Hawaiian Snow Marijuana Strain

Hawaiian Snow Marijuana Strain

Looking for a vacation? Say Aloha to your new favorite type of snow known as Hawaiian Snow, which may be just what you never knew you needed. This beautiful pure Sativa is known for its intense THC levels that can reach up to 24%. This strain is classified as a haze because it comes with cerebral effects which play with your senses.

Hawaiian Snow is the perfect wake and bake strain and it is extremely well known in the marijuana community as it has won a few different Sativa awards over the years. Not only has it won awards but it has won numerous first place awards.

It is important to note that Hawaiian Snow comes from a family of pure hazes: Pure Haze, Hawaiian Haze, and Neville’s Haze. Haze strains, in general, are some of the most potent THC plants that you can find.

Because it is a pure Sativa, users will find this strain to be energizing and uplifting. Because of these effects, it can be used to treat different medical ailments, and can be potentially helpful for numerous mental conditions.


It’s no secret as to why Hawaiian Snow is such a popular strain. It comes from 3 parent strains, which, are all popular in their own right. Let’s take a look at the parent strains below to get a better understanding of where Hawaiian Snow comes from.

Pure Haze

If you’re familiar with the Grateful Dead and the late 60s/ early 70s will have most likely heard of this strain. Pure Haze has been used for decades for its uplifting cerebral stimulation. It was in fact named after Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 classic.

This is a pure Sativa, however, consumers have been saying for years that they also feel some Indica effects as well, such as muscle relaxation. The forefront feelings are without a doubt high energy, creativity, and blissfulness.

Complex smells of sweet, earth, berry and spice round out the aroma to this pleasant strain.

Hawaiian Haze

This strain is mostly Sativa and it comes with some serious Sativa effects that leave people feeling chatty and social. As far the flavor goes, you can expect some heavy tropical notes here followed by a floral and pineapple smell.

One thing to note with this strain is that it typically takes between 12-14 weeks to harvest which is on the longer side for growing. Experienced growers typically are the ones to grow this strain.

Neville’s Haze

Neville’s Haze gets its name after Neville Schoemakers; founder of the Seed Bank Of Holland. This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has very light Indica effects which were added in by Green House Seeds.

Neville’s Haze won the High Times Cannabis Cup trophy in 1998 because of its high THC counts and smooth smoke. The aroma is an odd mix of floral and pine, making it a very intriguing choice for consumers to find.

Growing Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow is the type of strain where you will need some prior growing experience. A lot of growers have mentioned that this strain is not for those who are impatient. For best results, you will need both patience and experience, due to its long harvesting time. Plants will flower up to 11 weeks.

Hawaiian Snow can be grown both indoors and outdoors, however, it is a little bit more difficult to grow outdoors. If you’re going to be growing outdoors, be sure that you’re doing so in a warmer climate with plenty of sun as well as using nutrient-rich soil additives. Outside, the plants will be ready around June in the Northern Hemisphere, and later around October in the Southern Hemisphere.

Flowering Time Indoors

The beauty with Hawaiian Snow is that it packs some huge yields which can reach 21 ounces per square meter. With this comes an extremely long flowering time between 12-14 weeks indoors.

Flowering Time Outdoors

If you cultivate outdoors, you can anticipate yields of 35 ounces per square feet. You will expect to harvest this strain in late October to early November. The plant typically grows to about 6 feet in height.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

You can expect a sweet, tropical flavor mixed with notes of pine on the end of the smoke. It tastes how the name implies; think of Santa Claus sitting beneath a Christmas tree in the Hawaiian sand with his big toes in the sand. Instead of drinking milk and cookies he is lighting up a sweet roll of the Hawaiian Snow marijuana strain.

Many consumers say that this tastes rather sweet, so if you’re a fan of sweet marijuana, this could be your strain. No trace of skunk or spice is tasted making this a refreshing taste all around that will instantly remind you of being on vacation.

