Green Crack Marijuana Strain

Green Crack Marijuana Strain

Green Crack Marijuana was named by none other than the smoke master himself, Snoop Dog. After trying this strain for the first time he was blown away, literally, by the strong energizing feel. He compared the feeling to the feeling of crack, and thus the name was born. Everyday folk prefer to call this Cush, spelled with a C or Green Cush.

The history of how Green Crack marijuana came to be is a bit of the chicken or the egg situation. Originally bred in 1970 in Athens, Ga it was made from the Sativa heavy strain Skunk #1. Some believe it was mixed and created with Afghani Landrace Indica, making it a hybrid. Green Crack marijuana is one of the few strains that came to be without clear documentation on how it was created. To this day, no one is sure of the original Indica strain used to make Green Crack.

Rumors have circulated that Green Crack marijuana was mixed with cocaine back in the day, and that is where its energizing properties came to be. Whatever the case may be, today the cannabis is never mixed with cocaine. You can rest assured; this strain is pure cannabis and is never laced with any other type of drug.

Aroma and Taste

Aroma to Green Cush can be compared to the tropics and the smell will leave you feeling like you’re on vacation. Upon the first whiff, you will smell mango, citrus, and a variety of other fruity flavors. On the backend, you will smell a tangy and earthy tone. While its parent strain is Skunk #1, the aroma to Cush has zero traces of skunk to it. This makes it a fan favorite to those who don’t typically like the smell of cannabis.

When you exhale you will notice a taste of tangy mango is left on your tongue. An overall fruity taste is left in your mouth and seasoned smokers find this refreshing. This strain is suggested for those of you who are looking for a light aftertaste rather than a skunky taste.

Medical and Recreational Uses

Green Crack marijuana is a daytime strain and is not suggested for night time use. This strain makes for a preferred wake and bake strain. While it is a hybrid, there aren’t any significant Indica properties to be found with the overall high experience. The THC found in this strain ranges from 16%-23%, making it slightly above average when compared to other strains.

Because it is a Sativa dominant hybrid, it has psychedelic effects that leave you with a stronger head high. Users will have a sharp, energy focused, invigorating, mental buzz. Some users prefer this strain when they want to have a trippy experience. The high itself comes on fast and is short in duration.

Medically used to help:

  • Fatigue
  • Counteract medicine that makes you sleepy
  • Depression

Green Crack marijuana has strong psychedelic effects, and people often have visual distortions, trips and an odd sense of time dilation. This means the high that this strain gives you is going to worsen symptoms for those who have anxiety, stress or PTSD. It can cause these people to become paranoid or panicked. People who suffer from insomnia should not even think about trying this strain because it will be counterproductive.

Green Cush isn’t typically used as a medical strain, it is more for recreational users. Those with mental conditions are strongly urged to stay away from this strain.

Recreationally Used:

  • To help exhaustion
  • In place of energy drinks
  • Before gambling or amusement parks
  • Creative boost for arts and crafts

No doubt, people use this strain when they want a trippy head high or just need a burst of energy.


Start off with a lower dose when first trying this strain. Once you know how you react you can choose to take a higher dose. Green cush is a strong head high and you don’t want to overdo it. Consuming too much can put you into a bad headspace, leaving you with the feeling of being all over the place.

This strain is not recommended for first-time users and should instead be taken by seasoned veterans. Start out with consuming it via an edible so you can get a feeling for the high through a slow and controlled method. Edibles typically come in a pre-dosed serving of 5 mg or  10 mg.

If you have a 10 mg edible: start off by eating 1/4 of it and once you have a feel for the high you can eat an additional 1/4mg or even 1/2mg. For new users, it is also more difficult to control the dosage via smoking, as opposed to controlling the dosage through a pre-made edible. Allow 30 minutes to an hour for the full high to kick in.

Smoking or vaping is going to hit you all at once and it won’t leave you time to process how the high effects you.


Cush is great for new growers and is a relatively easy plant and grow. Like most plants, you can pick to grow this strain indoors or outdoors. Plants can get up to 4 feet tall, so keep that in mind when picking out the spot you want to grow your plants indoors. First-time growers are suggested to grow this indoors so they control the climate and overall conditions. A standard growing time for this strain is 7 to 9 weeks.

The plant will thrive best in a lower humidity climate in a spot where excessive sunlight can hit the plant. Moisture control is an absolute must with this plant because it is prone to powdery mildew. While the plant is growing, it’s key to cut the top leaves so that the bottom ones can obtain sunlight. If this isn’t done, the top leaves will act as an umbrella and the plant will slowly die from the bottom up.

Its leaves are pale green to yellow in color and some phenotypes can have purple streaks in them. Little orange hairs are found on the leaves when it is ready to be harvested. Buds produced with this plant are tight and grow in small clusters. Milky white trichomes leave it with a silky-smooth texture.

When curing this plant growers want to first dry the buds by hanging them upside down for a week in a room that is a consistent 70 degrees. Once this is done, growers should seal the buds in a wide-mouthed jar to preserve the Green Crack strain and all of it’s desired properties.

Keep in mind you will get a yield of 20 ounces per plant outdoors and indoor plants will give you about 18 ounces per square meter.


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