Hawaiian Marijuana Strain

Hawaiian Marijuana Strain

Looking for a taste of Hawaii? Say Aloha to your next favorite strain, and look no further than the Hawaiian marijuana strain. This strain comes from the island of Hawaii, duh, and it’s known for its sweet flavor profile. Hawaiian is now grown around the mainland states of the US, Canada, and Holland.

The Hawaiian marijuana strain is a 60-40 Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that packs THC levels between 16-24%. You will also find levels of about 1% for CBD. An interesting fact about this strain is that it is one of the building blocks of several popular Sativa strains including Hawaiian Haze and Hawaiian Dream.

The origins of Hawaiian are said to be unclear, but we know that breeders are using its genetics to breed more strains. Weed enthusiasts who enjoy using marijuana during the day to stay focused will most likely enjoy the Hawaiian strain.

Aroma, Appearance, and Flavor

The aroma is without a doubt reminiscent of a tropical treat. Many consumers relate the smell to sitting on a beach and smelling coconuts filled with sweet Pina Coladas. If you enjoy the smell of pineapples and citrus then you will love the smell of Hawaiian.

The flavor is super refreshing and it pairs well with a warm summer day. You would expect it to have an overpowering pineapple flavor, yet it doesn’t. Most consumers say that it tastes like pure cane sugar. This is one of the sweetest strains and it doesn’t have a super potent skunky weed flavor. If you don’t enjoy the classic weed taste, you may like this strain.

The smoke is very smooth on the inhale and exhale which means it is pleasant. No coughing fits will ensue when this strain is consumed via smoke or vape sessions.

You can expect to see large, dense buds covered in small orange hairs. This strain isn’t as visibly appealing as you would expect it to be. The green leaves are kind of a dull green and it just doesn’t catch your eye the way that others do.


This is a go-getter type of strain. If you are one to use marijuana and then dive into work, this is a great strain to check out. The Sativa effects are heavy and they enlighten any mood. The main effect people get from it is feelings of creativeness and happiness.

Hawaiian is the type of strain that you would want to wake and bake with as it will get you ready for the day. It can be great to use any time the bright sun is shining over the ocean skies and isn’t recommended to use once the sun goes down, if you’re trying to get some shut-eye.

If you’re a musician who likes to indulge in marijuana before jamming out, this could be your strain. The heightened sense of creativity is the sole reason that people tend to use marijuana before music sessions; a peak in the creative center of the brain creates number one hits for songwriters and singers.

Euphoria is another effect that is present with this strain. Many users say that they feel incredibly happy and content after using Hawaiian. Users can plan on feeling slightly more energetic after consuming Hawaiian. The Sativa effects really shine through in this department.

Medical Benefits


A lot of user reviews have people stating that this is one of the more uplifting strains that they have tried. Because of this, it is recommended for depression. If you’re someone who has struggled with depression and are looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals, this could be a great strain. Sativa hybrids are known for the positive effects they can have on people with depression.

Mood Enhancers

They are known as the mood enhancers for a reason. After one hit of Sativa’s consumers are blasted with clear skies and good vibes. This Hawaiian marijuana strain will take someone feeling down to feeling like they just put their toes in the water and butt in the nice warm sand. A similar rush of happy feelings that one might feel on a nice Hawaiian vacation. It will leave users feeling relaxed and content with the world around them.


There’s just enough Indica in this strain to bring your anxiety levels down and have you feeling less stressed. Because users tend to stay focused and get things done with Hawaiian, this typically reduces their anxiety if they have a long to-do list. It works beneficially and can help spiral a person’s life toward other positives.

Recreational Uses

Hawaiian is a perfect strain for those who are active. In particular, here are a few activities that it’s great for:


Hawaiian is very popular in the hiking community as it gives people energy and heightens their sense of euphoria. Those who are into going on long hikes in the woods or forest will enjoy this strain.


This is another activity that this strain could be great for. There are a lot of people who use sativa hybrids before cycling to put them in the right mood and give them energy. When you’re feeling happy and focused, it’s easier to knock out some serious miles and get you through that cycle class you’ve been eyeing up.


Kayaking is a no brainer. Not only will you enjoy the outdoors, but you will be getting a workout in as well. If you’re one for the water, you can’t go wrong with Hawaiian.


As mentioned above, musicians tend to dabble with this strain for its Sativa effects. Because it enhances creativity, musicians can use this for songwriting. A lot of musicians believe that they write better and stay more focused when using marijuana in general. It’s not really a secret either, as musicians have been talking about marijuana and music since the 50s. They are two things that pair well together and have produced some of the all time most popular songs.


Artists who indulge in marijuana prior to being creative will surely like this strain. Artists, like musicians, use other parts of their brain that most people don’t ever tap into. They are special humans who produce visual masterpieces that other people can identify with on a spiritual level. When artists use a bit of weed to open up their senses, it lets them produce things they might not otherwise not have been able to.


No doubt a day at the beach goes hand in hand with a bit of this Hawaiian marijuana strain. Surfs up when the smoke goes up and surfers can rip waves for hours on end.

Possible Negative Effects

Those who indulge in marijuana will know the usual side effects here. Users can experience cotton mouth and dry eyes when smoking or consuming Hawaiian in general. It is recommended to carry eye drops and a few bottles of water just in case. If you’re a novice smoker, this strain is not the best to first try out. The high levels of THC could leave you feeling extremely dizzy and lightheaded if you accidentally overindulge.


When it comes to growing Hawaiian, there is not much information available. Growers have kept this quite the secret and with an unknown parent strain, it is hard to create your own. What is known is that this strain doesn’t provide a very big yield, which isn’t best for those looking to grow for a big cash return. You can grow this strain both indoors and outdoors. It is not wise for a novice grower to try, especially since the yield is relatively small, and it takes on average 2 months to grow.


When growing indoors, you can expect the flowering time to be around 10 weeks. You can expect a yield of 8 oz per square meter.


When grown outdoors this strain can grow up to 8 feet and it is usually harvested at the end of October.


Those who grow recreationally at home are going to have to find fertilized seeds, which may prove to be a challenge.

Similar Strains

If you enjoy Sativa-dominant strains, here’s a list of similar Sativa hybrids:


If you’re a Sativa hybrid lover, the Hawaiian strain should be on your list of marijuana to try. This overall sweet tasting, pineapple smelling strain is a treat for all marijuana lovers. Great for a burst of playful energy, and can help even the laziest get up and get some stuff done. Overall this strain is a very social one and can be used before any group event or party. Instead of bringing an appetizer to share at your next get together, bring a bit of this to really get people in the socializing mood. The fresh tropical scent will put people into a vacation state of mind, and your very own luau will emerge before your eyes.


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