Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain

Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain

Cherry Pie marijuana combines the best of multiple worlds. Dessert meets cannabis in this one-two punch flavor train. While not overly popular, those who have had cherry pie marijuana strain are lifelong consumers. It’s an Indica heavy hybrid and originates from the parent strains Indica Grandaddy Purple and Sativa Durban Poison. Cherry Pie is one of the parent strains of Cherry Pie Breath.

Often referred to as Cherry Kush this strain has consistently high THC levels. Coming in at 15%-25% the THC levels found in this are way above average. Because the THC levels are so high and it is so heavily Indica influenced, it is sought after by many for its beneficial medicinal properties.

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Medical and Recreational Uses

Cherry Pie is an Indica heavy hybrid, which means it is going to have a physical and physiological effect on those who use it. Typically used by those for medical reasons because of its healing ability and delicious flavor. Because it is typically 70% Indica and %30 Sativa, the Cherry Pie mix gives people a nice balance of a head high and a body high; giving users potential relief for many ailments.

Used medically to help:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • ADD
  • Headaches
  • Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia

This hybrid has been compared to taking laughing gas and users often are smiling for hours; thus making it ideal for mental disorders. It gives those with wandering minds an extra kick in the butt to be able to focus and accomplish tasks they otherwise tend to put off due to their ADD or ADHD.

Those with anti-inflammatory diseases use this strain to help tame their symptoms. Cherry Pie works as a pain blocker, so the brain will forget the chronic pain going on in the body.

Consuming different amounts of Cherry Pie will end up affecting you differently. Insomnia sufferers find relief in this strain by taking larger doses, whereas someone with chronic pain can take a smaller dose and still function throughout the day. People should try different amounts of this strain to test how each dose affects their body.

Used recreationally:

  • To play video games
  • Complete dreaded tasks
  • To motivate and enlighten the mind
  • As a pick up when you are having a bad day
  • As a nightcap

People use this strain recreationally as a nightcap after a long day instead of a glass of wine as a way to unwind. Others choose to use it as a replacement for coffee when they need something to stimulate the mind. A cup of coffee will stain your teeth, but the consumption of cannabis won’t!

Aroma and Taste

Cherry Pie has an aroma that is true to its name. When grown properly the buds should emit a smell like your grandma’s kitchen on Thanksgiving day. Buds will first give off a sweet cherry scent, followed by an herbal and floral note. Cherry pie is without a doubt one of the best smelling strains of cannabis ever to be made.

Consumer warning: If you are trying to be discrete about your cannabis consumption, be aware that when this strain is smoked it is one of the most pungent. Grandma may want you eating her cherry pie, but if she isn’t a fan of that Cherry Kush; don’t smoke this strain before going to her house for dinner or you might not be getting any of her desserts that night.

Cherry Pie was named because of how similar it tastes to the dessert. Tart, fruity and smooth are all words used to describe the taste. Smoking this strain is easy because of how light and smooth the overall bud tastes. Smokers will notice exhaling the smoke fills your mouth with a more fruity tone vs a skunky one.


Within minutes you will feel the effects of cherry pie come in as a mounting energetic burst. Your senses will seem heightened; the Indica will steer your high to help you feel a sense of joy, vs a sense of heightened paranoia.

A case of the giggles might ensue and things that typically bore you might seem suddenly interesting and noteworthy. You might find yourself speaking faster and you might want to move around more. Great to take before doing boring house chores or yard work.

Users will feel both a head and body high, thus making it so popular for medical and recreational use. Growers seem to have found the perfect hybrid mix with this strain, giving you the best of both Indica and Sativa. People often use this when they need a creativity boost; forcing their mind to enter a state of bliss and openness, while still allowing them to be productive.


Growing the Cherry Pie plant can be easy to difficult depending on your growing tools and what climate you live in. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and flourishes best in a Mediterranean environment. Cold temperatures are not good for this plant and will kill them faster than anything else. Cherry Pie plants are not too picky and are resistant to mold, mildew, and pests making them a desirable plant to grow.

The plant itself is one of the more beautiful cannabis plants around. Flowers are small to medium in size and take on traits mostly from their Indica parent. Leaves found within the plant are the real show stopper in the visual department.

Each leaf is green in color, and pops of purple can be found within the leaf itself. This purple color is inherited from its Granddaddy Purple parent, shocking right? Leaves are threaded through orange pistils making this plant easy to distinguish from others.

Cherry Pie buds are just as eye striking as their plant. Each bud is covered in translucent trichomes giving off a silver shine.

The flowering period is typically 8-9 weeks. Growers can expect a yield of 14 to 16 ounces, depending on if you choose to grow your plant inside or outdoors.

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