Ice Bomb Marijuana Strain Review

Ice Bomb Marijuana Strain Review

The Ice Bomb Marijuana strain is cultivated by Bomb Seeds and it is known for being a heavy-hitting Indica-dominant hybrid strain. It is known for giving you a “stoned” feeling in a big way with THC levels coming in around 21-22%.

If you are a chocolate lover, you will most likely become a fan of this strain, but we will get into that later in this post.

Ice Bomb Strain Origins

This powerhouse bud is a cross between Vanilla Kush, White Rhino, and Bomb #1. It is bred by Bomb Seeds, which is a company out of Holland that is known for making some rather popular marijuana strains.

You’re going to be looking at about 70% Indica and 30% Sativa when broken down. Levels like this are likely to put you into a full body trance for hours on end.

Growing Ice Bomb Marijuana

This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Once harvested it is said to have a yield of between 17 oz and 21 oz. Being one of the easier strains to grow makes this ideal for both new and veteran growers.

Ice Bomb has a flowering period on the shorter side being between 7-9 weeks and if you’re going to harvest it outdoors, you do that in September.

When grown indoors or outdoors, Ice Bomb ends up being medium in height.

Ice Bomb Aroma, Appearance, and Flavor Profile

The Ice Bomb marijuana strain has a very strong floral aroma with the smell transporting you to a field of flowers. This strain, in particular, is one of the better smelling strains, especially for flower lovers. A stand out feature with the strain is the flavor doesn’t match the aroma. It can throw first time users off a bit, but in a surprisingly good way.

Typically, strains will be similar in flavor to their aroma. However, with the Ice Bomb strain, the consumer gets a heavy taste of chocolate and creamy vanilla. On the flavor side, this is a strain that has definitely earned a good reputation. Chocolate lovers tend to like this strain, specifically because of the taste, and it can fill their craving for sweets.

There aren’t a lot of strains that are known for having chocolate as their main flavor, so it is unusual. Those who have a sweet tooth can find comfort in indulging in something sweet without worrying about weight gain.

Ice Bomb buds are very frosty and they are also extremely sticky. This strain is covered in frosty crystals with the leaves being dark green in color. Ice Bomb is one of the easier strains to identify because of this.

Medical Benefits

There are some quality medical benefits provided by this strain of marijuana. Because it is an Indica-dominant strain, it is recommended to those with severe anxiety, depression, and stress.

Ice Bomb is being used for anxiety as an alternative to taking prescription pills. One of the main reasons that this is happening, is because it said to have fewer side effects, as well as less addicting properties. If you struggle with daily anxiety, this could be a good option to sooth your mind.

Chronic pain is another ailment that this strain is used to treat. The main reason is simple: it puts consumers into a mind and body trance which allows them to not think about the pain. Being Indica dominant soothes the user’s body into a tingly trance making chronic pain float away.

Insomnia and stress are two other reasons that people use this strain. Indica dominant strains are commonly used for these ailments as they relax you and help keep you asleep.

Recreational Uses

Recreationally, this strain is used for more relaxing activities. Camping is an ideal activity to use Ice Bomb as it pairs well with stargazing at night, and can be used in place of smores’ around the firepit. Because it’s an Indica-dominant strain with high THC levels, it puts consumers in the right mood for activities like this.

Watching movies is another activity that consumers will use this for. A case of the giggles is sure to ensue making comedy movies a good choice.

Novice smokers should start with a small dose since the levels of THC are high. It is extremely easy to over-indulge when THC levels are high, so start slow and let the good times roll.

Negative Side Effects

With this strain, there aren’t any crazy side effects that you will be worrying about. The most common effects are dry eyes and dry mouth. To avoid these it is wise to have eye drops and to also consume a lot of water, during the time that you are consuming the marijuana.

Top Places to Find the Ice Bomb Strain

This strain is not the most popular strain, as it is one of the newer strains available to the market. You can find it in Georgia and in Southern California, but it is wise to call ahead before traveling to a dispensary. A lot of dispensaries won’t have it yet, and you don’t want to waste a trip if it’s not available.


The Ice Bomb marijuana strain descends from a powerhouse lineup of Vanilla Kush, White Rhino and Bomb #1.

Vanilla Kush Background

Looking at one of its parent strains, the Vanilla Kush strain is an extremely strong strain with THC levels of over 20% on average. This strain has a great flavor profile that is known for tasting sweet with vanilla dominating your taste buds.

White Rhino Background

White Rhino is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that packs 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. This strain yields about 22% THC, so it definitely packs a powerful punch.

Bomb #1 Background

The Bomb #1 strain is another Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has THC levels of around 15-20%.


Because this strain features a chocolate flavor, it is definitely worth a try. There are a lot of strains that have similar tastes to each other and this strain isn’t one of them. Many marijuana connoisseurs are trying the Ice Bomb strain specifically because of this reason, to indulge in what many refer to as the dessert strain.

Because it has a good flavor and aroma, this means that it will also be heavily used in the medical marijuana world. Typically doctors like to prescribe patients with something that has a good flavor and aroma, so the patients will follow through and use the marijuana, instead of pills that may cause other adverse side effects.

More and more strains are starting to have crazy flavor profiles, and because of this consumers are expecting their favorite flavors to be mixed with marijuana for medical purposes. Ice Bomb marijuana strain is one of the reasons growers are cross breeding to make a strain for everyone’s palette.

If you’re a marijuana connoisseur, then the Ice Bomb strain should be definitely on your radar for strains to try.


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