God’s Gift Marijuana Strain

God’s Gift Marijuana Strain

Much like the big man himself upstairs; there is a large cloud of mystery over God’s Gift Marijuana. It’s unclear where the strain came from and what year it was first bred. An abundance of growers have named their strains God’s Gift, so it’s hard to narrow down exactly where the original strain came from. 1994 is the first year it was thought to have been made and it became popular almost a decade later in 2005.

What is known about this strain is that it is bred from Granddaddy Purple Indica and OG Kush hybrid.

Because it is birthed from hybrid leaves means this strain has unique characteristics. This is a heavy Indica-dominant strain and Sativa only makes up about 10%. Growers believe it was first developed in California and spread throughout the West Coast from there. BC Bud Depot and Scorpion Crews’ are typically considered to be the growers of the universal strain known as God’s Gift and are based out of Orange County California.

Smell and Taste

God’s Gift can be compared to an adult lollipop or some have compared it to grape tea. Since it is made from Granddaddy Purple it is no surprise grape is the most apparent aroma. Grape, earthy and sweet are all the forefront flavors followed by ginger spice, berries, and oak.

Unlike the Grandaddy Purple, this strain has more of a piney earthy flavor followed by a berry taste. Notes of apple and vanilla leave a lingering taste in your mouth and the smoke thickness feels light to medium in density. Smoke is generally smooth going down your lungs, which makes for a pleasant user experience.

Type of High

The THC levels in this strain sit between 18%-22% making it great for a body buzz, body melt and users will experience a strong analgesic property. Because the Sativa in this only makes up 10%, this strain leaves people in a trance-like state giving them a peaceful and floating feeling.

No mind racing or overly energetic effects will come over consumers; making this the king of chill products.

Medical Uses

God’s Gift is often prescribed to those with body pain and mental stress. The dominating THC and Indica properties work great to give relief to patients with major chronic pain issues like MS and arthritis, by acting as a pain reliever. When God’s Gift enters the patient’s body it causes reactions that calm the nerves and allow the body to be still.

Used medically to help those with:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • ADD
  • Carpel Tunnel
  • Insomnia
  • Sciatica

Those with deep bone or muscle pain can find a few hours of relief with this non-addictive medicine by shutting their nerve pain receptors off. This tricks the mind in a way to not feel pain and can allow a few hours of relief.

People who suffer from cancer use this to help them with their appetite so they don’t have to waste away. One of the biggest hardships with chemo is the loss of appetite or the struggle of keeping food down. God’s Gift marijuana strain can help them with both problems by helping patients feel hungry while additionally giving them the ability to keep the food down.

Recreational Uses

Since this is such a couch-locked, heavy strain, people typically use it at nighttime. God’s Gift strain reviews are often written by users in the mornings because they were knocked out all night in a deep narcotic haze.

Those who typically have to take sleep aids such as melatonin or valerian, use God’s Gift Strain as a much-needed sleep aid. Perhaps you typically can’t fall asleep, but work has you extra stressed out; use this and you will enter sleep land faster than peter pan.

Not recommended to use before social events, gatherings or parties. God’s Gift is typically used for its relaxing properties and people tend to use this at night alone or with a significant other to unwind after a long day.

God’s Gift 1:1 Strain

As noted above, the properties of God’s Gift Strain are made with a high THC level. Those looking for a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC can find growers who are just starting to tap into that field. Made with medical patients in mind, a 1:1 ratio benefits those who want pain relief during the day without knocking them out and thus allowing them to still be functional.

God’s Gift 1:1 strain is a great alternative for those who live in pain around the clock, and are tired of taking pharmaceutical pills. Pharmaceutical pills often come with nasty side effects which can leave people feeling worse than the ailment they’re supposed to be fixing. Patients find themselves taking medicine to help side effects caused by other medications and before they know it, they are taking multiple pills a day. The only side effects you can get with cannabis are dry eyes and perhaps a dry mouth, which is nothing a few eye drops and some water can’t clear up instantly.

God’s Gift 1:1 strain can give you the benefits of the original strain without putting you in a vegetative state. Often used in the Florida medical program, patients can experience the benefits of God’s Gift without any of the psychedelic effects. Typically you want to consume a 1:1 strain orally.

Plant and Buds

Good news for those new to the growing world, God’s Gift marijuana strain comes from a reasonably easy plant to grow. Overall, little care and attention are needed for this plant. The plant itself will generally grow to over 4 feet in height. Since the plant is typically grown in Southern California, growing conditions should mimic the dry and warm climate for optimal results.

These cannabis plants are strong and resilient to things that often ruin crops such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Insects
  • Mildew
  • Temperature Extremes

What is God’s Gift Strain Yield?

Yield from this crop is moderate in size and harvest takes about 8-9 weeks.

Buds found on this plant are dense and resinous. Unlike its other purple family members; these buds don’t feel like rough, fused rocks. Growers love looking at their crops and seeing the rich purple among bright orange pistols that are seen throughout the plant.


Since God’s Gift strain is part of the purple family it is not suggested to be used in shatters. However, because of its high oil content, it is suggested to be used in the form of smoking, edibles or wax.

Those taking this strain for the first time should be careful not to overindulge or you might be sleeping for the next two days! Start with a little to test the waters and once you get a feel for the high, you can go ahead and consume more.


Depending on what vendor you purchase from, God’s Gift marijuana strain will run you $25-$70 per gram.


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