G13 Marijuana Strain

G13 Marijuana Strain

The G13 marijuana strain is a legendary indica-dominant hybrid with a mysterious backstory. It was first grown in the late 60s or early 70s. At that time, weed was entirely illegal in the States, which meant that independent breeders weren’t able to fully understand the genetics of the strains they used. Their top concern, as you might have guessed, was not being caught red-handed.

G13 weed has an interesting legend. There’s no telling if it’s true or not, but since this is a G13 marijuana guide, we’re going to share it with you anyway.

The Legend of G13

As the legend goes, it all started in the late 1960s at a research facility in rural Mississippi. This facility was run by a government agency that was developing marijuana strains and running tests. They did this with the help of the University of Mississippi, which is where government-approved cannabis is grown.

They were apparently growing pure Afghani clones, and they labeled them G1-G23. Each of the clones had different traits—some were more robust and potent, while others were unstable and lacking THC content. Allegedly, G13 proved to be a perfect strain. It was not lacking in any single area.

Then, a cannabis breeder, looking for a new strain to grow, got in contact with an anonymous rebel lab technician. This technician wanted to share this perfect strain with the world, and they were determined to do so. So he snuck the cannabis out of the lab, and it began to grow throughout America.

This strain really picked up in popularity after being mentioned in the film, American Beauty, which explained that the G13 marijuana strain doesn’t make you paranoid, as many other strains do. G13 made its way throughout the U.S. and many other parts of the world, and the rest is history.

Even if this is nothing more than a folktale, it’s still fun to imagine. But enough about G13’s history. How does it smell, taste, look, and make you feel?

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The aroma of G13 weed is definitely not discrete. Even in a sealed bag, you’ll still get whiffs of this potent smelling weed. The aroma is unique and robust. It’s on the earthy side. You’ll notice it smells a bit skunky with notes of savory cheese and sweet wild berries.

The G13 marijuana strain has unique flavors that some love and some hate. There’s a pine flavor which really sets it apart from most strains you’ll try. It has earthy and woody notes with just a hint of creaminess. The scents of savory cheese and wild berries don’t shine through when it comes to the flavor. Overall, you’re looking at more of a sweet and earthy taste.

As far as appearance goes, you’ll notice that a quality sample is caked with trichomes. Underneath a good nug, you’ll find an astonishing layer of trichomes underneath the calyxes. What does this mean exactly? This means that this plant was carefully designed to get you very, very high.


Right away, you’ll notice that the G13 marijuana strain is a superstar. Its THC levels can be upwards of 24%, though you’ll find it more consistently around 22-23%. All this means, is that first-timers should take it slow. You can easily overdo yourself.

The G13 cannabis strain offers a head high that starts right behind the face—some describe it as the marijuana equivalent of Novocain. Soon after, a wave of calmness and relaxation will sweep you away from your worries, stresses, and pains. Most users say that it immediately puts them in a better mood.

A little goes a long way. After all, G13 weed is a very potent strain. After the first hit, you might even feel energized for a moment. But soon after, the indica side kicks in, and you’ll melt into relaxation. You don’t really have to worry about couch-lock, but you may experience a highly euphoric feeling.


The medical uses of the G13 marijuana strain are diverse. However, it’s most often used for treating chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. The high THC levels also make it a good option for pain relief. So it works great for things like headaches, back pain, and joint pain.

Negative Effects

As with any strain, G13 weed may have some potentially negative side effects. The most common adverse effects are dry mouth and dehydration, so make sure you’re hydrated and keep a bottle of water close by to sip on.

You may also experience dry eyes. Grab some eye drops from the pharmacy before you give the G13 marijuana strain a try. In more rare cases, this strain has been known to cause mild headaches—especially as the high is wearing off. Some say they experienced dizziness as well.


The G13 cannabis strain is perfect for indoor and outdoor growing. Most recommend the “Sea of Green” technique (or SOG) for growing G13 indoors. It’s best to leave plenty of space between the branches, to allow room for the buds to grow. You may also want to consider pruning, but not too much too quickly, since it may throw the plant into shock.

The G13 marijuana strain is able to handle daytime temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Outdoor growers will get a much higher yield, because the plant has more space to spread out its branches.

G13 weed is typically ready to harvest around the end of October. It can provide a whopping 40 oz yield of bud per plant outdoors, which makes this a fantastic option for mass-producing. Indoor growers won’t miss out either. The indoor yield is about 21 ounces for every square meter.

Final Thoughts

The G13 marijuana strain has so many interesting stories—even if the stories don’t hold true, they add to the experience of it. G13 is a great strain to try if you want some potent weed, or really need to relax your mind and body. It can boost your mood, and make you feel on top of the world.

The high that G13 weed offers is balanced. You can use it in the afternoon without completely throwing off your day, and turning into a sedated couch potato. Overall, this legendary weed is worth a try.


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