CBD Bath Bombs Reviewed: Soaking in CBD

CBD Bath Bombs Reviewed: Soaking in CBD

CBD bath bombs are a great way to reduce When’s the last time you treated yourself to a soak in the tub after a long and tiring day?  Even if you don’t consider yourself a “bath person,” you might wanna consider hopping into the tub thanks to one of the latest trends in the CBD world: the CBD bath bomb.  Now on the surface, CBD bath bombs this might sound like a gimmicky product, but as you’ll see, cannabidiol bath bombs are actually an incredibly effective way to deliver cannabinoids to the body where they are most needed.

Benefits of Using CBD Bath Bombs

For anyone thinking that baths are just another means for cleaning yourself, you’re wrong.  Throughout history, men and women have used baths for therapeutic purposes, and baths have been considered something of a luxury. 

In fact, for centuries, people have argued that taking a bath offers benefits, both psychologically and physically.  Many people swear that they soothe muscle tension and promote relaxation.  Now, science has caught up, and studies have proven that baths are extremely beneficial to our overall wellbeing

If you’ve ever injured yourself, you may have heard a doctor or physical therapist suggest using heat on the affected area to enhance the body’s natural healing process.  The reason for this is because heat quickly eases tension within the muscular tissue while easing inflammation by increasing circulation to the area that’s in pain.  That being said, you can imagine what soaking in warm water for a generous length of time will do for sore muscles.  It allows the muscles to relax, and many who bathe regularly find that their muscles are looser as a result.

Further, bathing offers mental advantages as well.  The same study cited above demonstrates that immersing oneself in warm water promotes a calming sensation because it slows down the nervous system.  This sends signals to the brain that trigger an amazing effect that increases the user’s mood while relieving stress.

Plus, that’s just talking about soaking in plain old warm water.  Many of us enhance our baths in a multitude of ways.  One such way is using aromatherapy.  We can fill our tubs with scented oils and solutions that allow us to breathe in scents that stimulate positive mood changes.  Many essential oils also contain pain-relieving benefits that can be felt within minutes of entering the tub.  And, even doctors suggest adding Epsom salt to one’s bath to help with pain, as they deliver magnesium to the muscles which helps combat inflammation.

When we’re immersed in warm water, the pores of our skin open up as a response to the heat.  This allows for enhanced transdermal absorption, which means that which we’ve added to our water absorbs into the muscular tissue more efficiently.

A Bath Time Experience

The CBD bath bomb is used to help those with pain and mental health issues, relax.

Now that you know what baths can do for both our physical bodies and mental states, you can probably imagine how adding CBD into the mix can take bath time to a whole new level.  We already know about the way in which CBD can deliver its noted properties through transdermal absorption.  When we’re bathing with CBD, we can absorb it even more efficiently due to the opening of the pores discussed earlier.  And so, it’s clear that there are some real benefits to utilizing a CBD bath bomb in this manner.

A Blissful Bath Enhancement

Easily, one of the best ways to incorporate CBD into one’s bathing routine is by using CBD-infused bath bombs.  For those who don’t know, a bath bomb is a solid product that is dropped into the water.  Once encountering the water, it begins to fizz and dissolve into the tub.  This fizzing action comes from a combination of Epsom salt, baking soda, and citric acid.  We said earlier that Epsom salt offers unique benefits due to its high magnesium content. 

These are bath bombs that contain CBD oil in their formula.  This means that while the bath bomb is dissolving in the water, it’s dispersing cannabinoids that will get absorbed into your body as you soak away. 

Potential Benefits

There are two key potential benefits to using CBD bath bombs on a regular basis.


Several findings have shown that CBD offers transdermal anti-inflammatory effects.  This is due to cannabinoid receptors in the skin, muscles, and joints which can take in cannabinoids through skin absorption.  By using a bath bomb, you’re allowing CBD to absorb into your entire muscular system, rather than concentrating it on one area, as is what most topicals allow.  Therefore, these are great for those who are dealing with muscle tension all over their bodies, which is something that applies to many of us.


Many people use CBD for its calming properties.  When we’re soaking in a bath infused these products, we’re allowing ourselves to experience those calming properties, of the CBD bath bomb by breathing in the steam that’s infused with Cannabidiol.  Baths are already proven to relieve stress, and so enhancing them with CBD can provide an even more relaxing experience.

Types of Bath Bombs Available

CBD Bath Bomb for Pain and their availability

As one would guess, not all CBD bath bombs are created equally.  Like all CBD products on the market, bath bombs are available in a wide variety of options, and each company puts its own unique spin on them. 


Every CBD bath bomb created contains Epsom salt, baking soda, citric acid, CBD oil, and cornstarch.  And, once those four base ingredients have been added, a manufacturer can enhance the formula in any way that they would like.


Almost all of these products are scented, and this is because we know that aromatherapy has proven benefits.  Hence, you can select from a variety of fragrances, and most of these contain fragrances derived from essential oils, which are completely natural.  For example, bath bombs infused with peppermint are great for aching muscles, as peppermint has analgesic effects.  Lavender-scented bath bombs can increase feelings of mental relaxation, as lavender is known for its anxiolytic properties. 

Coloring Agents

The CBD bath bomb also tends to contain coloring agents, and this enhances the sensory experience of the bath by turning the water a beautiful color.  Also, the actual amount of CBD in a bath bomb can vary, as can the size, shape, color, and scent.

Quality of the CBD Bath Bombs

One thing to note is quality.  Only buy one from a trusted company, and make sure that they have their hemp tested by a third-party lab. If you do not have the proper products, it will be wasteful.

Using a CBD Bath Bomb

One of the best things about CBD bath bombs is how easy they are to use.  As you’re filling the tub with water, simply plop one directly into the bath.  It will start fizzing and dissolving immediately until it’s been completely dissolved. 

Recommendation: Spend at least 20 minutes in the tub, as this allows adequate time to absorb the contents into the body through the skin.

Final Thoughts

CBD bath bombs offer a unique therapeutic approach to experimenting with CBD through transdermal absorption.  Currently, the market offers a wide array of high-quality products, each bringing something unique to your bathing sessions. If you or someone you know is looking for more ways to use CBD, Intrinsic Hemp has a lot of products to offer the consumer.

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