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CBD Capsules and Pills

Of all the ways to add CBD to your daily wellness routine, by far the most convenient method is to simply take it in capsule or pill form. That’s why at Intrinsic Hemp, we have worked to deliver the purest CBD Isolate capsules and pills that will give you a precise, and consistent serving size, of Zero-THC CBD.

Why do we have both capsules and pills? Some of our customers prefer capsules, since they are easily swallowed, and many others prefer the pills. In order to make all of our customers happy, we have decided to carry both forms.

These capsules and pills contain 25 or 50mg of our Zero-THC CBD Isolate, and are a terrific, discreet way to take CBD on the go, or at home. They are well-loved by our customers for their consistency of serving size, as well as their purity, taste, and high milligram affordability. You can take one capsule or pill per day, or as needed, to feel the full effects. Formulated with supportive ingredients to aid with digestion and release, Intrinsic Hemp’s CBD Capsules and Pills are a fantastic way to add CBD to your day.

The Difference Between CBD Capsules/Pills and CBD Oils

Since CBD capsules and pills are obviously the more convenient choice, there must be a reason why many users choose other methods of getting their CBD such as oils, topical creams, and edibles, right?

The major difference between CBD oils and CBD in capsule/pill form is the way in which they’re broken down by the body.  If you put a drop of CBD oil under your tongue, that CBD is going to be subjected to less of a breakdown, because it’s going to skip going through your digestive system. Instead, your body will directly absorb the majority of the CBD, making it possible for more of the active CBD to reach its destination faster, and provide its beneficial effects. This is one major advantage that CBD oils have over CBD capsules/pills and CBD edibles, since with those products you are eating, or swallowing them whole, thus subjecting the CBD to a full metabolic breakdown inside your digestive system.

So by choosing CBD capsules/pills over pure CBD Oils, you are essentially choose convenience, and more precisely measured CBD content, for a slightly lower bioavailability. For more information on what CBD product is right for you, check out our blog.

The Intrinsic Hemp Difference

The Internet is filled with different kinds of CBD capsules and pills, and as a consumer, you should be aware that there are a wide range of products, all with different methods of quality control. Since CBD is still relatively new to the market, many companies are taking advantage of the loose regulations, and lack of information, by selling sub-standard products. At Intrinsic Hemp, we promise that all of our CBD capsules and pills contain the exact amount of CBD listed, and that that CBD has been extracted using the CO2 extraction process.

We are proud to provide pure and effective CBD capsules and pills, and we’re even more proud to let you know that we’ve been rated one of the top online CBD product brands, by a number of well-established websites. Simply search Google and you’ll see what we are talking about. But don’t just take our word for it. On each product page, make sure to look at the lab tests and verified customer reviews for our CBD capsule and pill products. See for yourself what our customers have to say!

CBD Capsule and Pill FAQ

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