Cherry Lime Haze Marijuana Strain

Cherry Lime Haze Marijuana Strain

Cherry Lime Haze is just as mouthwatering as it sounds; sour, citrus and even a bit of berry is the overall aroma of this strain. This marijuana is classified as Sativa- dominant and it is sure to leave users in a playful mood with overall energy surging throughout their body. Some use this as an everyday strain for recreational and medical reasons.


Parent strains to this fun marijuana are Cherry Bomb, Haze and what is assumed to be an unknown strain. Some say the third strain is the Cherry Pie Strain and some claim it to be Lime Haze.

While your head can spin in circles trying to guess the third strain, let us take a look at the two known parent strains. Just like knowing your family tree can be an insight into who you are, the same is true for the marijuana family. With little information out there on the third strain, it is more important than ever to look at the two known ones.

Cherry Bomb

This is one of the most favored hybrids on the market thanks to its mild to moderate effects. The user’s mind will be alert, allowing people to focus on things they need to get done while still staying in the chill zone.

The aroma profile consists of a musky berry aroma. This strain has different versions that will cause the scent and taste to be a bit different from time to time. This means that one dispensary might sell this strain that tastes a bit different to one sold from another dispensary.


This strain dates back to the 1960s and it is a proud parent to a long list of strains around the entire globe, not just the United States. This makes it a popular, much sought after marijuana strain.

It provides high energy and lots of buzz throughout the body, leaving users feeling full of enthusiasm.


With a name that references fruit, it doesn’t take a neuroscientist to figure out what the overall aroma to this strain is going to be. The taste and scent are going to match up almost spot on and taste like citrus, lime, and cherries.

What might surprise users is the undertone of sour that is tasted when this smoke is exhaled. The taste of lime is the most apparent flavor with this strain and it should really be called Lime Cherry Haze. In some peoples palates, they can taste a hint of cheese, however, this hasn’t been heavily reported in users reviews. This can be chalked up to people having different taste buds and where some people taste cheese, others taste skunk.

The smell is typically what people are drawn into with this strain. From the flower, bud to consumption, the overall aroma draws people in and can make peoples’ mouths literally water. Those who prefer fruity and sweet strains are going to be head over heels for this one. Is also a favorite because it isn’t a potent strain, which means the use of it can be done with discretion.


This is one of the newer marijuana strains that combine THC with CBD and it won an award at the Emerald Cup in California; making it a stand out strain for its effects. Levels of THC measure in at 16% and CBD can be as high as 1%. The amount of CBD found in this strain is going to eliminate any psychedelic or trippy effects that THC can cause users to have. This provides consumers with a clear head high with zero cloudy effects. It can instantly can take someone from an angry dragon and turn them into a happy clam.

An interesting thing with this strain is the fact that it will take a few minutes to hit users, but once it hits it will last longer than typical highs. A strong and consistent high is hugely sought after for medical marijuana users.

It is a great option for those who want to still be able to function and move throughout the day. It can be used any time of day, but it is typically used in the morning or midday since it does provide a rush of enthusiasm.

Medical Uses

The head high delivered from this strain is great for mental ailments, illnesses, and disorders. It will take about five minutes when smoked, which isn’t “technically” instant, but very quick nonetheless. Cherry Lime Haze marijuana gives users a longer than average high which is great for people who need this to get through the entire work day.

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

The most sought after medical marijuana is used to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. To understand how many people this affects it’s important to know statistics.

In the United States alone:

  • About 16.2 million or 6.7% of adults have depression.
  • About 40 million or 18.1% have anxiety.
  • About 44% have stress, but really we can call it 100% because everyone deals with some type of stress throughout the week.

With so many people suffering from such debilitating mental issues, it is a real blessing to have a product that can help. Cherry Lime Haze offers users a cure without pumping them with harmful prescriptions, that often lead to addiction and even more issues.

The Sativa like effects mixed with THC and CBD give users some of the best mental fighting power on the market. Users will instantly be taken to a world of optimism and negative thoughts will be left in the dust. The CBD found in here will allow users to get benefits from THC, but won’t drive their anxiety into paranoia, which other Sativa’s with THC alone can do.

Cerebral effects are so effective that many users tend to use this strain daily. Results from this strain are clear and long, which means users don’t have to deal with any type of side effects.


