Haze Marijuana Strain

Haze Marijuana Strain

Anyone and everyone should know all about Haze marijuana, because it has given birth to around 600 marijuana strains, and it just keeps going. Understanding Haze marijuana is like learning to walk before you run, you can’t do one before the other. Chances are if you have been in a dispensary, or have done any type of google search, then you have seen the term Haze in multiple places. A short definition of Haze would be pure Sativa marijuana.

What is Haze Marijuana?

Haze marijuana is a name given to a strain of cannabis that is potent, and has high levels of THC. It is often sought after for its uplifting, heart pumping and sometimes psychedelic effects.

Haze Origins

It was first cultivated back in the 60’s in Santa Cruz California, by two brothers, better known as “The Haze Brothers.” They had seeds that were involved in an accidental cross-breeding, and with their friend, Sam “The Skunkman” (his name is familiar due to being the legendary breeder of the Skunk #1), the strain Haze was hybridized, and the rest is history. Legendary people, producing a legendary marijuana strain together, does it get any better than that?

As far as where these seeds came from, nobody really knows, and there is no clear record of it. Since so many varieties of cannabis were coming out of the West Coast, (illegally at the time), there is no written or verbal record to be found.

Since then, it has been quite the jet-setter making its way across the globe. It has passed its genetics to many marijuana growing places, such as Columbia, Mexico, Thailand, and South India. Though some would argue that the seeds originated from of these places, and not sent to them, sort of like the chicken and the egg situation.

Haze Genetics

You can think of marijuana as a family tree. The head of the family tree would be Haze marijuana, and directly underneath the Haze cannabis strain is a large number of subcategories. These subcategories will have the name of the place they were bred, included in the name. Examples of these include:

  • Afghan Haze
  • African Haze
  • California Haze
  • Colombian Haze
  • Cambodian X Haze
  • Dutch Haze
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Jamaica Haze
  • L.A. Haze
  • Mandarin Haze
  • Mexican Haze
  • Nepal Haze
  • Panama Haze
  • Russian Haze

From here, they can be broken off into many “branches” or subfamilies of marijuana. At the end of the day, Haze is the King of the whole cannabis line, and anything with the name Haze in it, or with a parent strain of Haze, can be traced back. When people refer to the first Haze, they often call it the Original, or OG Haze.

Haze Effects

Haze effects are consistent with the feelings you would get from any Sativa strain. It leaves users feeling energized, with uplifted spirits, feeling extra creative, and with a sharp focus. In most cases, some psychedelic feelings will be felt.


Haze effects leave users in an energized state, that can replace the classic morning cup of coffee, or the afternoon Redbull. Though Haze strains are high in THC, users can get a clear head high if they take small to medium sized doses. The energy felt from Haze can help users get extra work or chores done. It can be extremely helpful when paired with projects that need to be started, or ones that need to be finished quickly.

All of this extra energy means it pairs well with social activities such as:

  • Parties
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Game Nights
  • Trivia
  • Amusement or Water Parks
  • Online Gaming
  • Comedy Nights
  • Food Tastings

Uplifted Spirits

Haze marijuana is often added to other strains to produce mood-enhancing effects. People who deal with stress, depression or anxiety on a daily basis, are drawn to Haze strains and find comfort from them. If you are typically as cool as a cucumber, but are just having one of those days, then reach for Haze to inject some happiness back into your soul.

The beautiful thing with cannabis, is that it is a healthy way to improve your mindset, without relying on addicting pharmaceutical drugs, or harmful substances like alcohol.


Haze offers users a key, to unlock the deep depths of the mind, that are typically never accessed. Haze marijuana not only opens up new ideas, but also allows the person to put physical action behind these ideas, to create them for the world to see. Imagination in the mind gets turned into reality, which is exciting for the creator as well as the fans.

Creativity isn’t just for artists, musicians, or comedians. A boost in creativity can be excellent for business jobs, in order to bring new, innovative ideas ideas to the table, in order to move companies forward.

Psychedelic Feelings

Since THC is found abundantly in Haze strains, users will also notice trippy feelings. These can occur in a few different ways. Sensory distortion, and hallucinations, will be among the most noticeable effects to users.

Sensory distortion involves an alteration of your physical being, by either heightening, numbing, or otherwise changing bodily sensations. A few simple changes you will notice include:

  • Brighter Lights
  • Louder Noises
  • Vivid Colors

Time dilation will be a very unique experience for first-time users. This can be in the form of sped-up, or slowed-down time frames. You will notice looking at a clock, and thinking it’s broken, because two hours went by in the time that felt like ten minutes, or vice versa.

All of these feelings can be very enjoyable, but they can also cause paranoia in some users. If you are one who is sensitive to THC, then the Haze marijuana strain probably isn’t for you.


Haze strains bring relief to those dealing with many illnesses, and disorders. More than half of America has legalized weed in some form, which means patients looking for treatment can find a Haze strain to help them.


Haze is a standout strain for treating mental ailments such as:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Overthinking
  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • PTSD
  • Schizophrenia

Those with body pain can be treated for:

  • Muscle Spasms
  • Chronic Pain
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Inflammation
  • Sprains

Types of Haze

You can use this type of cannabis in various ways, depending on what you are trying to achieve. Consumption can be accomplished by smoking, vaping, edibles, topicals, oils, shatters, and dabs.

