Grape Ape Marijuana Strain

Grape Ape Marijuana Strain

The Grape Ape marijuana strain gets its name from its ever-pleasant aroma of grapes. It’s a strong Indica-dominant hybrid strain that packs about 18-21% THC. This means that it can take even advanced smokers by surprise, so be sure to not over-indulge if you’re a beginner.

Because it’s an Indica-dominant strain, you get both mind and body effects that can take your stress levels down and send you into a good nights sleep. It is known for helping with a variety of medical ailments and it’s often prescribed by doctors.

Grape Ape possesses a very tasty flavor that puts consumers into an incredibly potent body high.

In order to get a better look at the Grape strain, let’s take a look at its origins below.

Grape Ape Origins

Grape Ape is a crossbreed of Mendocino Purps, Skunk and Afghani. All three of these strains have grown in popularity due to their own impressive profiles. When you take three impressive strains, you can expect a great outcome, and that’s exactly what you get.

Mendocino Purps

The Mendocino Purps strain comes from Northern California, where it was launched into stardom. It won one of the top ten slots in the “High Times” strains of the year and it continues to grow in popularity. It grows well both indoors and outdoors and it packs some impressive THC levels near 20%. Flavors found in this strain are caramel coffee and woodsy pine, which makes it a more robust strain. The scent to is a bit on the sweet side with a berry smell.


The Skunk strain is a parent to some extremely popular marijuana strains because of its amazing genetics and effects. It’s an Indica-dominant variety that packs nice levels of THC, yet still allows for consumers to be productive with a high energetic buzz. This strain is best known for being crossbred globally to produce a large number of other skunk strains. Skunk marijuana has spanned several generations and has come to be one of the most perfected marijuana strains on the market. A sour sunk and earthy tones are given off by this strain, making it a less desirable smell.


This is an original Landrace strain from the mountains of Afghanistan. Afghani is very well known for being a heavy hitting Indica-dominant strain. The effects are extremely powerful with this strain and because of this, it is the parent strain of main great plants. Known for its heavy resin production, this strain leaves users with a deep relaxed mind and body. It is used medically for insomnia, pain and stress. The aroma profile is earth, pungent and pine.

Growing Grape Ape

Novice growers can take solace in the fact that the Grape Ape strain is rather easy to grow. If you don’t have any prior growing experience, this could be a good first choice.

You can expect growth to be between 30 and 78 inches tall. For novice growers; this is about average in length. The yield is pretty high coming in at 3-6 oz per square foot. Grape Ape will flower in about 7-8 weeks.

It can be grown indoors and outdoors. The strain gets a purple appearance that does not correlate with its flavor, but rather is a side effect from cooler growing conditions. When harvested, growers will notice that the flowers themselves tend to be sticky.


Grape Ape comes on slowly, and once it fully hits, the feeling is one of heavy sedation, leaving limbs feeling substantial. It’s high THC levels with leave the mind feeling a bit loopy and users will have a mind trip lasting for hours.

The spacey feeling allows people to unwind and just veg out. A full body stone will ensue, so those looking for a high energy boost will want to steer clear because you won’t find that here.

This strain may leave users feeling a bit clumsy. Be careful what you plan for the day before taking a bit of Grape Ape, because you may not be able to function at a full 100%.

Medical Benefits

As mentioned above, the Grape Ape marijuana strain is extremely popular in the medical community as it helps with many different disorders. The smell and taste of this strain make it easy for people unfamiliar with marijuana, to give it a try.

While it is always up to the parent’s discretion, they typically choose this strain for kids who are dealing with medical ailments when other treatments have failed. The flavor makes it perfect for kids and is often available in an edible form for them to consume.


As you may assume, stress is a huge reason that this is prescribed. Consumers say that after taking a hit of the Grape Ape, their stress levels instantly decrease. This is a common illness that medical marijuana truly does wonders for, and will leave people feeling as happy as a Gorilla in a banana filled pool.


For those battling severe cases of insomnia; look no further. Grape Ape is said to put people asleep in minutes after consumption. One interesting thing to note is that a lot of people who have serious health problems are also not sleeping well, so if you can treat insomnia, then sometimes other ailments will go away naturally.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is another disorder that people use this strain for. People who have come home from war have stated that using Grape Ape has done the best at treating their symptoms. The high levels of THC take over the individual, and leaves them feeling happy and content, rather than worried and anxious.


People who struggle with issues of pain can also find comfort in this strain; no matter if its minor pain or major pain. If you’re struggling with pain that keeps you up at night, consuming this strain will help ease the pain and put you asleep.

Even deep body pain can be gone, leaving users pain free for hours. Athletes like to use this strain to ease sports-related injuries. Pulled muscles, sprains, and even pinched nerves often leave athletes stuck at home instead of training at the gym. A bit of this helps them heal and sit still at night so they can make it to the gym in the morning.

Recreational Uses

Recreationally, Grape Ape is popular because of its flavor profile. The profile is becoming a theme here, that’s because it is that good. This strain is good for passing around while watching a movie or stargazing. Take a bit on your next camping trip and it will soon be your favorite one.

You will notice that the aroma takes over the room quite quickly and leaves a pleasant trail in its wake. This makes it perfect for pairing with dessert or wine before settling back on the sectional for a nice night in. Pair with your favorite shows you recorded throughout the week and you are in for one relaxing night.

Grape Ape is not an ideal strain to use before a party or any type of social gathering since it is most likely to make you go quiet and think, instead of making one giggly or chatty. It’s also not great to use before you have to be creative or get things done, instead use to relax and unwind.

Couples like to use this together to spend some downtime with each other, and it has been used to get the mood just right for being intimate.

Aroma, Appearance, and Flavor

Imagine walking up and down the grape fields in California: this is similar to what Grape Ape smells like. There’s an overwhelmingly smell of grapes that takes over and it’s actually quite pleasant.

The flavor is a bit similar to the aroma as it is known for tasting just like grapes or candy-flavored grape. People compare it to Granddaddy Purple as this also has a similar flavor profile. However, most consumers lean towards the Grape Ape for flavor versus the other grape strains.

Smoke is smooth and tastes sweet to the tongue. A bit of earth, pungent and pine is also tasted underneath which cuts down the sweetness for some users who don’t like a full fruit strain.


It has dense, compact buds with purple leaves that make the plant beautiful and give off a grape smell reminiscent of candy. Once the buds are ground down the candy smell subsides and users are left with a more unpleasant skunk smell.  You wouldn’t be able to identify this strain from appearance alone, however, it is a beautiful strain.

Possible Negative Side Effects

Because it has high levels of THC, first-time users should be smart. Be sure to not overindulge and you could end up with a severe case of couch-lock for more hours than one would like. You will most likely encounter dry eyes and cotton mouth. Like always, keep water and eye drops with you at all times when consuming marijuana to treat these symptoms.

Similar Indica-Dominant Strains

There are other strains that are similar to the effects that you may want to research. Here’s a list of relatable strains:

  • Motor Breath #15
  • Purple Punch
  • Sundae Driver
  • Wedding Cake
  • Blackberry Rhino


The Grape Ape strain is the perfect strain for those dealing with medical illnesses and it is also a great strain for those just looking to unwind at home.

Both recreational smokers and medical smokers will likely enjoy this strain due to its effects. The only case where people may not enjoy it, is if they don’t enjoy the smell or flavor of grapes.

If you’re a fan of sweet and flavorful tasting marijuana, the chances are that you will truly enjoy Grape Ape. Out of the Indica-dominant hybrid strains, this strain is definitely at the forefront for best tasting and smelling.


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