Grapefruit Marijuana Strain

Grapefruit Marijuana Strain

The grapefruit marijuana strain is the ultimate “wake and bake” weed strain. If you’re new to weed, you may be pretty skeptical of trying it in the morning. Will it cause you to feel “out of it” all day? Will you feel too relaxed and hungry to get off the sofa and put away the snacks? These are common concerns many newbies have.

The reality is, there are many strains of marijuana which help you feel energized both mentally and physically. Instead of relaxing you, they can help you feel your best for the day ahead—especially if you struggle with things like chronic pain or depression. You can enjoy a few tokes, and it’ll help you tackle your tedious morning duties with ease. Grapefruit weed is definitely one of those types, that is perfect for this.


The grapefruit strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid (70-30). It’s a cross between Cinderella 99 and an unknown Sativa strain which is believed to be from Thailand. Unfortunately, the creator of this magical plant isn’t known.

Its parent plant, Cindarella 99, also known as C99 and Cindy, is a popular strain from Mr. Soul at Brother’s Grimm. Cinderella 99 is another one of those “wake and bake” strains, which isn’t surprising, considering it’s one of the parent plants of the grapefruit strain.

C99 has a strong citrus aroma and flavor which is passed on to the grapefruit strain. It’s known for its ability to make you feel happy, uplifted, euphoric, and energized. This makes it great for depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. You’ll see how these effects are passed on to the grapefruit strain in a moment.

Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

When lighting it up, you’ll notice right away that the grapefruit strain has a potent citrus scent. The notes of sour grapefruit might surprise your senses with a burst of bright acidity, that makes your mouth water and pucker at the same time—like a delicious and refreshing glass of lemonade or lightly sweetened grapefruit juice. There are also subtle earthy and skunky hints if you really focus in on the aroma.

The flavor is especially delightful for those who enjoy the bitter taste of a fresh grapefruit. You can expect the flavor to be sour and acidic, like a fresh grapefruit that has just been cut open. The sides of your tongue may tingle a bit with the sour flavors. Of course, you can also expect the earthy and skunky flavors that are typical of marijuana, but these aren’t the flavors that really pop out.

As far as the appearance, you’ll notice that the grapefruit nugs are large and have fluffy calyxes and cone-shaped buds. The nugs aren’t all that dense, and they have a light green color along with some pinkish-yellow pistils with just the slightest hint of purple (on occasion).


If the effects of this weed could be summed up in one sentence, it would be this: if you’re not a morning person, it’ll make you one. Seriously though, you’ll go from sleepy, to feeling like the energizer bunny, after smoking a bowl. You can expect a nice cerebral high, which is followed up by a strong feeling of euphoria. It’s a serious mood booster. You’ll feel energized and at the same time, relaxed and in control—like a cup of coffee, but without the caffeine jitters.

Since the grapefruit weed strain is quite potent, you’ll want to take it easy, even if you’re not new to smoking weed. The THC content is typically around 20%, but it has been seen as high as 25%. The energizing effects wear off in a couple of hours, so keep that in mind if you’re heading into work. If you smoke too much, you may even feel relaxed or sedated, after the initial energy fades.


In large amounts, the grapefruit marijuana strain is sedating, which can really help with stress and anxiety. Surprisingly, larger amounts can also help with sleep. In smaller amounts, it’s great for lifting your mood and gives those with hypersomnia an energy boost to help them through the day.

Grapefruit weed is also effective as an analgesic (painkiller). It can help with chronic fatigue, migraines, and chronic pain such as back pain. Many women love this one when it comes to PMS symptoms. It can help soothe menstrual pain, without leaving you couch-locked.

Negative Effects

As with any weed, the grapefruit marijuana strain can have a few undesired side effects. First, you may notice some serious dry mouth with this one. The sourness and acidity seem to really dry you out, so keep a glass of water nearby. You’ll also want to pick up some eye drops since your eyes may get very dry.

Since the grapefruit marijuana strain is potent, you may experience some dizziness (particularly if you have too much). Especially high amounts can also be really sedating, which is not great if you have things you need to get done.


The grapefruit weed strain is versatile to grow. You can grow it indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse relatively easily. If you plan on growing outdoors, keep in mind that this strain is best in climates that are warm and humid. You can expect a yield of about 25 ounces per plant outdoors.

Keep in mind that growing indoors may not produce a particularly significant yield since the Grapefruit marijuana strain is not likely to grow more than three feet tall. That’s why it can be on the pricier side at many US dispensaries. Indoors, the flowering time is around 65 days, and you can expect a yield of about 14 ounces per square meter.

Final Thoughts

Though not quite as popular as it was 10-15 years ago, the grapefruit marijuana strain remains up there with the top sellers. There’s a good reason why: many people want a strain that makes them feel uplifted and full of energy, and the grapefruit strain can do just that. It can help make your monotonous tasks a little easier and more fun. Like we mentioned earlier, it can help you become a morning person if you struggle to get up and going early in the day.


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