Everything You Need To Know About Broad Spectrum CBD

Everything You Need To Know About Broad Spectrum CBD

CBD is taking the market by storm at a faster pace than the tornado that took Dorthy out of Kansas. With a rapidly growing market, there is a demand for CBD products in all of its glorious forms. While this is all good news, the bad news is many users don’t know enough about CBD, in general, to be able to pick the correct product they desire. With so much information out there, it can get tricky for beginners, advanced and medical users to sort through what is factual, versus what may be inaccurate.

Before you start spending your money online, or at the hemp shop down the street from you, it’s important to understand the basic fundamentals. Let us take a quick dive into a necessary understanding of the other hemp cannabinoids, which include not only broad spectrum CBD, but isolate and full spectrum CBD as well.

Before buying a product is much more important to get an understanding of what you’re actually getting. Being educated will help people make the best choice for what product is most beneficial to them.

CBD Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum Vs Isolate

All three types of CBD are extracted from hemp found in the cannabis plant. CBD is just one of 85 substances known as cannabinoids and is the second most abundant compound found within the hemp plant.

Full Spectrum CBD

The term “whole plant” is also used when people are referring to Full Spectrum CBD. It contains everything present in the cannabis plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids and other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN and trace amounts of THC.

This type of CBD is the most popular, and it enables the “entourage effect”, which means the cannabinoids and terpenes work together in unison. This gives consumers the best overall health and well-being possible from a CBD product.

Using full spectrum may show up in drug tests due to the THC levels reaching <0.3%, which may be a bad thing for those who need to be drug tested at work. This is something people will want to keep in mind, especially if you live in a state where recreational marijuana is not yet legal.

CBD Isolate

People who want the purest version of a CBD product choose this, because it is over 99% pure CBD. When this is extracted, everything is taken out, including any traces of THC, terpenes, waxes, oils, chlorophyll and the only thing left is the CBD itself, hence the name, CBD Isolate.

It is to be noted the purity standards of where you get your Isolate from. While typical CBD Isolate is high purity, there are some that are made with low purity. Low purity Isolate may contain trace amounts of THC that could possibly show up in a drug test, but this would be very unlikely. If your job is make or break with a drug test, you are going to want to only use high purity Isolate.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Those who want the best of both worlds from their CBD are going to love Broad Spectrum CBD, because it falls in the middle of Isolate and Full Spectrum. Broad Spectrum CBD is basically Full Spectrum without any amount of THC in it, not even trace amounts. It is one of the newer versions of CBD to hit the market, and it is legal in all states in America.

While there is no THC, other natural cannabinoids and terpenes are still left intact and added back in, after the extraction process. It can also be known as “THC-free Full Spectrum CBD”.

How Is Broad Spectrum CBD Made?

People can rest assured that no amounts of THC will be found within Broad Spectrum, because of the way in which it is made. Unlike the other types of CBD, Broad Spectrum is made, using additional processing, to isolate and remove any amounts of THC that may still be present after the original extraction. Testing is done not just once, but numerous times to ensure not even trace amounts of THC will be found within the product.

There are a few different methods in which Broad Spectrum CBD can be made. One method involves starting with CBD Isolate and adding in other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

A more popular method is starting with Full Spectrum and continuing extraction centering all the focus on removing the THC via chromatography media, which is a fancy term for a lab technique for separating a mixture.

Is Broad Spectrum CBD Right For Me?

YES! Broad Spectrum CBD is the universal product for all humans, and it has been shown to help in treating numerous body ailments.


Since it contains no THC, it is legal everywhere, which means there are no law-abiding restrictions users have to be aware of. People who live in states where it is legal, but their employer has their own standards, can use broad spectrum to pass drug tests, and not be in fear of losing their job.


Parents looking for alternatives to medicine, choose this because it is safe, and effective. They can provide their children with possible relief from medical ailments and diseases, that they might not otherwise find a cure for, by using pharmaceutical drugs alone. Since you can find Broad Spectrum CBD products in oils, lotions, and edibles, it can be great for children who don’t like to take liquids or pills.


In a few rare and unlucky cases, it has been reported that some individuals are allergic to THC. While this is very unfortunate, users don’t have to give up their hemp hopes; they can find everything they are looking for from Broad Spectrum, without having an allergic reaction. People who may not be allergic, but are very sensitive to THC, tend to use Broad Spectrum CBD as well.

Everyone has a unique body makeup and will have different reactions to any product they put into their body. Universally speaking, Broad Spectrum products are going to be great for everyone, but there may still be some cases where it doesn’t work for individuals. In this case, using Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD might be a more appropriate choice. Experimenting with each type will enable users to understand how their body responds to each type of CBD.

Medical Uses

With the legalization of CBD in the United States, there has been an abundant number of studies done to verify its medical healing properties. Broad Spectrum CBD has been scientifically proven to react with the brain receptors, and can possibly give people real help.


CBD reacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is how your brain controls bodily functions, such as sleep, appetite, pain and the immune system. Once the ECS is bound with your brains neurotransmitters, it can control the different ways your body feels each function. In a way, it tricks your brain into thinking the pain is no longer there, which can be beneficial for mind and body pain.

