Cannalope Haze Marijuana Strain

Cannalope Haze Marijuana Strain

In the mood for something tropical? The Cannalope Haze marijuana strain can give you precisely what you’re craving. This strain is known for its sweet and fruity flavor profiles that resemble sweet and sour melons, with substantial cerebral effects.

Cannalope Haze marijuana is classified as a Sativa-dominant hybrid; however, it is measured at 95 percent Sativa and only 5 percent Indica. With this being said, many consumers have reported that they feel the Indica effects, almost as strong as the Sativa, and therefore say it feels more like a 60-40 type of strain.

The THC levels average around 15 percent, and Cannalope Haze marijuana has been known to have THC levels as high as 20 percent. This strain is not meant for novice marijuana consumers, as this can be too much for even advanced smokers, if they aren’t careful. The average amount of THC found within marijuana typically ranges from 5-12 percent.


Cannalope Haze is a cross between the Haze Brothers Original Haze and a Mexican Sativa. This strain is bred by one of the largest breeders in the marijuana community: DNA Genetics. If you’re someone who is active in the marijuana community, chances are that you have heard of DNA Genetics.

Original Haze was first developed in the 1960s and is a proud parent to one of the most extended lists of hybrid strains. It is considered a global hybrid strain, and has roots linked in the United States, Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and South India. Original Haze is known for its tremendous energy and overall buzz.

Mexican Landrace isn’t considered its own marijuana strain, but rather refers to indigenous varieties of cannabis that grow freely in the real world. Mexican Landrace is free of human alteration of any kind. Consumers either smoke this and get a massive high or don’t feel a high of any kind.

Flavor, Aroma, & Appearance


You guessed it. Cannalope Haze is a delicious strain that is known for having a tropical, sweet, and fruity flavor profile. People have compared this to that of sitting on a beach in Hawaii and eating tropical fruits, with melon being at the forefront. If you’re a fan of fruity strains, this will be a winner for you.


As far as the aroma goes, it’s smell is very similar to the taste. The beginning aroma is known for being fruity, but then as it is smoked, people have mentioned that it starts to smell sweet with hints of earth and a tiny bit of skunk.


Cannalope Haze almost resembles that of a forest fire. You will notice orange and red, along with white crystals that cover the leaves.

In some rare crops, you will see mostly green, which is typical with Cannallope Haze marijuana having a landrace strain as a parent.


If you’re a first-time grower, this is not the strain for you. This is a rather tricky strain to grow, even for advanced growers.

Cannalope Haze can be grown both indoors and outdoors; however, when grown outdoors, it requires a warm and sunny environment in order to grow to its full potential. Although it can be grown outdoors, it’s typically grown indoors on the soil by using the Sea Of Green technique.

The Sea Of Green method is used because it reduces growing time, while allowing growers to harvest as much marijuana as possible. In order to do this, growers are urged to start the flowering stage early on.

Flowering Time

Total flowering time for this plant is going to be around 12 weeks, which makes it an overall longer plant to grow.


When growing indoors using the Sea Of Green Method, flowering will take between 8 and nine weeks. As far as the yield goes, you can expect between 16 and 20 ounces per square meter.


As mentioned above, Cannalope Haze is a difficult strain to grow outdoors. If grown in perfect conditions, growers can expect to harvest in late October. The yield is typically going to be more than 20 ounces per square meter. This can vary, depending on growing conditions, and when it’s harvested.

Remember, whenever you grow outdoors, you are taking the risk of putting your crops through drought conditions and wildfires.


While Cannalope Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that only has about 5 percent Indica, consumers still say that they feel the Indica effects as well. First-time users are shocked at how easily their eyelids get heavy, making them search for a quick place to lay their head down. The best way to avoid this is to smoke an accurate dose; lighter is sometimes better.

Consumers can expect a slight body high, along with some massive cerebral effects. As mentioned above, be sure to tread lightly with this strain, even if you’re not new to marijuana. You may be someone who finds more energy out of this strain, or you may be someone who finds themselves looking for their bed.

If consumed in the right manner, people can expect to feel uplifted, happy, euphoric, and slightly relaxed. Most of the effects will be similar to Sativa effects, which shouldn’t be too surprising, since it is considered a Sativa-dominant hybrid.


This is the type of strain for people who enjoy the outdoors and doing activities such as hiking, cycling, and swimming. When doing intensive activities, be sure to not over-consume Cannalope Haze, or you can put yourself and others in danger.

If you’re an artist who experiments with marijuana in order to spark some creativity, this strain could be precisely what you’re looking for. Many consumers have mentioned that the fruity aroma also puts them in the mood to start creating because it is overall more pleasant to be around then skunky strains.

It should come as no surprise that Cannalope Haze is often by musicians before writing sessions. This is because it puts them in a state of mind that helps with creativity for some, by allowing them to explore new places in their minds.


Since this strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, it makes for a great choice medicinally for certain ailments. The main effect that people mention with this strain is feeling happy and uplifted. Because of this, you can expect this strain to help with depression, anxiety, panic disorder, fatigue, appetite loss, stress, pain, and inflammation.


There are a lot of reviews from patients who have struggled with depression in the past. Most of these reviews are people who have found some acute relief from depression by using Cannalope Haze. It’s important to note that most Sativa’s can bring on some anxiety; however, many people have said this strain doesn’t seem to do that.

If you’re someone who struggles from depression, this could be a great solution to try out vs. harmful pharmaceutical drugs.


There are just enough Indica effects in this strain to keep people from becoming too anxious; instead, it puts peoples minds to a sparkling place.

Panic Disorders

There are quite a few individuals who are talking about this strain for panic disorders. Marijuana can help with the symptoms of panic disorders, and this is a strain people have been having some success with, when they need to calm down. It’s a real-life chill pill that some need in order to function as a healthy individual.


If you’ve had a long day or year and you’ve been dealing with some severe levels of stress, Cannalope Haze could be something to try. The uplifting effects and sense of elation seem to be why this strain helps people unwind after a heck of a day.


People who suffer from severe fatigue can benefit from this strain as it is mostly a Sativa. You will experience some increased levels of energy from this strain, and this can help fight fatigue. Those looking to take this to fight fatigue should consider a smaller dose.

Appetite Loss

A lot of cancer patients suffer from appetite loss. Recently, people have been having some great success from Cannalope Haze with their appetites. Marijuana is notorious for increasing an individuals appetite, and this strain does just that. It can additionally can be beneficial for those trying to recover from an eating disorder.

Pain & Inflammation

People who suffer from inflammation from surgery or injuries can find some much-needed relief from this strain. Athletes use this in the form of a recovery product.

Negative Effects

It comes as no surprise here that this strain doesn’t lead to any substantial adverse side effects. You can expect the main effects such as dry eyes, red mouth, and occasional couch-lock if over-consumed.

Since it is a landrace strain, it can give intense cotton mouth. A trick to overcoming that is to not only have plenty of water but also to have popsicles nearby to suck on.

Recreational Uses

The Cannalope Haze strain is the type of strain for those who enjoy physical activities. If you’re someone who enjoys activities outdoors, this could be a great strain.

People who enjoy camping will probably take a liking to this strain, as it gives them some significant effects, while at the same time having a pleasant aroma.


Overall, Cannalope Haze is an excellent choice for those who like fruity Sativa’s. While this does give you a bit of a body high, most of the effects do come from the Sativa.

This strain is growing in popularity as it is a little bit easier for non-smokers to consume, as it tastes and smells better than most strains do.

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