poor quality control, this is just a result of it being a landrace strain and being grown by so many different breeders. Often times landrace strains will taste similar, but never exactly the same.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, think of it like pasta. You can have one pasta recipe be followed step by step from 100 cooks, but something as simple as the water they use can make the final product different. The same is true with landrace strains, because there is no manipulation done by the breeders, they just grow in a different environments. Therefore, strains can be affected by water, soil and even the bugs found in the area where it is grown.


Leaning more Indica heavy means users will feel a soothing body weight, and the heavy THC will leave the mind in a fun headspace. People call this the hit it and quit it strain due to its potency and super quick effects. An undertone of Sativa in the strain gives users a clear cerebral high that aids the thought processes for a bit, before the sedative effects kick in.

Heavy relaxation will make the body feel weighted down and users won’t want to move after a few hours into the high. Sleep won’t necessarily occur for all users, but they definitely won’t be inclined to go run in a marathon.

Munchies will eventually hit all users, so have your favorite snacks ready! If you don’t have food at hand you will be calling every fast food delivery service and racking up some hefty delivery fees. For those who haven’t used a strain that brings on munchies, be warned: it is a real thing and it hits everyone.

Recreational Uses

It is suggested to use in the afternoon or at night. It won’t be a great strain to use the morning before you have to head out for the day. While it won’t leave people completely couch locked, it is still better paired with lazy days.

Cooking or Baking

Since munchies do ensue, this is a great strain to use with cooking or baking. Take out those cookbooks and dive into your favorite food boards on Pinterest. With heavy munchies, you can finally try a bunch of recipes, and eat a bit of all of them.

Food Tasting

If you don’t feel like cooking, then use the Blueberry marijuana strain before a food tasting at the new tapas restaurant down the road. It can be great to use before going to a restaurant that offers all you can eat meals, so you can really get the most bang for your buck.

Binge Watching

Because a lazy state ensues, this strain is great when paired with binge-watching the new show on Netflix. Perhaps there is a movie marathon happening at your local theater. In this case, a bit of this strain can get you in a relaxed mood to see the whole series without feeling jittery.

Relaxing Tool

Instead of grabbing for a beer or wine, people tend to consume a bit of this to unwind after a stressful day. Just make sure you have healthy munchie snacks ready! A bit of this can not only help you de-stress, but it can also help you get rid of your beer belly.

Hangover Cure

Many people have upset stomachs the day after drinking, and the Blueberry strain can be a lifesaver. Instead of spending your hangover stuck in your bed, this strain tricks your brain receptors into thinking it’s fine. Not only will you not have an upset stomach, but it will actually help you eat and drink water, which will help your body get over the hangover.

Go ahead and have that happy hour during the week with your coworkers. You know you’ll be fine the next day and can get some work done from home!

Medical Uses

Much like any good Indica strain, this provides patients with relief from heavy body pain due to illness or sports-related injuries. The heavy body high takes away the pain instantly and gives users relief for hours.

Because a bit of CBD is found within this strain, as well as THC measuring as high as 25%, this strain is additionally beneficial for mental illness including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder

The Blueberry marijuana strain takes the brain and puts it in a space of euphoria. It can take the pressure off everyday life and put it aside for a bit, allowing people to enjoy the positive things in life. In a way, this works as a narcotic that users won’t get addicted to.

Stomach ailments are at the top of the list for medical patients who are prescribed this strain. A bit of this and users can get relief from constant stomach pain, and it can additionally help them to eat. Cancer patients undergoing chemo find this strain beneficial to be able to finally have an appetite and keep food down.

Insomnia is treated with a larger dose of this. Putting users in a sedative state will allow them to calm their overactive thoughts and they will be put into dreamland. If people have a hard time sleeping due to body pain, they can find assistance from being weighted down and feeling pain no more.

Aroma, Smell, and Taste

The aroma of this strain might take you off guard because it smells like cucumber and tomatoes. Just kidding, had to make sure you were still reading. This strain is obviously named for its overall aroma of blueberry, which is popular with any type of crowd.

