Cookie Jar Marijuana Strain

Cookie Jar Marijuana Strain

Cookie jars everywhere are shedding a tear right now because they are slowly being replaced by the Cookie Jar marijuana strain. Being an Indica-dominant strain makes it the perfect night-time dessert, giving users a blissful feeling before hitting the hay. With well-balanced effects, users can use this throughout the day, but typically it is used at night. A long-lasting buzz hits users that may contain trippy effects, thanks to the THC levels averaging about 24%.

Origins and Parent Strains

Cooke Jar comes from Green Leaf Seeds, who have bred Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and White Fire Alien OG, in order to produce this mouthwatering dessert strain.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

This hybrid award-winning strain is made from OG Kush and Durban. Considered a potent strain known for its ability to bring people into a happy headspace while relaxing the entire body. It is only fitting this strain has a large number of phenotypes including the Thin Mint cut.

Flavors include sweet, berry and spice which can be comparable to many of the beloved real-life girl scout cookies. The THC content in this is measured at 20%.

White Fire Alien OG

This 60% Indica-dominant strain has a sweet lemon aroma, contrary to what the name projects. Used by many for its full body buzz to help with pain, anxiety, and depression.


Pack your bags and check-in to your flight because this bad boy will have you up in the clouds with THC levels measuring in at 24%. Users can expect to be on their ride in the clouds for a significantly longer time than highs compared to other strains.

A nice mix of a head high and body high leaves users feeling good from the inside out. Great to use as a low carb dessert to unwind from your day, or can be used when you wake up on the weekend to cruise through the farmers market.

Instant effects of this strain will make users chatty, followed by a deep relaxation that will run through the entire body. Great to use before social gatherings to ease the conversation, but beware, a large enough dose might have you running to the nearest sofa for a cat nap.

Recreational Uses

Being a well-balanced hybrid means the dose is going to play a big role in the way in which your body reacts. Heavy doses are going to leave users in a sedative state, and a light dose will be perfect for people to use before any social event.

Take a bit of this before your next bachelor or bachelorette party to get your chatty mind going and allow the high to put you at ease from being around so much inappropriateness.

Kick up your next game night and bring a bit of the cookie jar marijuana strain to really spice up the night. Pictionary can get a whole lot more imaginative and you will tap into creative parts of your brain you never knew existed with this mind lifting strain.

Medical Relief

When a patient knows a strain has high THC levels, they instantly grab for their wallet before they even walk through the dispensary door. Mix the potency with a flavor reminiscent of everyone’s childhood, and you have a strain people flock to for help with medical ailments. Smoking the Cookie Jar marijuana strain is not only comforting to the soul but to the body as well.


This Indica heavy strain is sure to knock even the most stubborn minds to sleep. Its sedative properties are beneficial to those who need sleep, and with THC levels so high, expect the dreams to be trippy.

Loss of Appetite

Those who have a loss of appetite due to depression, cancer, or ulcers can use this to help them eat. Not only does this strain taste like cookies, but it will give users the munchies, which means people will be craving a whole bag of Oreos after about an hour.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be debilitating beyond measure. Those who suffer from chronic pain are often stuck to their couch with no hope of relief in the future. This can cause people to have stress, anxiety and self-doubt. Luckily a little bit of Cookie Jar and all of these stressors can go away. People can possibly be pain-free and start to live their life outside of the house, like it is meant to be lived.


Those who have the jitters due to being anxious, or just happen to be an overly nervous person, can greatly benefit from this strain. It has the ability to not only take away physical jitters but it also eases the mind. This allows people to stop over-thinking or over worrying about issues that aren’t going to change overnight; letting them enjoy simple things like watching television or reading.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this strain smells or tastes like. As the name implies, this strain is packed with flavors compared to cookies fresh out of the oven. It really is a treat to smell and taste, as it’s claimed by many to be the top aroma marijuana strain.

Fruit can be tasted on the exhale when smoked, and some have said they can smell a tinge of sour cream. Overall smoke is pleasurable and smooth. Those who typically don’t like to consume marijuana via smoke will make an exception for the Cookie Jar marijuana strain.


Buds are rather tiny overall and are light green and purple in color. Silver trichomes cover them which make it a very appealing sight. While they are tiny in size they are made up for in the fact that they are very dense.


Due to its scent and taste, the most popular form of consumption is via edibles, and this strain makes a great addition to any baking. For those new to cooking with cannabis, it is important to decarboxylate it. This can be done in the oven and if you don’t take time to do this, your marijuana will be useless.

It is also important to know how hot and for how long to cook your cannabis butter. Usually, this process takes about 30 to 40 minutes in an oven set to 245 degrees Fahrenheit.


This plant is moderately difficult to grow and should be done by experienced growers. Cookie Jar can be grown indoors or outdoors and will flourish in both. Typical flowering time is about 7 to 9 weeks which makes it one of the faster-growing plants.

For experienced growers who run into some problems, ask your local dispensary for help. Online resources are additionally very helpful for those who are unsure if their plant is growing properly. It is best to do research before you plant this strain, so you can know what problems to look for and adjust your growing conditions accordingly.

Cookie Jar Marijuana Strain Reviews

Reviews of this strain praise this as being exceptional, and almost a perfect 100%.

People praise the price per ounce, and say it is one of the best prices per effect, of strains currently available on the market. A little bit goes a long way and therefore you don’t need to buy a bunch at once.

Most people who use this for pain on a weekly basis, say it is one of the best to come out of the Girl Scout Cookie family.

While it gives you a nice head high and quick energy burst, that slowly fades into a more sedative state; therefore, this isn’t an ideal wake and bake strain.

Similar Strains

If you happen to go to your dispensary and they are out it is helpful to know a similar strain to hold you over until they get some in.

A few similar strains include:


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