Ice Cream Cake Marijuana Strain

Ice Cream Cake Marijuana Strain

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream Cake marijuana! This rare Indica dominant strain gives users a creamy vanilla aroma, and is a 75/25 mix that is generally used during the nighttime hours. It is great for those who have stomach issues; a bit of this and cancer patients will get to enjoy their birthday cake, and keep it down too! Ice Cream Cake leaves users with a significant body high, and an elevation in their overall mood.

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Parent Strains

Ice Cream Cake marijuana was made by mixing Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, which are both hybrid strains. Being bred from two hybrids, gives this strain a big family tree, with a large number of positive traits passed down to it.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, also goes by the name Pink Cookies, and has an impressive THC content of 25%, or greater. Sweet, vanilla, tangy, and earthy, round out this flavor profile. It is used by many for treating stress, depression, and pain. Overall, it provides a powerful high that creeps up as time goes on.

Gelato #33

Originally bred by the famous Cookie Fam of the Bay Area, it has been released in multiple phenotypes. Each phenotype has its own unique attributes, with a slight differences in bud size, flavor, taste, and aroma. Citrus, earthy, sweet, and an overall pungent aroma finishes the flavor profile for this strain. Great to use after a long day of work to relax, unwind, and de-stress.


Since this is an Indica dominant strain, users can expect a mild mind buzz, which is  followed by a substantial body high, that will leave users melting into the couch. Ideal to use at night, and not recommended for morning use, especially if you have a long list of things to get done.

The THC content ranges from 20-25%, which will leave users feeling heightened senses, but it won’t give users significant psychedelic effects, due to the Indica properties.

Heightened Senses

  • Sounds sounding louder
  • Colors looking brighter
  • Touch feeling more sensitive
  • Food tastes better and more intense


Ice Cream Cake will give everyone a sense of relaxation and comfort. Things that generally provide you with anxiety, feelings of anger, or even fear, will be present no more. Instead, feelings of being content, euphoria, and hope will put you in an overall happier mind space.

Relaxing activities enjoyable to pair with this strain include:

  • Binge-watching shows
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Spa Days
  • Reading
  • Naps


People who have been feeling down in the dumps, like a child who wasn’t invited to their best friend’s birthday party, can find happiness with the Ice Cream Cake marijuana strain. Their thoughts will turn to pure joy, and users will even be left with a case of the giggles.

If you are someone who overthinks, and has a hard time letting things go, then a bit of this strain can do wonders for your mind. Problems with family and friends won’t seem like a big deal anymore, and not getting a slice of birthday cake at the party won’t even matter to you.

Euphoric activities that are great to pair with this strain include:

  • Date nights
  • Internet Surfing
  • Games
  • Comedy Shows

Sleepy Feelings

Since this is a such an Indica dominant strain, it should come as no surprise to those who have tried marijuana before, that this will leave you feeling tired and sleepy. Since it has a significant amount of THC, this strain won’t necessarily knock you out instantly, but at the end of the high users should expect to be laying down, with their eyes shut.

Those who are sensitive to THC might not be put into dreamland, but they will be more tired than they are used to. Try this strain at home when you don’t have to rush somewhere, in case you get too tired to drive.

Pair with passive activities such as:

  • Bedtime
  • Massages
  • Watching The News
  • Doing Laundry
  • Washing Dishes
  • Vacuuming

Since it puts you in a comfortable space physically and mentally, doing mundane things like chores can almost feel therapeutic, in a way.

Medical Uses

People who are looking for a heavy-hitting marijuana strain that is specifically helpful in treating substantial body pain are going to love the Ice Cream Cake strain. It can be beneficial for those who are looking for a therapeutic aid in mental illnesses as well.

Flu and Common Cold

While most people reach for Dayquil, Advil or Tylenol when they have a cold, or the flu, others grab for a bit of the green. Marijuana can be great for treating symptoms that come with the yearly flu or colds, such as:

  • Body aches
  • Hot flashes or cold sweats
  • Joint pain
  • Bone pain
  • Coughing

Since your lungs are already compromised with coughing, you will want to use the Ice Cream Cake Strain in the form of edibles, oils, or topicals to help with your symptoms. Smoke and vape will only make your symptoms worse, and irritate your lungs, that are already agitated.

Since people typically have a hard time sleeping with the flu or a cold, it can be great to consume this strain in an edible form, which will give the users a longer high time and a smoother overall experience.

Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Those who deal with insomnia, or other sleep disorders, will find a one-way ticket to their dreams with a bit of the Ice Cream Cake strain. The Indica properties will not only help users fall asleep, but will also help them to stay asleep for hours.

Using a marijuana strain, such as this one to put you to sleep, is great for those who don’t want any lingering side effects in the morning. It is also non-habit forming, so you won’t start relying on cannabis in order to sleep at night.