Everyone knows the joke: “I need weed to smoke because I have glaucoma.” While this may have been one of the funniest lines in movie history, it is also a very real life thing to people who suffer from it. While you can’t physically see glaucoma, it can be very irritating and scary for those who suffer from it.

A little bit of Cherry Lime Haze and users can experience relief from the throbbing eye pain, headaches, and nausea associated with the disease.

Body Pain

Some Sativa’s are typically not great for body pain, but this one is great for mild to moderate body ailments of any kind. Inflammation and nerve damage are additionally treated with a bit of this Sativa marijuana.

Those who suffer from arthritis and multiple sclerosis can find relief with Cherry Lime Haze. Both diseases can affect people of all ages and can be chronic, lasting for years, or unfortunately, for a lifetime. Each disease has a long list of symptoms and patients can possibly find relief from all of them with this knock out medical strain.

This is not the type of strain users will want to use to help treat insomnia due to its energetic effects!

Recreational Uses

With a longer than average elevated mood, users like to use this strain before social events to get them through. It is excellent for people with social anxiety or those who are more introverted to help break them out of their shell and strike up a conversation with party guests. Bring a bit of this to your next game night and you will feel more comfortable to join in and win those Cards Against Humanity.

Moms and Dads like to use this before their kids’ sports games, which sort of sounds like a controversy waiting to happen, but it’s not at all. Because this gives users a clear head high, parents can still be parental and not be filled with a foggy head. For those who don’t have kids, you can only imagine how draining any type of sports tournament is which typically takes up a whole weekend. Additionally, kids tournaments are beyond stressful watching your child compete against other children and a bit of this can take that edge off while still give you the energy to cheer them on from start to finish.

Since this strain is so energy driven, it is great to use in the morning or during the day for activities such as:

  • Festivals
  • Brunch
  • Sightseeing
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing

For those who prefer indoor activities, it can be great to use before doing things such as painting or crafting. It can be additionally fun in the use while getting mundane tasks done, like vacuuming, dishes, and even laundry.


Cherry Lime Haze is the type of plant that is grown from clones. This is great news for any type of growers because cloning marijuana plants provide stability and sustainability. It also allows the grower to replicate this bud and produce it over and over. This can be helpful if you are a home grower and love this specific type of weed, and it can be helpful to commercial growers who have a high demand for this same strain.

Harvest time is a bit on the longer end taking about ten weeks. Growers need to remember to be patient because the plant really fills out towards the very end of its growing cycle.

This strain hails out of Colorado, so if you are in search of true clones, pack your bags and take a trip to the mountain state.


The look to this is very standard to every other marijuana being bright green in color and having orange pistils running throughout. Buds are cone or oval shaped and are very fluffy in density.

Under shading, you can see cherry colors pop through when looking at it from a distance, which may be why they kept cherry in the name of this strain.

User Reviews

Through user reviews, you can get a good sense of what the Cherry Lime Haze marijuana strain is all about. Most users rave about the head high but are also shocked at the functional body high this strain provides.

Reviews also comment the energy felt from this can be compared to that of a teenager. You will want to round up your friends for a sleepover and play classic video and board games all night and into the morning hours, just like you did when you were 13.

Many also noted that they typically get paranoid whenever they smoke Sativa marijuana, but did not get those feelings with this strain, which means they often come back to Cherry Lime Haze. Even those super sensitive to THC has raved about the use of this strain not giving them a freaky or trippy high.

People who are new to any type of natural remedies have tried this once and have never gone back. The vast amount of users compliment the strains’ ability to be beneficial not only in smoking, but also in edibles, topicals, and oils. The majority of people comment on the ability for the bud to be cooked down and used in cooking or baking.

A surprise to no one is the fact that reviews rave about the smell and taste of this strain. It is fruity, sour and overall, not too sweet. It is typically used in the warmer months, and pairs well with vacation or a nice weekend boat trip.

Final Thoughts

Cherry Lime Haze is a stand out Sativa strain renowned for turning moods into sparkling ones and giving users the motivation they need to get tasks done. If you are a fan of THC strains mixed with CBD, then this may be a great choice for you to try next. It is exceptional for mental and physical pain, which can give patients relief in minutes and the results can last for hours.

This fruity and sweet strain can be a real treat for users, and people can enjoy a clear high for hours on end. While it is newer to the market, word of mouth is quickly spreading and this strain is gaining notice. While it might not be the most popular strain sold at your local dispensary, it soon could be!


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