Ghost Train Haze Marijuana Strain

Ghost Train Haze Marijuana Strain

Ghost Train Haze is a marijuana strain that is Sativa-dominant and packs a big punch of THC with levels averaging at 25%. The most experienced users will often be taken aback by the psychedelic effects; leaving them with a strong head high. Some might compare the overall feeling of riding on a train through the mountains, with fun ups and downs rolling on for hours. New users might want to steer clear of this strain and work their way up to it or they will be getting off at the first stop without purchasing a return ticket.

Ghost Train Strain History and Origins

Originally bred by Rare Dankness, Ghost Train Haze is a Sativa cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck. With parents like these, you know its a heavy hitting marijuana strain that is sure to knock your socks off.

Ghost OG is a hybrid and Neville’s Wreck is a pure Sativa which gives some debate to what the Ghost Train marijuana strain is actually classified as. Some consider it to be a Sativa-dominant hybrid while others classify it is an Indica-dominant hybrid, especially when it is consumed in high doses.


In 2012 High Times named this strain the most potent on earth, and it has additionally won the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup US Sativa 1st Place and the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup Medical Sativa 2nd Place spot.


From the name alone, you can predict this strain is going to be heavy hitting and a real show stopper. Users can expect a deep body high and while it opens up the mind, it won’t leave an energetic or overly euphoric state of mind.

Tranquil and numbing effects leave users in an overall lazy state. Not the best strain to be used before a night out or as a strain to help social anxiety unless it’s a slumber party. This is typically used by people before a solo activity or with their significant other.

It is recommended to be used at night or in the afternoon since users are left glued to the couch, and sometimes in a very psychedelic state. Ideal for a night in watching movies, and it shouldn’t be taken before driving or tasks that require a lot of thought.

Ghost Train Haze is often compared by recreational drug users as the closest thing to a psychedelic drug you can get without actually using drugs. It is great for those who want to take a trip without dabbling in the hard stuff.

Medical Benefits

Patients turn to Ghost Train Haze to treat heavy body ailments, and not so much head ones. While it can benefit things such as depression; it isn’t going to be the best for anxiety or paranoia, unless a small dose is taken.

Those with cancer use this strain to treat their body pain, and to help them with appetite. Cancer patients often feel nausea and loss of appetite associated with chemo, and this specific marijuana can help their appetite come to the surface. Once they have eaten; the calming effect on their body helps them keep their food down so they can absorb necessary nutrients.

ADD, ADHD or post-traumatic stress disorder can also be treated through the use of Ghost Train Haze marijuana strain. The potent calming effect can rest the mind, giving patients much needed rest and focus.

Additionally, anyone dealing with insomnia often uses it to knock them out and keep them asleep. Those taking it in the form of a sleeping medicine are suggested to do a larger dose so it can keep them asleep all through the night; no need to wake up and take a second dose. Users will be thrilled when they wake up and feel rested for the first time in days or maybe even months for some.

Ghost Train Haze Smell, Taste, and Look

Overall, the aroma of Ghost Train Haze is potent and skunky. It’s one of those weeds you smell as soon as someone opens a bag of it. Strong weed typically goes hand in hand with dank marijuana, the skunkier, the heavier hitting it is. Not suggested to use in a place where weed is frowned upon or illegal, because it will be smelled and anyone in the vicinity will notice.

Once smoked; a citrus and floral scent can be smelled, which is what users will also taste on their tongue. While the inhale is smooth and velvety, the exhale lingers around the mouth in more dense smoke. The lingering taste can be compared to a grass-covered lemon girl scout cookie.

Ghost Train Haze gets its name from its overall bud appearance. Buds are thick and dense, green in color and are lavishly covered in white: hence the name Ghost. Orange trichomes can be found scattered throughout.


The plant itself is not suggested for those who are new to growing because prior cultivation skills are a must! Those who choose to grow indoors must have experienced knowledge of ventilation, climate control, and mold patrol. Stretch of the plant measures at about 100%-200% and the height stays around 30 in -70 in.

A hot and dry outdoor environment is ideal for this crop to grow to its full potential. Flowering time typically takes about 9-10 weeks, and growers can expect a favorably high yield.

Yields typically measure in at:

  • Indoor – 10 ounces of bud per meter squared
  • Outdoor – 14 ounces per plant

Popular Cities

While this strain is popular worldwide, in the United States you can find it abundantly in:

  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Denver, CO
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Lynnwood, VA
  • Las Vegas, NV

Side Effects

People who get over anxious or paranoid from smoking may be turned off from it. Using marijuana is much like using alcohol; everyone has a different limit and it is important to know what makes you feel good and what will put you over the edge in a blackout state.

Due to the high potency, dizziness may also occur if smoked in a high dose. There’s not much you can do for this once it happens. Eating fatty food will make it worse and the best thing that may help is drinking sugar water.


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