Undertones aren’t much different, consisting of berry and sweetness. Just like blueberries can be different in taste depending on the time of year, the same is true with the marijuana strain. Because it’s a landrace strain, the juiciness of the blueberry flavor will be a bit different each time you smoke it.

The aroma of the buds are going to give off a bit of spice and skunk, but still smell sweet overall. Even though this leans Indica heavy, the smoke is rather smooth and tastes like a blueberry on the inhale and exhale.


Flowers on this plant are densely packed which is what you would presume with an Indica heavy strain. Green leaves stand out against the red and purple colors, which are caused by high concentrations of pigments called anthocyanins in this strain’s genetics. This action happens because of cooler than average temperatures, prolonged sun exposure, and unique characteristics within the strain. As the pigments are activated, they change in color showing a wide range of purple and reds.

Transparent trichomes cover the leaves, which are quite the color change-up compared to the milky or amber-colored glands you typically find on Indica plants.

Buds on the plant are very sticky and should be broken up with a grinder, because it may be impossible to do so by hand.


This can be grown indoors or outdoors, but thrive especially well outdoors due to it being a landrace strain. Landrace strains thrive off the environment you put them in and provide each grower individual characteristics, that only their strain will have. Because it originated from the Afghani Mountains it can thrive in both cold and humid climates, making it ideal for new growers.

To bring out the full range of colors and properly harvest the plant, indoor growers should “shock” the plant by interjecting cold temperatures late in the vegetative stage. This is ideal to do just before flowering.

When grown properly, even the flowers on this plant will produce a blueberry smell, which makes it very appealing to indoor growers. It is like having a natural air freshener inside your home at all times.

Yield and Harvest Time

Plants take about 8 to 10 weeks to fully harvest and produce a high yield of 1.5 ounces of flower per square foot of plant.

Plant Measurements

The bush height is short and full making it suitable for even indoor growing. The tallest this plant grows is about 3.5 feet in height, which means even tiny apartments can fit this plant.

Strong lateral branching, and an exceptional leaf-to-bud ratios, mean growers do not need to waste time trimming. If you want to grow the plant taller, then you can snip off the top, which will encourage the plant to grow taller.

Blueberry Marijuana Seeds

Clippings can be taken from mature and healthy plants, which can then be grown as a clone. Growers who prefer growing directly from seeds can go that route as well.

The original creator, DJ Short, is not a very giving type of guy and he says he solely claims the only real “ancestral and parental breeding stock and intellectual development rights”. The joke is on him, however, because once his cannabis first hit the market, he could no longer physically control all of the seeds. Competitors like Dutch Passion began purchasing seeds, manipulating the genetics, and selling their own Blueberry seeds under the same name.


While this plant can grow in a wide range of climates, it is best if the day time temperatures sit between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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THC and CBD Content

Effects felt from this strain are intense thanks to its above-average THC content. THC found within are almost doubled when compared to other Indica strains, measuring as high as 25%.

CBD found in this strain range from 0.25% – 0.5 %, which can be beneficial in limiting peoples high. This is especially helpful to those who are typically sensitive to THC.

User Reviews

There is no better way to know what a strain is all about other than user reviews. User reviews allow you a first-hand experience into what any strain can do.

Many users call this strain heaven, and have referred to its effects as sleeping atop fluffy white clouds.

Many also praise this strain for its release of anxiety before any social event or gathering. Musicians who take a bit of this before a show to calm their nerves, have mentioned having the best show if their life.

In large doses, users have been able to get 10+ hours of sleep. This is great for those who work long hours during the week and need to catch up on sleep over the weekend.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an Indica strain with a few extras that make it stand out above the rest, then this is the strain for you! In small doses, it can be used to calm the nerves and in larger doses, it can help those find sleep. The blueberry aroma is apparent all around, from growing to bud, and is especially apparent when it is smoked.

This award-winning strain stands the test of time and produces euphoric and relaxing effects. It is available at a large number of dispensaries thanks to its easy growing properties.


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