Charlotte’s Web Marijuana Strain

Charlotte’s Web Marijuana Strain

Charlotte’s Web weed strain is the revolutionary cannabis the medical world has been searching for, and pharmaceutical companies have been fearing. With little to no THC; Charlotte’s Web strain is one of the most used to help with medical ailments. The absence of THC and the abundance of CBD allows patients to use marijuana medically without receiving the psychoactive effects.

Charlotte’s Web Strain Story

Much like the children’s movie, the birth of this strain is a tear jerker and really pulls at the heartstrings. This strain was originally developed in Colorado by the Stanley Brothers for a young girl named Charlotte Figi, who suffered from seizures known as Dravet Syndrome. Her seizures were irregularly severe and continuous, which is no way for a little girl to live. Her condition got so severe at one point she would experience hundreds of seizures in just one week.

The Colorado-based growers reduced the THC content in the strain and were able to boost the CBD content, which allowed a body high to ensue without a head high or any mental side effects. The Stanley Brothers were able to cross an unspecified strain with industrial hemp. Using 300 times the amount of CBD found in normal recreational strains, the Stanley Brothers have created a product that is great for all ages.

Growers were able to produce a CBD cannabis oil that started to help Charlotte’s condition, so she was able to just play like a little girl again.  As Charlotte started using Charlotte’s Web oil her seizures started to lessen, and she would only experience a few seizures a month! Charlotte was able to return to everyday little girl activities and she started to live life again, instead of being a prisoner to her condition.

In 2015 Charlotte’s Web was approved for production in oil form in the United Kingdom. This legalization of this opened many doors for those who wanted to both grow and consume this strain. Families from around the country with sick children have chosen to move their families to Colorado to find relief from this medical miracle.

Creators of Charlotte’s Web have been able to give consumers all the benefits of CBD in one small dose that can help medical aliments without any negative side effects. They have been able to produce a product to help those who suffer from Dravet Syndrome, but also aiding those who suffer from epilepsy. Growers have kept in mind that the product is made for small children and has created a product with a small but effective dose. Adults looking for relief from this strain can also benefit from it and should just adjust the dosage accordingly.

With the creation of Charlotte’s Web, the Stanley Brothers have spurred a wave of innovation in CBD breeding; which is changing peoples lives for the better day after day.

Charlotte’s Web Strain and Autism

After scientists saw success in using cannabis to treat ailments such as seizures, they were interested in seeing how it could affect kids with Autism. While there is a wide range of Autism, those with severe violent outbursts and light sensitivity are at the forefront of the research.

One-third of children with autism also suffer from epilepsy and cases where CBD was used to treat epilepsy, also treated the child’s symptoms of Autism. Behavioral and communication skills were improved when each child was using CBD, which got scientists wondering if those with Autism, and not paired with epilepsy, could also see the same improvements.

Israel is now one of three nations, alongside Canada and the Netherlands, to have a government-sponsored cannabis program who are diving into CBD oil and cannabis to help with Autism. While still being in the trial stages, scientists feel this could be a winning breakthrough for those who haven’t had success with other medications. Even if the trials prove to be successful, they still suggest this as a last resort medication.

At New York’s Montefiore Medical Center, Dr. Eric Hollander; director of the Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Program, is running his own study on medical cannabis in pediatric autism. This is a first in the U.S. to explore cannabis for pediatric autism. Rather than looking into CBD and cannabis, he is interested in pure cannabidivarin or CBDV, a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant that is very similar in chemical makeup to CBD. It also has a similar track record to CBD in terms of medical application.

In the United States—Georgia, Oregon, and Pennsylvania— are the only states where Doctors can legally prescribe cannabis to autistic children, and Minnesota is trying to be cleared by July. Those in other countries hope Americas anti-marijuana stigma will begin to go away so those who can medically benefit from it can do so without judgment.

Aroma, Appearance and Flavor

Overall aroma to this strain is light and subtle. An earthy and piney scent is often smelled from the buds and doesn’t leave an overly potent cloud around it.

