Durban Poison Marijuana Strain

Durban Poison Marijuana Strain

Durban Poison is a Sativa strain that is named after the South African port city of Durban, where it was originated. Cannabis, or as they refer to it, dagga; on the African content, has been around since as early as the 14th century. While it has been widely accepted, there was some push back from the government. Use of the plant in Africa was first associated with the lower economic class and it was banned for a brief period.

Even though dagga was banned for a few decades, it was acceptable to use for medical use, religious practices, and other purposes. So basically you were allowed to partake in cannabis as long as you didn’t do so outside. In 2018 Africa lifted the ban and now allows residents to smoke marijuana as long as it is done inside their private homes. However, the use of cannabis seeds and cannabis oil still remains illegal.


Durban Poison strain info begins in the late 1970s. A man by the name of Ed Rosenthal traveled to South Africa and upon his departure back to the states, he brought back with him a bag of South African seeds. Back in the states, Ed Rosenthal passed these onto Mel Frank who was a fellow breeder friend. He played around with the plant and found the perfect flowering time and resin.

Mel Franks work resulted in “A” and “B” lines of the original seed stock. The B line was given to Amsterdam breeder Sam the Skunkman, who further reduced the strain’s flowering time to help all future growers. Long harvest time means more work and more room for error. Shortening the flowering time helps the grower and the consumer get a quality product.

Perfect Lineage

Coming from South Africa where Durban Poison was cultivated makes this strain a landrace strain. This basically means it is one of the few strains that hasn’t been genetically modified by humans and it is truly a gift from nature itself. No cross-breeding, mixing strains or growing strains in a lab is involved in the making of Durban Poison.

While it’s nice to have strains available that offer different flavors and effects, it’s nice to have a strain that goes back to the basics. Durban Poison marijuana strain genetics offers consumers a true form of cannabis that was made by the earth for the people. Through natural sun and cultivation, this strain gives the consumer a pure natural experience not offered widely around the market today.

Effects and High

Durban Poison is a Sativa brand that is referred to by some as productive poison or prolific poison. While the high time itself is on the shorter end, it is smooth and allows users to be functional while giving off an instant creative zap. Effects from this strain hit you instantly and give consumers a clear, active head high. Suggested for wake and bake or daytime use, users often replace their coffee morning ritual with this strain.

The high time typically lasts from 2-3 hours and it has a THC content averaging 15% – 25%. Having such a strong THC level makes it valuable in the production of THC concentrates like shatter and wax, and it is generally consumed in this form.

Users should keep in mind when this strain is smoked it will give off a thick, lung-expanding smoke.

Medical Uses

Since Durban Poison is such a mind-altering strain and gives your mind an energy bolt; it is often prescribed to patients with mental ailments including anxiety, depression or stress.  It can also help those with appetite issues and fatigue.

This strain isn’t satisfying for those with heavy body or joint pain, and won’t be of any relief to those trying to fight insomnia due to the fact it literally has the opposite effect on users. If you are prone to getting super jittery from caffeine, you might want to stay away from this strain as well.

Recreational Uses

Durban Poison marijuana is one of the few strains available to give you a clear head high, with no foggy haze. Users appreciate a jolt of creative energy and focus. It is great for those who have a creative block with anything artistic including writing, painting or sewing. This can relieve frustration and allow peoples minds to flow free.

This strain is voted year after year by users as one of the best strains to help achieve new years resolutions, and it can help take your creative hobbies into your full-time job!

Taste and Smell

Overall aroma gives off a sweet, spicey and hashy smell. Much like the scents found in African cuisine, people refer to Durban Poison as possessing the following flavors:

  • Fennel
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Creamy
  • Sweet
  • Pine
  • Earthy

Because this strain isn’t manipulated by humans, it gives off a unique earthy tone that is natural, not artificial like factory produced flavors. Comparable to eating a real cherry vs eating cherry flavored candy. Both taste like cherry but one is infinitely better than the other.

Popular Cites

While this strain is popular everywhere, consumers in the following cities use this abundantly:

  • Portland, OR
  • Denver, CO
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Seattle, WA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • San Francisco, CA

Plant and Buds

Growing this plant is easy and is excellent for new growers. Those who choose to grow should expect the Durban Poison strain yield to be to be average, and the harvest time is typically 8-9 weeks. For a Sativa cannabis, this is a remarkably fast harvest time. Temperature needs to be regulated between 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Durban Poison seeds can be used to grow plants indoors or outdoors, but keep in mind these plants grow very tall leaves.  Those who choose to grow indoors will have to tame the leaves by bending and pruning the branches in the early vegetative state or your yield will not be great. If the branches break and are not pruned, the entire plant can die and you will have no yield.

Forest green leaves have orange pistils intertwined throughout, which is a genetic property. These orange pistils are meant to catch pollen from male fertilizing plants. Buds found throughout this plant are medium to large in size and have a dense structure. Durban poison buds give off a potent skunky smell when broken down.


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