Gelato Marijuana Strain

Gelato Marijuana Strain

Another name for the Gelato strain is “Larry Bird” or phenotype 33. Gelato’s origin is from a cross between Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. If you are looking forward to a mellow weekend afternoon, then this string is ideal. It provides reverie, cerebral effects, and a pleasant body buzz. It’s also a good one for those seeking relief from pain or mood disorders.

Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies are two much-loved cannabis strains from the Cookies lineage of Cookies Fam Genetics.  Gelato was bred by Mr. Sherbinsk and Jigga in San Francisco, CA. “Larry Bird” is a nickname borrowed from NBA legend Larry Bird himself. But this is not because the legendary NBA player endorses it or something, but it’s a mere reference to his jersey number 33. So, this is also where the name phenotype 33 comes from.

Cookies Fam Genetics released several Gelato phenotypes, but one, in particular, is numbered 33. That is how it became associated with Larry.

Gelato is a balanced hybrid of indica and sativa, but tilts a bit in favor of indicia (55% indicate and 45% sativa). This strain is infamous for its amazingly delicious flavor and abundantly powerful effects fired by a THC level that hits its low point at 20% on average but can go as high as 25%.

This strain is loved for its powerful suite of effects, producing a blissful experience of euphoria and physical relaxation which is quite a ride. It puts you in a good mood without distracting you from being productive. You will have just enough focus, but from a slightly different perspective.  This comes in handy, especially if you are working on something creative or challenging.


The buds appear small but have a thick and dense structure typical of most indica varieties. Gelato’s appearance is appealing with bright orange pistils standing out against forest green leaves accented by shades of deep purple. When in the vegetative state, a high accumulation of pigments called anthocyanins are enthused in cold weather. That is how the purple color comes about. You will notice a crystal-white layer of something like dust covering the plant. But actually, these are trichomes and resins together, which present a light snowy look. Gelato has a less frosty appearance than other hybrids thanks to the short stalks on the trichomes. Hues of dough and yeast can be seen as well. The flowers broken apart give a more herbal, earthy profile.

THC Content

The THC content is Gelato’s feature that really stands out because it is immense, usually around 20% in its lowest recorded lab result and can be as high as 26%. This translates to a strain that not only lasts a while, but also requires very little flower be consumed before the effects are felt. Newbies should proceed with caution when trying out Gelato for the first time. The high elevates the mood, but manages to maintain a relatively clear-headed high and promotes creativity. You will experience a pleasant body sensation from the high, but you will not be glued to the couch.

Gelato with a higher THC content of 26% is ideal to be used for medicinal purposes, for example, to relieve muscle spasms and chronic pain. Its gentle, uplifting mental effects are helpful to those suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Flavor Profile

The name Gelato is borrowed from the ice cream dessert popular in Europe. They taste similar. From the blend of the parents Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Scout Cookies, a great flavor experience is produced. The flavor is just like the aroma. It is sweet like the Italian gelato, but with a distinctive citrus flavor. It possesses an earthy taste that sometimes tastes like oak. The vapor state possesses an even better taste, since it is slowly vaporized to ideal temperatures to maximize the taste and prevent any burning. Expect a sweet and earthy aroma with hues of berry and orange sherbet popping in. The flavor is an aftertaste combination of blueberries, orange, and fruit. Recreational users will enjoy and appreciate the flavor of Gelato.

Gelato Effects

Though Gelato is a slightly indica cannabis, it does not leave a person feeling tired, which is the reason why it is so loved. Inhaled, it creeps into the head, leaving a high that is dominant, cerebral and focused, yet at the same time soothing and calming. The combination of effects this strain provides is not only good for recreational purposes but also medicinally. Recreational effects include filling up with calmness, happiness, and creativity. It can be used for creative ventures, social gatherings, when you need to focus on something and still be productive.

This strain has several medical benefits both physical and mental, including helping with inflammation, muscle spasms, cramping, migraines etc.

Gelato offers alot of positive recreational and medicinal benefits that outshine negative effects, which are minimal and manageable.


Gelato’s seeds are not readily available meaning prospective growers may need to acquire plant trimmings to cultivate. This strain can be difficult to grow so it is not recommended to be grown by novices. It can be grown indoors or outdoors. The strain requires consistent warmth and humidity to thrive. Gelato grown indoors must be under a controlled environment, with odor control measures like carbon air filters and exhaust fans. The plant can be exposed to colder temperatures just before the flowering period to stimulate anthocyanin pigments so as to bring out full purple pigmentation.

It takes eight to nine weeks for the flowers to blossom.

Due to the indica influence, the gelato strain is typically of short to medium height, which favors growing indoors as it won’t require much space. The strain’s buds are spectacular, so it is a beautiful strain that you will admire while growing.


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