Dog Treats Notice

Dear CBD Dog Treat Customer,

The Bad News:

We are sorry to inform you that our 10mg CBD Dog Treats will no longer be available for sale on our website. Our manufacturing partner is discontinuing the product and we have been unable to secure a 10mg replacement product.

The Good News:

We are currently launching a new CBD Dog Treats that we know your pets will love. How do we know? Because we have already tested the products on many dogs, and they seem to like them even more than the old product. These treats have the familiar taste and smell of the old product, but have a lower CBD content, which can reduce bitterness.

Why the Lower CBD Content?

Over the years, many of our customers have asked us to manufacture a product with a lower CBD content. Since we had to introduce new dog treats anyway, we felt now was the time to reduce the amount of CBD in each treat.

Introducing Our New CBD Dog Treats

We are happy to announce that we are launching a new CBD Dog Treats:

Why Isn’t the Price Lower on the New Dog Treats?

Believe it or not, our production cost increased on the new product. In addition, USPS raised shipping costs recently. Customers who order two or more dog treats can use coupon code DOGTREATS for 15% off.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Your Friends at Intrinsic Hemp