Chemdawg 91 Marijuana Strain

Chemdawg 91 Marijuana Strain

Chemdawg 91 marijuana, not to be confused with Chemdawg marijuana, is one of the only strains currently created that has the ability to switch between being an Indica-dominant and a Sativa-dominant strain. However, one thing that does stay consistent throughout either of the phenotypes, are the high THC levels measuring in around 25%. Its lemony pine flavor gives users an instant head high that is typically accompanied by feelings of well-being.


A big cloud of mystery surrounds the strain in almost all aspects of its existence. The 91 in the name is believed to be the year it was first breed and people are still unsure about the rest of where the name comes from. It is rumored the seeds were first obtained at a Grateful Dead concert and it is currently distributed by East Coast Breeders.

Parent Strains

Chemdawg 91 has unknown parent strains, which just adds to the allure of this strain. Assuming its name has something to do with its lineage, most people guess Chemdawg comes from the famous East Coast Breeders which also operates by the name Chemdawg, and is the company responsible for the hall of fame Chemdawg strain.


The Chemdawg marijuana strain has gained a permanent place on top strain lists, and is known for its potency with THC levels at 15%-25%. A strong and potent diesel smell lingers around this strain, making it a pungent smell for any nose. Growers love this strain because it produces an above average yield.

Thai Landrace and Nepalese

The second parent strain is believed to be a descendant of Thai Landrace and Nepalese. Thai is a pure Sativa native in the islands of, not shocking to anyone; Thailand. Through its lifetime of isolated breeding, the cerebral high from this strain is truly one of a kind, and can not be mimicked from strains bred by man-made manipulation.

Nepalese is the term given to any marijuana strain grown in, once again not a hard answer to get to; Nepal. These landrace strains are typical breed with others to create outstanding hybrids. THC levels typically range from 14% to 17% and it is considered to be an OG within the marijuana community. Odds are you have unknowingly had one of these landraces in a hybrid previously consumed.

Thanks to these parent strains Chemdawg 91 belongs to a trophy family with sibling strains including OG Kush and Sour Diesel.

Aroma and Taste

Depending on your taste buds, this strain might be a turn off for you. Overall aroma first smelled is lemon, and pine with a hint of skunk. The real scent confusion comes in once the bud is smoked.

On the inhale, users will taste earth, lemon and a bit of diesel; on the exhale flavors of citrus and chemicals can be tasted. Some say the chemical taste is hidden and others say it is very overpowering. I chalk it up to the whole cilantro taste debate. Some people love cilantro and some say it tastes like soap and they spit it out! The flavor of this strain, when burned, does the same. If the taste is not something you like when smoked but love the strain effects, simply pick another way to consume it, such as edibles or use Chemdawg 91 in oil form.

While the smoke flavor profile is intense, the actual smoke density is smooth. You may feel a bit of a sticky residue left on the tip of your tongue or lips.


Since this strain can be either Indica or Sativa-dominant, it can work well as a daytime or nighttime strain. The most common effects felt include an uplift in mood, a happy filled heart and an overall sense of positivity. Use a little bit of this with friends and you are sure to have endless giggles. Regardless of the phenotype, it will give the user a slight body buzz.

A bit of Chemdawg 91 with Indica heavy properties will leave you wanting to kick your feet up, pull the recliner back and binge watch some movies. If it is more Sativa-dominant you will feel a rush of ambition, which can motivate you and help you get much-needed work done.

Time Dilation

Time dilation is regularly felt with this strain. For those who are unsure of what that entails, users can feel a false sense of overall time. This can either be in the sense of an hour feeling like five minutes or five minutes feeling like an hour. While this might trip peoples mind out too much, some people specifically use this strain to feel those time-trip outcomes.

Time dilation can also cause peoples eyesight to skip, which can be very terrifying at first, but once users live through the first experience, they learn it will eventually go away; which means the second experience will be not be as unpleasant. When this happens it might be useful for people to sit in the dark or try to go to sleep, so it will pass.

Medical Uses

Being an overall well-rounded marijuana strain, Chemdawg 91 serves as a potentially great medical healer. It can help treat a wide range of illnesses without causing the patient to be addicted.

Chronic Illness

Most chronic pain or ailments can be greatly improved with this strain. Chemdawg 91 marijuana relaxes muscles in the body, allowing spasms and constant pain to subside. Since chronic pain is classified as any ailment that lasts longer than 6 months, having a cure can really impact the overall quality of peoples’ lives.

Chronic problems that can be treated include:

  • Arthritis
  • Ulcers
  • AIDS
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Gallbladder Disease

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

With the generous THC amounts found within the strain, it can take any dark headspace and turn it into a bright one. Those who suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression often have an overactive mind which makes them cycle into darker thoughts. Chemdawg 91 reverses this and attaches to the brains receptors, leaving users with positive thoughts and allowing them to take the day head on.


Chemdawg 91 slows thoughts in peoples minds down enough to relax them, which is beneficial in people trying to enter sleep. It can either help people pinpoint what is causing their over-thinking, or it can help them let it go until the following day.

Recreational Uses

Depending, once again on the phenotype, this strain can be used recreationally for a wide variety of activities. It is suggested using this first at home, when you don’t have to be anywhere, and once you see how your body reacts you can choose the activity you want to pair it with.

For people who get a boost of energy, it can be paired with hobbies such as:

  • Cooking or Baking
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Escape Rooms
  • Wine Tasting
  • Museums

People who seem to get really relaxed, feel more comfortable paring this with hobbies that can be done at home, such as:

  • Watching Documentaries
  • Gardening
  • Board Games
  • Scrapbooking
  • Reading
  • Learning Origami


Growers looking for a quick grow will most likely not want to choose Chemdawg 91. Total flowering time is about 9 to 10 weeks indoors, and when harvested outside is done so in November. A sunny and dry outdoor climate is a must for this plant to thrive.

When grown in an ideal climate, a medium to high yield will occur, with 15 ounces of good bud per square meter planted inside, and 19 ounces of bud per plant outside.

Those looking for a discrete strain to grow will want to stay away from this one, due to its pungent aroma. If you don’t have to worry about the smell, then those who choose to grow this will be happy to know the plant is resistant to molds and mildew.


Overall buds are average in size but are very sticky, and pungent. If this is the only strain you plan on growing year after year, you will want to invest in some scissors, and buying them in bulk packs will end up saving you time and money.

Orange pistils run throughout the trichomes that cover the brownish-green flowers, which makes them very difficult to grind down.

Popular Cities

You can most likely find Chemdawg 91 anywhere weed is sold legally, but if you are having some trouble finding dispensaries who carry it, have no fear. Below is a list of popular cities that always have some on hand!

  • Rockford, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Des Moines, WA
  • Seaside, CA

Side Effects

A standout side effect with this strain is going to be the time dilation, which we have already covered. Those who have had no problems with high doses of THC or experienced marijuana users, might not ever experience time dilation. For those who do experience for the first time, fear not because it may not happen again. To prevent it the second time, simply take a smaller dose. Time dilation occurs more frequently when weed is ingested orally, so if you are nervous, try Chemdawg 91 in the form of oils or edibles and you will be good to go.

Other side effects include your everyday annoyances like cottonmouth or dry eyes. All you need to have on hand is water and eye drops, and you can cure these two annoyances in a few minutes.


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