As far as the aroma, it’s pretty much on point with the flavor. You will notice a heavy tropical smell that is similar to pineapple with a hint of lime. This is typically a rather mellow smelling strain and won’t taste like you’re eating candy.

The appearance of Hawaiian Snow looks pretty classic compared to most other strains. You will notice dense nuggets with a nice and frosty appearance.


One of the main reasons that Hawaiian Snow won the High Times Cannabis Cup is because of its uplifting cerebral effects. Upon smoking, consumers can expect to feel energized with a sense of euphoria. The high with this is one typically associated in movies or on that 70’s show where everyone is giggling uncontrollably for hours on end.

Because it is known for its cerebral effects, a lot of musicians and artists have spoken highly of this strain. Before going into writing sessions, it can help elevate musicians to the next level and enhance their moods. It puts them in a creative mind frame that is beneficial when they have to co-write with other artists.

Depending on the dose, people will either have a clear head high or a clouded one, so keep that in mind before you judge this strain. If you are looking for one type of head high over the other, your dose will need to be planned out accordingly.

Users don’t have to worry about couch lock, fatigue or sedative properties every kicking in which means this is great to use any time of day.

Medical Use

People who suffer from depression can highly benefit from this strain. From just a simple Google search, you can find countless reports on people who are using this for depression, and are having success. Hawaiian Snow has some intense levels of THC, with a little bit of CBD as well, which means the head high won’t go far into La La Land.

Generally great for all mental conditions such as migraines, glaucoma, headaches, and insomnia.

Those who have struggled with fatigue can find relief with Hawaiian Snow. It is known as a classic wake and bake strain because it instantly uplifts consumers and supplies them with energy. This energy can be compared to that of a cup of coffee or the high you get after working out.

OCD is another reason that people can use this strain. It is said to make people a little bit less on edge when it comes to their OCD and can help break some of their counting habits.

Because this strain gives people a ton of energy, it can also reduce their stress levels. This is because it helps its consumers be more productive throughout the day. The THC and CBD can take the edge off for people who are stuck in their thoughts.

As far as body pains go, it is great for minor or moderate pain. This isn’t going to be a strain that will treat deep heavy pain that can be found within the muscles, joints or bones. Athletes tend to use this after their workouts as a form of recovery from their heavy lifting days.

Recreational Use

People who like marijuana will typically use this before social events or outdoor activities. If you’re one for nature, this could be a perfect strain for you. You will notice that people who enjoy hiking, surfing, kayaking, fishing, and camping, may enjoy Hawaiian Snow.

If you are going on vacation there is no better strain than Hawaiian Snow. Pair this with mimosas in the morning and your vacation activities are sure to be out of this world!

This is the type of strain that is used heavily recreationally because it is the mood changer that makes people feel good without taking them to space. If you’re looking for a night out and are not having a good day, Hawaiian Snow marijuana could be just what you’re looking for.

The Hawaiian Snow strain can pair well with creative hobbies such as:

  • Sewing
  • Scrapbooking
  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Pottery
  • Basket weaving

Similar Sativas

For those of you who are fans of Sativas, here are some similar strains that you may enjoy:

  • Chocolope
  • Utopia Haze
  • Chocolate Haze
  • Kali Mist
  • Super Silver
  • Dutch Haze
  • Buddah Haze
  • Cannalope Haze

Side Effects

Since this is a Sativa heavy strain with THC there are no side effects of fatigue or sedation.

Dry mouth and dry eyes may leave users reaching for some high-quality H20 which is going to cure both things up in no time. Have some snow cones on hand before you use some of this strain and you will be able to fight cottonmouth before it ever has a chance to set in.


It’s no surprise that this is such a popular strain, since it has such uplifting cerebral effects. If you’re a fan of pure Sativa’s, chances are you will thoroughly enjoy the Hawaiian Snow strain. If you enjoy THC heavy strains, then this is the one for you.

For those who have yet to hear about this strain, it is only a matter of time as it is quickly becoming one of the more popular strains on the market.


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