Ice Cream Marijuana Strain

Ice Cream Marijuana Strain

Come get the scoop on why the Ice Cream Marijuana strain is one you will surely want to try. This Indica dominant strain has sweet exotic flavors that leave users in a relaxed mood, without giving them a brain freeze.

The THC content found in the strain is about 15-22%, and the exact breakdown of this strain is about a 60/40 Indica to Sativa mix. It is an almost close to a perfect hybrid, making it the right strain for those who are indecisive on if they want an Indica, or a Sativa type of cannabis.

Uses can expect to feel relaxed without being put into a total full-blown state of sedation, making it ideal for afternoon use. It can be a sweet treat to the end of a long day; flavors of sweet, honey, nutty, and vanilla will float around you, instantly putting comforting feelings into your soul.

The Ice Cream Strain should not be confused with the Ice Cream Cake, Ice Cream Dream, or the Ice Cream Cookies strains, because they are totally different.

Who Makes The Ice Cream Marijuana Strain?

Paradise Seeds is the one to thank for the Ice Cream strain. The founder of Paradise Seeds has been growing cannabis since the 1980s, and he loves to focus on breeding potent cannabis strains. The company was officially founded in 1994.

Parent Strains

Paradise Seeds is not giving out the inside scoop of who, or how, the Ice Cream marijuana strain came to be, but they will sell seeds to people who want to grow their own.


Ice Cream has won two very prestigious awards.

  • 2008: 2nd place – Hydro Category
  • 2009: 3rd place – Bio Category

Both of these awards took place at the High Time Cannabis Cup, which is pretty much the Oscars for marijuana and revered by those within the cannabis community. With so many strains on the market, it is no small feat to place in any of the categories.


Ice Cream marijuana is notoriously raved about due to its aroma over its effects, which is quite rare for a strain to do. People seek this strain out for the vanilla, sweet, sugary aroma from bud to actual smoke. It brings back memories from childhood, when a trip to the ice cream shop was something that happened at monument events, like birthdays.

The taste of this strain matches the flavor, and there are meager notes of skunk and earth. The smoke is medium in density, which makes it a smooth smoke, but something people can enjoy tasting in their mouths. No coughing fits ensue with the Ice Cream strain.


The effects start before consumption, due to the pleasant aromas that float up, and out of the bud. It is scientifically proven that the scent of vanilla has an instant relaxation effect on a person’s body. It is because of this, you may not be one who has a sweet tooth, but as soon as you walk into an ice cream shop, you suddenly crave the ice-cold treat. The same is true with this strain; you may not be in the mood for Ice Cream marijuana, but as soon as it is broken apart, your mouth instantly starts to water, and your body feels a familiar feeling, that can only be felt around comfort food.

This strain increases appetite and will make you reach for that tub of Chunky Monkey you have been saving in your fridge. The THC content in this strain is moderately high at 25%, and it may cause some senses to be heightened.  Your body might feel a slight buzz radiating throughout.

An overall feeling of sedation will take over the mind and body, making it a strain for the afternoon or nighttime use, and isn’t the best strain to use in the morning.


This strain has the ability to make people really calm down and feel comfortable, not only with themselves, but with their surroundings. Negative thoughts drift away with the puffs of the marijuana clouds.


Ice Cream cannabis allows users to tap into their imaginative side, which can be great for creative hobbies, projects, and activities. Pair it with baking, or cake decorating, to bring your Ice Cream treat full circle.


Our days aren’t always filled with sunshine, rainbows, and good news. On the days when things make you feel unhappy, and life feels heavy, using a bit of the Ice Cream strain can bring on feelings of joy. This makes the day more bearable, and bad news seems to be less severe.


Laughing is one of the best sensations humans can feel in life, and the Ice Cream marijuana strain will leave anyone who uses it in a laughing fit. Giggles will break out all through the high, which will put those around in a great mood. It can be great to pair with a movie night or a comedy show.

Recreational Uses

The Ice Cream weed strain is a social strain that works best in intimate social settings. Not the type of marijuana that pairs well with high energy parties, but one that works with low key social gatherings.

Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties are typically limited to a smaller number of people, and each person is connected in some way. These can be work parties, networking events, or some other type of social group that shares the same beliefs. Ice cream marijuana is excellent for these, because it makes the consumer more talkative, which is just about the only thing you do at these events besides drinking.

The conversation will come out quickly, and topics never seem to end when you use this strain.

Food Tastings

Since this strain increases appetite, it can be great to pair with food tastings held at a restaurant, or in a home setting. Vanilla is a flavor that pairs well with others.

Other Recreational Uses Include:

  • Movies
  • Hiking
  • Writing
  • Scrapbooking
  • Apple Picking
  • Vacations
  • Road Trips

Medical Uses

With it’s sweet scent, this strain gives off therapeutic properties instantly. Once ingested, it can cure a long list of ailments, illnesses, and diseases.

Essential oils are used as a non-traditional healing method, and this aroma given off from this strain can work in the same way. One sniff and users instantly feel relaxed from head to toe.

Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Our minds associate sights and scents with actual physical feelings, and the Ice Cream marijuana strain has the aroma, plus physical effects, to make users feel instantly relaxed, happy, and at ease.

Vanilla, in particular, is a dominant fragrance that is well liked by 90% of people. It can instantly calm down those who get super uptight and tend to overthink situations. People burn candles for therapeutic reasons, and this strain is no different in giving users a calming effect.


Insomnia is felt in various severities, and this strain can help people relax, thus resulting in sleep. If you have a rough time sleeping at night, or falling asleep, you might be suffering from insomnia, and this strain could be a real lifesaver for you. Using could show an improvement on your day, because getting the proper sleep will lead to less fatigue the next day.

Consumers wanting to diminish insomnia issues should look into using Ice Cream marijuana via an edible, or oil, for longer-lasting results.


The THC content found in this strain can help a person’s mind become sharper, which can help them focus on the tasks at hand. While this strain is ultra-relaxing, it still has properties that help organize people’s thoughts and how they process information. All of this can benefit those struggling with ADD or ADHD.

People who have to take harmful pharmaceutical drugs, to help with ADD or ADHD, often turn to the Ice Cream strain to improve their symptoms daily.


Paradise Seeds won’t tell you the parent strains, or much else about how the Ice Cream strain came to be, but they do provide seeds for you to grow the strain at home.

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors and works best with the Sea of Green method. The full growing time for the Ice Cream strain is about 60 days. It is a pretty resilient strain, and can be grown in colder regions, however, it will thrive in warmer ones.

The yield for this strain is almost identical when it is grown indoors or outdoors, so growers have a wide range of options. If you are a first-time grower, it might be better to grow indoors, since you can control the growing conditions more accurately. You can’t control mother nature, but you can control the conditions inside, from humidity levels to airflow.


Indoor growers don’t have to worry about height space, because this plant grows wider than it does tall. Hydroponics is suggested for those who want to grow this strain indoors, and a yield of about 18 ounces is to be expected.


Those who wish to cultivate this outdoors should be ready to harvest the plant in October. When grown outdoors, a slightly bigger yield is to be expected, but only by a few ounces. This means a yield of about 19-20 ounces at harvest.


The buds of this Ice Cream Plant are covered in a large number of trichomes. The bud itself is very standard looking with different green hues and brown-orange pistils throughout. The buds are very densely packed.

Negative Effects

Dry eyes and a desert dry mouth will leave users reaching for any type of liquid. You can wet the mouth with water, wine, beer, soda, or whatever kind of liquid you want.

The THC in this strain may make people a bit dizzy, and can give people the spins. These feelings will usually subside after a bit, and users can finish out the rest of their high in peace.

Just because this strain is sweet-smelling doesn’t mean it won’t give you a super big trip, so use caution.

Similar Strains

If you love the Ice Cream marijuana strain, then you will want to check out these similar strains.

  • Sage N Sour
  • Cinderella 99
  • Dutch Berry
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Chocolate Diesel
  • Vaniluna
  • Jack 47
  • Death Star
  • Aspen OG
  • Cherry Vanilla Cookies
  • Medicine Man
  • French Toast
  • Cookie Monster
  • Purple Berry
  • Sour Ape
  • Blueberry Skunk
  • Orange Blossom
  • Vanilla Kush


Reviews provide some of the best insights into what consumers can expect from a marijuana strain. Below are first-hand accounts of their experiences with the Ice Cream marijuana strain.

  • This strain has some rich flavors that match the sweet dessert to a T.
  • Out of the 30 to 40 strains I’ve bought over the years, this is by far the best harvest I have gotten.
  • This strain gives me instant chill vibes but leaves me with one heck of a case of munchies. It also left my mouth very dry, which increased my want for some sweet, cold refreshing Ice cream.
  • This strain was great for my paranoia, no adverse effects were felt, and it completely destroyed my anxiety.
  • I am not one who typically has a sweet tooth, but this strain sure makes me understand why people have one: delicious smoke and an even better high.
  • I am a bit of a pessimist, and I always try to find the bad in a marijuana strain when people have nothing but good things to say about them. This one is by far the first one I can’t find a single thing wrong with. It lives up to everything it promises and is now one of my weekly strains.
  • Ice Cream is a nice strain I like to use when I want to get up and out of the house. Great to use around people, and I love sharing this with others like me who deal with social anxiety.

Final Thoughts

When you were a kid, the highlight of your birthday was eating ice cream and grabbing a big slice of cake. Being an adult means you can do what you want, when you want, and after one try of the Ice Cream strain, the highlight of your day will be when you get to indulge in some of the Ice Cream marijuana strain.

The aroma is on par with some of the best in the game, and the effects pack a punch. Those looking for relaxing effects without being put into a slumber will love this relaxing, feel-good strain. Equal mind and body effects give cannabis users a perfect blend, which can be useful for those who are indecisive and don’t know which kind of high they want.

Creative consumers, and those who like more exotic strains, are going to want to rush to the nearest dispensary to pick up some Ice Cream marijuana today!


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