Golden Goat Marijuana Strain

Golden Goat Marijuana Strain

Golden Goat is a Sativa dominant marijuana strain that brings people out of their shell, allowing them to feel open and free. This strain is one of the most popular in Colorado, making it available for purchase year-round. A burst of energy hits users followed by an outer-worldly mind experience that allows words to just flow out of the mouth making the conversation feel like second nature to even the shyest people.

Golden Goat Strain Genetics

The Golden Goat marijuana strain was first developed as a result of an accident. While it is most popular in Colorado, it was actually made in Topeka, Kansas where a male Hawaiian-Romulan pollinated Mr. Dank’s Island Sweet Skunk mother.

Having a parent strain of Romulan gives the Golden Goat strain optimal pain reduction and muscle tension relief, where Mr. Dank offers the strain it’s tropical aromas and appearance.

“Golden Goat” was named after the smell of Golden Goat Recycling machines in the hot months of summer. Citizens would notice a smell that occurred when all the soda syrup would blend leaving behind a smell that is unforgettable.


Golden Goat has a wide range of effects on both your body and mind and compliment each other perfectly. It will leave consumers with a nice body buzz followed by a head high. The strain won’t leave users in a couch locked state.

Words often used to describe the Golden Goat strain’s effects include:

  • Happy
  • Uplifted
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Energetic

Users will notice the high starting to kick in when a bout of laughter and giggles begin, followed by an urge to talk to everyone about anything. Even those who aren’t typically talkative will notice they won’t be able to shut their mouth. The conversation will feel more interesting than normal and even the most mundane topics will suddenly appear to be the most interesting.

Golden Goat will leave those who use it with heightened senses, but not in a trippy way. Since the hybrid typically measures in at a 70/30 ratio, it balances itself out nicely and is desirable for seasoned users or newbies in the marijuana community.

Medical Properties

The Golden Goat strain is often prescribed medically due to its high THC levels that average about 27%. Just a little bit of this is needed for users to feel the effects, and they can expect a high for about 1-2 hours.

Being a more potent hybrid means it is great with a long list of illnesses. With it’s powerful mental uplifting ability, the Golden Goat strain is great for helping with stress, anxiety, and even chronic stress. Those with depression can also benefit from the Golden Goat strain and can find much-needed relief.

People who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders take GG to help wake them up and give them the energy they need to get through the day. Those who suffer from sleep disorders can drink a whole pot of coffee and still fight to stay up for the whole day. Using GG is the extra boost they need to be able to function and get tasks done they normally would want to sleep through or put off. This makes it great to use in the morning and afternoon.

Patients who use pharmaceutical drugs with unpleasant side effects like to use the strain to combat the negative effects. Cancer patients and those going through radiation often find the peace they need with Golden Goat to make them feel human again.

Recreational Uses

The Golden Goat strain is often used for medical reasons, but is sought after by recreational users as well. People who get bad hangovers with upset stomachs like to use this strain in the morning to prevent a day in the bathroom involving unpleasantries such as vomiting.

GG puts users in another state of mind, making it ideal for people to use before social events including:

  • Work parties
  • Weddings
  • Family gatherings
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events

Seasoned users urge newbies to start off slow with this strain and increase the dose as needed. Over-smoking can cause users to feel a bit anxious, which may cause a heartbeat increase and nervousness.

Those who want to play it safe are urged to try this strain in the form of wax, edibles, oils, or vape. Using it in these forms allows a smoother high and gives people more control over how hard the marijuana will hit them.

Aroma, Taste, and Appearance

The Golden Goat strain has one of the most pleasurable aromas on the market. Citrus, sweet, and earthy are all the forefront flavors.

Once smoked, joyous Hawaiian flavors can be tasted with a touch of Hawaiian black sugar bark left on the tongue. An intense, hazy smoke is left over from smoking this strain, meaning users should be careful where they smoke it. If GG is smoked in a place with sensitive fire alarms, there is a good chance they will go off.

When the buds are broken apart, an incredibly sweet mentholated lemon zest and cherry grenadine smell is omitted. Buds produce distinct coloration displaying beautiful shades of light green and pink, creating a combination that looks neon.

Golden Goat Growing

The plants grow abnormally tall in nature, making it ideal to grow outside. However, with proper height room, the plant can flourish indoors as well. It’s not a bad choice for new growers due to the fact that this plant is resistant to mildew, molds, pests, and parasites. Having a plant be so durable means it is low maintenance and is desirable for any grower.

A dry, warm climate is best for the crops to fully grow and flourish. Humidity levels that mimic Southern California are ideal. Growers can expect a yield time of 9-11 weeks, which means it has a slightly longer harvest.

Since the crop is so dank, proper ventilation is required or your whole building will know what you’re growing behind closed doors. Even those who own a home will want ventilation, or the overall smell will quickly insert itself into every room.


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