The taste of this strain can be broken down into three flavors including earthy, citrus and pine. Sweet and woodsy notes are left in your mouth after you smoke this strain.

Buds appear pretty normal in this strain being green in color and tightly packed. There are zero snow-like crystals on this plant, which is why they should never be referred to as sugar leaves. Crystals are a direct link to THC and since this plant has almost no THC in it, it should come as no surprise there are no crystals.


As we have gone over, it is not the high THC found in this strain but rather the high CBD that is the standout feature for users. Charlotte’s Web Marijuana is the first of its kind and it has paved the way for other strains to be produced to help with non-psychoactive therapy. Users can experience both a body and mind “high” that isn’t really high, but rather a body and mind release.

Because this strain is prominent with CBD in the forefront, it is mostly consumed in a capsule or oil form. While people are quick to talk about marijuana being a drug, it is not often discussed that there have never been any lethal doses! With zero side effects and zero overdoses, this medical miracle is starting to gain popularity worldwide. 

Medical Uses

Users can expect this strain to help with ailments related to:

  • Inflation
  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Parkinson’s disease

The CBD in this strain can help bind to the brains receptors that regulate inflammation, body temperature, and perception of pain, thus making it work as a powerful treatment. Some people even use it to help with smaller problems like fever or sleep disturbances.

Unlike other medical marijuana strains, new advances with Charlotte’s Web marijuana are being used for cancer. Most strains simply cure side effects of cancer, but Charlotte’s Web is trying to actually fix the cancer cells themselves.

Most users don’t consider Charlotte’s Web a full-fledged marijuana strain but rather a variation of hemp. This means it is beneficial for those medical patients who are looking for a product to alter their serotonin levels. Great for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress.

Additionally, this is one of the few strains that can help those with addiction, and help people live a clean lifestyle.

Recreational Uses

While typically referred to as a medical marijuana strain, people still use this recreationally. People who want a dose of happy without having to experience a high often turn to this strain.

Great to use after finding out bad news, after a long work week and on nights when it’s hard to go to sleep. If you want to have something to help you before going to a social event, Charlotte’s Web may be the strain for you.

Legal Facts

Charlotte’s Web cannabis was one of the frontrunners prior to the revolution of making medical cannabis legally accessible to patients with epilepsy. It is still, however, a federal offense in some states to grow or even have weed on you.

Some states may allow prescriptions of weed legally, however, if the federal government wants to enforce their laws they can and it will always trump the states. This means you can live in a state where it is medically legal to obtain weed with a prescription, but you can still get fined or put in jail by the federal government if they wish to do so. Not a great option for those looking for medical relief if they don’t want to move. Other countries are more lenient and medical marijuana is legal across the board with no loophole laws.

Charlotte’s Web has a dominant (17%) CBD content, and rather negligible (less than 1%) THC content. For these reasons, the strain completely lacks any psychoactive effects, which is mostly what has made it so appealing as an all-natural therapy for both children and adults alike. However, according to the FDA, it is still considered a drug and not a vitamin, supplement or even prescription.


Charolette’s Web strain seeds are not for sale. The Stanley Brothers organization are the sole owners to the seeds and therefore choose who they give their seeds to in order to grow. Much like pharmaceutical companies do, they are cornering the market so to speak.

There are clone seeds available to growers, but little is known about the conditions needed to grow the plant itself, therefore making it a very difficult plant to grow. Those who have successfully grown clones have said the harvest produces a small yield.


Purchasing this strain is like finding the golden ticket in Willy Wonka. Since the Stanley Brothers are the only one who has the actual strain seeds you will have to look at high-end medical or recreational dispensaries. These are located in places like California, Washington and Colorado. Consumers will probably have to resort to ordering the “legal” hemp version.

We suggest purchasing other similar strains like ACDC, Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, and Cannatonic, however, these options are going to have a higher THC levels. Look for a 1:1 or a 5:2 ratio when wanting similar effects.


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