Smoke and Vape

Those who want to be hit with effects from Haze immediately, should smoke or vape. Using this method also allows users to taste the full terpene profile. Tasting the different flavors in marijuana can be just as satisfying as tasting them in food or wine. The taste doesn’t always match the smell, and it can be a fun activity to explore.

Those who want to get the full effects of THC, will want to use the smoking or vaping method.


Using Haze in the form of edibles is excellent for beginner marijuana users, or those who seek accurate dosing. Edibles are typically sold in 5mg or 10mg potencies, and allow you to know precisely how much CBD you are putting into your body.

Edibles are great for those who want effects to come on slowly and for the high to wear off smoothly. It should be noted that edibles take a minimum of 30-60 minutes to kick in. Consuming more should only be done after this time period has elapsed, or you can get super stoned.

People who are therapeutically using Haze might want to look into edibles as well. It is going to be a more pleasant experience than smoke or vape, which can irritate your lungs, mouth, throat, and nose. Typically, those who are trying to treat an ailment or disease, aren’t going to want to be sitting in a room full of smoke.

Edibles give the user a significantly longer high time that can last for hours, which may be perfect for those who want the best bang for their buck.

Edibles allow the high to build up slowly, and can be perfect for those who want a more mellow, soothing, or comfortable high experience. It’s sort of like dipping your toes in the water before you choose to jump into the deep end of the pool.


Haze topicals include lotions, balms, and oils, which are applied, and then absorbed into the layers of the skin. Those who are looking for relief from body pain, soreness, and inflammation might prefer this method.

Since it is absorbed through your skin, the overall effects are non-intoxicating. This means patients can get the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, without the sensory morphing associated with other delivery methods. This is even true with high doses of THC.


Oils are another popular marijuana consumption method. You can either put the oil under your tongue, or you can take a few drops and add it to your favorite food, or drink.

Many people use it after their workouts, by adding it to their protein shakes and drinks, to help with the recovery process. Cancer patients use it in their liquid diet, or mixed with their liquid medication. This allows their body to accept it, and allows them to get better.


The aroma of the different Haze strains is going to be dependent on which parent strains are used.

As far as the aroma of Haze, users can expect earthy, herbal, spicy, and citrus scents from the original strain.

Haze smoke is smooth and is pleasant from the first light, to the last puff.


There was a point in time when the entire Haze marijuana strain almost went extinct, due to the fact that it was a hard crop to manage, and took quite a long time to grow.

Haze possesses one of the most extended flowering cycles of all marijuana plants. Growers may have to wait as long as 14 weeks before they an even thinking about harvesting this strain. Typically, growers need to allow 14-16 weeks for a healthy growing time.

More experienced and skilled growers should grow haze marijuana. The plants can be picky, unforgiving if they get sick, and require a ton of attention in terms of planting techniques and maintenance. Mold and mildew love this crop, and can ruin it within a week, if it is not monitored, and handled within the proper amount of time.

If you are a skilled grower with a ton of patience, then it can be a great strain because it is accessible and widely sought after. Haze will be bought, without a doubt, and no buds will go to waste.

People who want to grow this strain outside, should only do so if they live in locations where a warm growing season is accessible. If you don’t live in a place that mimics the climate of Santa Cruz California, then don’t even think about growing this strain outside.

Popular Haze Strains

There are many different Haze marijuana strains. Below are some of the most popular strains:

With Haze being such a dominant strain, there is no doubt more strains are going to be made in the future.


Taking a quick glance at a few reviews can give you a first-hand look into what users have stated after using the Haze marijuana strain.

Here are a few reviewer posts:

  • I ve been smoking this strain regularly for about three years now. Sometimes nothing can compare to that classic old school haze. The cerebral high is a hard-hitter, makes me extremely focused, talkative, and happy; it erases every iota of stress within me and gives me monster munchies.
  • Great for pain and definitely gives you a happy, uplifting feeling, and also easy to be with it if you got anything to do.
  • This is a pretty powerful smoke. The citrusy aroma can’t be beaten, and this bud is the stickiest bud I’ve ever encountered. I like Sativas, but I usually like there to be some relaxing factor. I wouldn’t say there is much of a relaxant effect. I don’t feel that drop in anxiety-like you do with most weed. However, it still puts you in a great place. I feel very energetic.
  • Wowie wow wow wow wow! Giant, dark green, wispy colas reek of lime leaf, bay leaf, and white pepper. High-energy saliva effect is intense and lasts four-plus hours. Thank you, Haze growers!

Final Thoughts

Haze marijuana is one of the oldest strains around, and while it is an oldie, it is still a goodie. Haze gives users the classic cannabis effects with a trippy high, and out of this world hallucinations that people spoke of back in the old days, when marijuana was pure and simple.

Haze offers users a classic taste, with a refreshing citrus twist, that can be great for recreational or therapeutic users.

People who are into marijuana with higher levels of THC, and psychedelic effects, should find some OG Haze, or a Haze offspring. If you don’t like a significant body high, that leaves you glued to your couch, and prefer a head high, then Haze will not disappoint!


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