Chem Haze Marijuana Strain

Chem Haze Marijuana Strain

Chem Haze is an upcoming marijuana strain that is sure to win awards in the near future, including rookie of the year. This Sativa dominant hybrid has a flavor profile unlike any other, with notes of strawberry and diesel. Opposites attract, and the same is true with this marijuana strain from taste to scent.

A longer high time leaves users happy for hours, and the comedown is smooth and gentle. You can feel the high start to wear off, and instead of ending abruptly, it brings you down gradually.

Chem Haze is also referred to as OG Chem Haze, and it has quite the family background.

Parent Strains

What strains are responsible for making the Chem Haze marijuana strain? It is a mix of a few different ones including Chemdawg, OG Kush and Super Silver Haze. Since there isn’t much information on Chem Haze, learning as much as we can about the parent strains is going to be very beneficial.


Chemdawg is known for its diesel-like aroma which it passes onto the Chem Haze Strain. Chemdawg is in the marijuana hall of fame, and has been used in breeding many heavy-hitting cannabis strains. Chemdawg is very potent, and its THC content comes in at 15-20%.

Chemdawg hits users quickly, and will have a disoriented or focused head high. The effects will depend on the dose. Creative people often use this strain to get things done. The overall aroma is diesel and earthy.

OG Kush

OG Kush comes out of the OG sunshine state of Florida and has been around since the early 90’s. OG Kush is one of those marijuana strains that have multiple phenotypes. Earthy, pine, and wood are all flavors a user will taste and smell. This hybrid is great for making people notice an uplifted mood and spirit.

Many use OG Kush to help with stress, depression, and pain.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is another cannabis strain that has been around since the 90’s. It is categorized as a Sativa hybrid, and this strain is excellent for daytime use. Flavors of earthy, citrus and sweet make this one of the more appealing strains taste-wise, when compared to the other parent strains of Chem Haze.


Chem Haze is a Sativa dominant strain and should be used by consumers during the daytime. Using it at night will keep users up, and disturb their sleep cycles. While many love this strain, there are not many user reviews available.


The THC content isn’t 100% known, however, almost every type of marijuana has THC in it nowadays. With the parent strains all containing a significant amount, you can bet on a higher percentage of THC being in this strain as well.

Consumers will feel a change in mood, which will be in a positive sense. Negative thoughts or feelings will be turned into happy ones, and a person’s frown will be turned upside down.

If you walk into a dispensary and ask for a strain that leaves you uplifted, with more of a head high than a body high, the workers will suggest a strain such as Chem Haze.

Recreational Uses

Chem Haze is a great strain to pair with any type of social activity. If you have a party coming up, odds are you will want to use a bit of this strain to relax your nerves, while at the same time getting you ready to chat away with everyone at the party. People you typically don’t have much in common with, are hard to converse with, and Chem Haze allows you to have a friendly chat.

If you are doing any physical activity, this strain can be ideal to use with it. Perhaps you are going to hike in the forest or kayak down the river. In these cases, Chem Haze can pair nicely to give you an extra boost, and enhance the scenery around you.

This strain isn’t for the weak, and users can expect the overall effects to be potent.

Can Pair Well With:

  • Holiday parties
  • Games
  • Sports
  • Birthdays

Medical Uses

Therapeutically, this marijuana strain can help with mental ailments such as stress, depression and anxiety. Having these eliminated from your day allows you to focus on work, friends and family.

Headache, and migraine sufferers, can use Chem Haze to erase the pounding feeling they experience in their head. Those who suffer from migraines, that are so bad they can’t get out of bed, should use a higher dose.

ADD and ADHD can be significantly eased with the Chem Haze marijuana strain. It reels peoples thoughts in, so they can better focus on the task at hand. This strain is also valuable at helping people organize their ideas into a more manageable thought process.

Beneficial in Treating:

  • Minor body pain
  • Fatigue
  • Mental fog
  • Low energy


The overall aroma of this strain is a pretty standard cannabis aroma, with a bit of a sour kick. It is a potent strain, so those who need to use cannabis discreetly should not use it. Even just breaking open the buds, will give off a big smell, and fill the air around you.

The smoke is smooth, and earthy flavors will be tasted on the inhale, followed by a sour citrus taste on the exhale.


Chem Haze is a marijuana that can be grown indoors or outdoors. Experienced growers recommend that you grow this one indoors.

The plant size is pretty average, and it doesn’t seem to get too tall, or too bushy. The seeds do best when they are grown in soil that is enriched with added nutrients.

Chem Haze has a yield that is moderate in size, and provides a rich portion to those who grow it. Flowering takes about eight to ten weeks.

This plant is sensitive to pests, mites, and gnats, which is why more experienced growers like to grow it inside. Pests or mites can be hard to detect, and they can ruin your whole crop.

Negative Effects

People can expect to get some degree of dry eyes, and dry mouth. Be prepared, and drink water throughout your high.

Munchies may affect some users, but everyone is a bit different. A safe bet is to have a snack nearby, in case the munchies do hit.

Similar Strains

If you are a fan of this strain, you might like a few of these similar strains.

  • Chem D Cookies
  • Cheese N Chaze
  • Chem Jones
  • Fuel
  • Chemwreck Kush
  • Connoisseur Cookies
  • Diesel Dipped Cookies
  • East Coast Cookies
  • East Coast Sour Diesel Haze
  • Chemdawg

Final Thoughts

Chem Haze is sure to turn some heads in the years to come. Users can expect this Sativa Dominant strain to uplift their mood, and turn any social event into a real party. This strain is potent from aroma to effects, so take your dose accordingly.


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