Chocolope Marijuana Strain

Chocolope Marijuana Strain

Upon first glance, you might think the strain is called chocolate marijuana, but it is in fact called Chocolope. The strain was named because of its aromatic properties and it was birthed with the intention of resembling chocolate, which was a popular strain grown in the ’80s. It is almost a full Sativa-hybrid that gives users a very strong head high.

The Chocolope marijuana strain has a 95% Sativa to 5% Indica ratio. A THC level of around 23% is typically measured within this cannabis strain.


The breeders at DNA genetics originally created Chocolope as a cross between the flavorful favorite Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. DNA genetics are based out of Amsterdam at the world famous Mary Jane. Fun fact: If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam; you will need to ask someone how to get to Mary Jane because it is actually illegal to advertise Marijuana even though the use of it is legal.

Chocolate Thai has a flavor unlike any other strain due to the fact it was cultivated in the same dirt that was once used to grow coffee. Luckily the Chocolope Haze comes into play and sweetens the overall flavor profile.

Taste and Smell

Three overall flavors first associated with Chocolope include:

  • Earthy
  • Coffee
  • Sweet

The Chocolope strain is one of the most sought after strains across Europe, Canada and the United States due to its mouth-watering flavor profile. Picture a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the morning and that is exactly what buds of Chocolope smell like.

Notes of dark chocolate are left on consumers tongues along with vanilla and this is arguably the sweetest tasting strain out there. Chocolope has a smooth and airy smoke making it pleasurable for medical and recreational use. Smoke is light and won’t linger for hours.

People who don’t typically enjoy the taste of smoke are often tempted to give it a try after getting a whiff of the charming flavors emitted. Because of its natural flavor profile; this strain is often used in edibles like chocolate, brownies or candies.


The Chocolope strain has intense mind effects and is great for those who need assistance in the productivity department. Typically users will have a more cerebral head high vs a psychedelic one depending on the dose, allowing users to be functional. Those looking to get a more psychedelic head high are suggested to take a larger dose.

Great for use in the morning or afternoon, it can replace your morning coffee to get the day going. People looking for a wake and bake strain will find what they are looking for with this cannabis. A fast head high ensues followed by a mellow come down that won’t leave users with a worried feeling.

Not great for night time use because of its energetic properties. Those looking for a couch-lock strain might not be interested in Chocolope because it gives you the exact opposite effects. A sloth could run a marathon in an hour flat after indulging in the Chocolope strain. 

Medical Uses

Just like any other Sativa strain, Chocolope is great for both mind and body ailments. Mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD can be counteracted with this Sativa heavy strain. Users minds are often uplifted, motivated and are overall left feeling optimistic about things that might otherwise bring them down.

Patients who need medicine to help focus their racing minds can find much-needed relief. Instead of using Adderall; which can be addictive and hard on your body, patients find the same relief with this strain. Their mind is able to take a second, calm down and focus on the task at hand.

Body ailments are easily subdued and users can find relief from migraines, muscle spasms, and overall body aches. Pain in the body can sometimes be from mental triggers inside the brain and Chocolope has the ability to change those receptors, tricking the body’s pain reaction.

Recreational Uses

People looking for a marijuana strain to help them with boring everyday tasks or creativity blocks love this strain. Consumption of this lifts the clouds on the darkest of days.

Used recreationally for:

  • Social gatherings
  • Hiking
  • Writing
  • Karaoke

Because this head high is so cerebral, this is a  great strain to use with others or in groups. People looking for a quick jolt of energy often take a small amount of this before going to work out.


Users who are new to Sativa heavy marijuana strains are urged to try this cannabis in forms that will give an overall mellow high experience.

Recommended consumption:

  • Edibles
  • Live resin
  • Concentrates
  • Candies
  • Chocolates
  • Extracts

Smoking this strain will hit instantly and the overall high can be intense for users. Using this strain in the form of edibles allows consumers the benefit of a nice, well-rounded high that slowly hits and slowly fades.


Chocolope Kush strain is an overall very easy plant to grow, and the only obstacle growers have to worry about is having enough height space. Being a Sativa dominant plant means the leaves grow tall, but remain slim. Pruning and bending will be required if you do not have enough growing space.

This plant can be grown outdoors or indoors, but those who live in a humid climate are advised to grow inside. Growing this plant in poor temperatures can cause the plant to develop mold or powdery mildew, which will kill your crop.

Buds on this plant are a cylindrical shape and don’t always require a grinder to break them down.

It is to be noted that growers who supplement the plants feeding regimen with nutrient mixes will find that the Chocolope plants have an exceptional thirst. Not keeping a close eye on this will cause a nutrient deficiency and the outcome can be deadly to the plant. Plants should be kept at 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit and mimic a mediterranean climate.

Flowering period for the Chocolope plant is about 9-11 weeks and the plant will typically yield 21 ounces indoors and 32 ounces outdoors.


The Chocolope marijuana strain has won several high honors throughout the years including:

  • High Times Cannabis Cup
  • High Life Cup
  • High Times Magazine Strain Of The Year in 2007


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