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Intrinsic Hemp Releases CBD Affiliate Program

Intrinsic Hemp Releases CBD Affiliate Program

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We are excited to announce our new affiliate program which we believe is one of the best in the CBD industry. We have carefully researched other affiliate programs to ensure that ours provides the best value for both our affiliates and customers. For too long, affiliate companies have offered high commissions for selling customers overpriced hemp products. This results in missed sales for the affiliate and angry customers. The emphasis in other programs has been to recruit more affiliates and get a percentage of their sales instead of growing your own affiliate business. This is not only bad for your business as an affiliate (more competition) but places your passive income earnings in the hands of other people. The only party that benefits from that model is the company offering the affiliate program.

Wouldn’t you rather receive ongoing commissions on future sales by customers that you referred, even if they go directly to our website later? Other affiliate programs are very picky in their registration forms and want you to have a great looking website with a large social media following and active engagement. If you are lucky enough to pass all the initial requirements, you are awarded a certain commission percentage based on how “worthy” you might be as an affiliate. But what if you don’t have a website and just want to share our products with your friends and family while making some extra money? We have you covered there as well. How about the short amount of time other hemp companies give you to convert a sale before the cookie expires, but act like they are being generous? Thought about that too!

Here are the details of our affiliate program:

  • 20% commission on first sale (90-day cookies)
  • 5% commission for future customer sales that were initially referred by you
  • No website or social media following required
  • Email marketing allowed only for customers who have specifically opted-in to your list
  • Monthly payment schedule via PayPal with a minimum payout of $100
  • Direct link tracking available with approval of domain (eliminates the need for an affiliate link and usually results in higher conversions)
  • Real time statistics on visitors and sales through an interface in your affiliate account
  • We will provide banners and images to your exact size (pixel) requirements

Our products honestly sell themselves. Customers love that they can rely on us for reasonable prices and quick delivery. Our mission is to get CBD in the hands of people who need it most and with the right affiliates, we can accomplish it. We hope to have you onboard as an affiliate!

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