CBD can possibly give relief to those who suffer from:

  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Pain from surgery
  • Shingles
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Nerve Damage
  • Migraines
  • And so much more!

Anxiety and Depression

In recent years, mental illnesses like anxiety and depression have been reported to be the number one contributor to disability worldwide. While it has been more socially acceptable to talk about, those who suffer from it still feel alone and are often times afraid to speak about it.

Sufferers, who do not seek help, are often filled with pharmaceutical drugs, that leave them in a comatose state from being over-drugged, or in an insomnia state, from keeping their mind too active. What’s even worse, is drugs often used to treat mental conditions are addictive, and can lead people to substance abuse.

Cancer Patients

Patients often use this oil in place of harmful pharmaceutical drugs, or as a product that can help alleviate side effects of drugs which are used for cancer patients. It has been studied to help patients with side effects of chemotherapy, like nausea and vomiting, which is something that can really really be debilitating.

Some early studies on animals have shown that CBD Oil can help stop the spread of cancer cells within the body. While these studies are still in the early stages, and have yet been conducted on humans, the overall research is definitely giving people hope.

Non-Medical Uses

Some people might not even be thinking about CBD oil, other than for ailments, but they should be! It isn’t just for patients, and Broad Spectrum CBD oil can benefit a number of non-life-threatening things.

Beauty Care

This oil can be paired with your current skin care routine to help fight acne, which is a skin irritation that affects 85% of people between the ages of 16 and 24. Because acne is often characterized by flare up of skin inflammation and an oily secretion made by sebaceous glands, CBD helps fight both, thus diminishing your overall acne. With its ability to fight skin inflammation, it can also help flareups of red spots or patches.

Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing is the practice of healing the whole body including mind, soul, spirit, and emotions. Using a bit of this oil allows people to enter a headspace where they can think, reflect on life and improve areas that seem out of balance. It allows people to change one part of themselves, so that all parts can work together, in one fluid, well-oiled machine.

Health and Wellness

Some people turn to beer or a glass of wine when they want to relax, unwind and get a good feeling running through their body. Others choose to use a bit of this oil to do the same, without making their liver process harmful substances. The plus side to using CBD oil, is you won’t get a nasty hangover that leaves people in bed all day. In fact, this oil can be beneficial to those who may be going through a hangover, to feel human again.

Consumption of Broad Spectrum CBD

CBD can be consumed in a large number of ways that include:

  • Gummies
  • Oils
  • Topicals
  • Pills
  • Vape

Each consumption method is going to play a roll in how CBD is felt. Those sensitive to smoke will want to not pick that as a consumption method, and should stick to gummies, oils or topicals.

For people looking for instant relief, they should use vape, oils or topicals. Pills and gummies need to be digested by the body, and therefore take longer to break down and enter the bloodstream. However, once broken down, they will give you a longer overall effect, which can help those looking to cure ailments overnight, or through the workday, for a longer period of relief.

Oral spray is a popular method used within the medical community and has been deeply researched. Using this consumption method has been proven beneficial for those who are battling neurological disorders such as seizures or epilepsy.

Additionally, it is important for users to note any other medications that they currently have to take every day. Due to chemical compounds found within each product, one can affect how the body metabolizes the other. CBD and other pharmaceutical drugs can not only influence each other, but can also affect how the user’s body absorbs the substances. It is suggested people keep a notepad close by, taking note of their body to track any changes that may occur.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

As we just went over, CBD can be consumed in a large number of ways, but the most popular form is oil. This form is especially popular in the wellness community, since it doesn’t involve harmful smoke being ingested into the lungs. While CBD is safe all around, some people are very sensitive to smoke, and anything being burned into the lungs can cause coughing fits and wheezing, especially for those with asthma.

How is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Made?

To make this oil, it is first extracted from the cannabis plant, and is then diluted with a carrier oil. In most cases, hemp seed oil or MCT coconut oil is used.

Purchasing Products

Since 2018, Broad Spectrum CBD products can be purchased legally in all 50 states. While this is excellent for consumers, it also poses a few risks. Buyers need to do some research, and make sure they are getting a high-grade quality product, from a credible and reliable source. Getting a poor product could make you sick and can be dangerous to your overall health.

Any good CBD company is going to have reviews posted with each product that can be a great guide to help get a sense of the product and answer FAQ’s. Genuine companies allow users to leave reviews, so you can read real-life experiences and gather your own opinions.

Make sure you check the price and don’t overpay. If someone is posting products for outrageous prices, odds are they are just looking to make money and don’t have your best interest in mind. A good CBD company is going to want to give you the most information they can, so you can properly learn about their product and use it in the correct way.

Final Thoughts

While no specific type of CBD Oil is better than the other, it is a general rule of thumb that Broad Spectrum is a good choice for everyone. Make sure that you are getting a high-quality product, since a low-grade product may not give you the correct results. Use different methods of consumption, so you will be able to tell which form is the best for you. Be sure to consult you doctor if you are currently taking prescription medications, or if you have an adverse reaction.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Due to FDA Regulations, we recommend that you do your own research on CBD products. We also suggest that you read the reviews on our website, where our customers record their real-world results of using our products.