Anxiety, Depression, and Stress

People struggling with anxiety, depression, or stress, can find much-needed relief with this Indica dominant strain. Since this strain makes you happy, it can put your mindset in a positive light, making you look forward to the future. This is great for your overall health, and will lead to more festive birthdays in the future. Birthdays are good for your health, studies show those who have more birthdays live longer.

Menstrual Cramps

A major issue many females face, is crippling menstrual cramps. These cramps can be dull and annoying, or extreme and severe. The Ice Cream Cake marijuana strain can bring relief to cramps, allowing females to function throughout their day. In the past, they may have had to cancel plans, or even use a sick day for work, but with this strain that is no longer the case. The aroma just makes it that much more appealing, since women typically crave sweet treats during their periods.


Can you think of one person who doesn’t love the smell and taste of Ice Cream Cake? The overall aroma of this strain is sweet, vanilla, pungent, and creamy.

On the inhale users will notice a creamy and nutty taste, and on the exhale, a bit of cheese, and a sweet flavor will be tasted. It is more of a sweet cream cheese taste, vs. a cheese you might think of with pizza.

When the buds are broken, the smell is quite pungent, but with a pleasant sweet scent, and not the classic pungent skunk scent many tend to think of. This means that even in small spaces, this strain has a pleasing aroma, and can be used discreetly. Your neighbors will think you are hard at work baking sweet birthday treats, when in fact you are smoking that ganja green.


Originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics, Dutch Growing Farms found the phenotype. Dutch Growing Farms is a grower in the UK with a notorious history of finding good cuts and crops grown by Chemdank. When this strain was first bred, many of the plant’s hermie’d which made it tricky to produced efficiently and adequately.

Growers can grow this strain indoors, outdoors, or in a controlled greenhouse environment. The Ice Cream Cake marijuana strain produces a large yield, which is beneficial for both the grower and the consumer. This plant will grow medium to tall in height with a broad bush width. Those looking to grow this indoors will want to keep that in mind if they don’t have a ton of extra space.

Flowering time is about 67 days.

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Somebody call Mr. Freeze, because a considerable amount of icy trichomes cover the buds. The buds are light green in color, and have a purple hue to them. Thick orange hairs cover the dense, tightly-stacked nugs.


There are nothing but good reviews on this marijuana strain. Consumers seem to come back to this one time, and time again, and it continues to be one of the more popular strains, both in America and over the pond.

Reviewers Stated:

  • First, I was surprised by the absolute beauty of this bud, the colorful tricombs and pleasant smell are completely intoxicating on its own. Upon cracking the nug, the colors got even more amazing! Bright purples, beautiful clear whites, and chocolate brown chunks bring me back to DQ birthdays.
  •  The taste alone is sooooo yummy and easy on the throat that this is one of my top 5 strains.
  • Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain has a sweet vanilla taste that provides a mellow effect on your mind.
  •  I suffer from sciatic pain with bad joint stiffness, and after medicating with this strain, I have zero stiffness.

Adverse Effects

Ice Cream Cake marijuana doesn’t have any major adverse effects. Since it is an Indica heavy strain, the THC isn’t going to give users any extraordinarily anxious, or paranoid feelings. Those typically a bit sensitive to THC can consume this strain without fear.

With any marijuana use, you are going to get dry eyes, and perhaps a dry mouth. To combat this, make sure you have eye drops and plenty of fluid on hand. If you are one who typically drinks plenty of water throughout the day, then you might not notice any type of cottonmouth.

A great thing to always keep in mind, is marijuana isn’t addictive, and you can’t overdose on it. In the moment, a high might feel like it will never go away, but try to remind yourself that in a few hours, it will be gone. A plus to marijuana use, is you won’t get any lingering side effects, like ones you feel from hangovers.

Similar Strains

If this sweet strain sounds like it will fill all of your sweet tooth needs, then you might be interested in the following similar strains.

  • Ice Cream
  • Berry Sanders
  • Custard Cream
  • Jillybean
  • Lazy Train
  • Pink Death Star
  • Irish Cream
  • KC 36
  • Pink Berry
  • Bubba’s Gift
  • Purple Cream

Remember to always to call ahead, to make sure your dispensary is going to have a particular strain. If you live far from a dispensary, then order some seeds and try out your own green thumb! If you can grow a plant, then you can produce a marijuana strain, and with so many resources available on the internet, it has never been easier.

Popular Cities

While this strain can be found in many dispensaries around the world, the most popular cities are:

  • Seattle, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Eugene, OR
  • Shoreline, WA
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • Bothell, WA
  • Everett, WA

Final Thoughts

If you are a person who gets paranoid, or anxious easily, then this might be the ideal strain for you. The high levels of THC can positively affect you, both mentally and physically, but the Indica properties will tone it down, so you will not over hallucinate. The aroma of this strain is sweet and tart, which can make it a great alternative to your late-night snack, or dessert. In addition, it possesses helpful properties, which can enable you to fall asleep, and to get a good nights rest.


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