Island Sweet Skunk Marijuana Strain

Island Sweet Skunk Marijuana Strain

The Island Sweet Skunk marijuana strain is a strain that goes by many names, including ISS or Sweet Island Skunk. Initially bred by the Federation Seed Company, this bad boy comes from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, and was first made decades ago. This marijuana strain should not be mistaken for the Sweet Skunk marijuana strain bred by Spice of Life, which is a Sativa strain known for its energetic effects, and sweet tropical aroma.


As the story goes, a vietnam veteran first brought Sweet Skunk to the Canadian breeders, where it was crossed with multiple unknown Sativa seeds. Many believe the mysterious Sativas could be Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Skunk #1. Some believe it was not Sweet Skunk that was used as the male seed, but rather Northern Lights X Haze. Let us take a quick look at the possible parent strains, so you can guess for yourself which was used to make the beautiful Island Sweet Skunk Strain.

Sweet Skunk

Sweet Skunk is a cross between Northern Lights and Skunk, which makes it a dominant hybrid. Pine, spice, and lemon give a diverse citrus aroma to the strain. With a massive head high, many use this to treat anxiety and stress, and should not leave users with any trippy images.

Sweet Pink Grapefruit

Originating in Vancouver over 35 years ago, this strain is used in the breeding process, specifically for its sweet terpenes. Providing an uplifting Sativa high, this strain is popular for daytime use. The overall aroma is an exotic, tropical delight. It fights off fatigue, and negative thoughts, inside the brain.

Skunk #1

This is a global marijuana favorite which is well-known by old and new marijuana consumers. The overall aroma is sour skunk and subtle earthy tones, which is surprisingly sought after by many users. Used by patients for depression, pain, fatigue, and loss of appetite. It provides users with that classic marijuana high, that people have been feeling since the good old days.

Northern Lights X Haze

Formally called Northern Lights #5 X Haze, this Sativa heavy hybrid boosts some serious sensory awareness. Sounds may seem louder, and colors may appear to be brighter. Earth, wood, spice, and an herbal scent give the overall marijuana aroma something people will remember for years.

Looking at all of these strains can give you a good idea of the Island Sweet Skunk Strain, including:

  • Sativa effects will be felt
  • OG skunk flavor mixed with a tropical sweetness will be tasted


The THC measures in at 19%, which is a little bit above average, compared to other marijuana strains. Island Sweet Skunk provides users with an instant elevation in mood, followed by a mellow body buzz. The body buzz is similar to one that can be felt after a few cocktails, and should not impair the movement of your limbs.

Some variations of the Sweet Island Skunk marijuana strain may yield high CBD levels, which is excellent to combat THC effects for those who have a low tolerance. CBD can aid in keeping trippy and psychedelic thoughts at bay.

ISS marijuana strain is a daytime strain that shouldn’t be used once the sun goes down. It can be a great alternative to morning coffee, and can be the 3 pm pick me up you need to make it through your staff meeting.

Recreational Uses

The mellow body buzz, and increase in amusing thoughts, can make this a great strain to use when you’re on vacation. Pair it with tropical activities such as:

  • Lounging by the pool
  • Surfing
  • Fishing
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Walking along the beach

For those who don’t live by sun and sand, it can be a fun strain to pair with outdoor activities. The THC found in this strain can elevate your day to day hobbies to a new level. Try a bit of the Island Sweet Skunk marijuana during a hike; you will be taken to another world where the trees somehow seem taller, and the pine has a new intense smell to it.

Golfers can use a bit of this before they hit the links. That missed birdie shot won’t seem like the end of the world when you are golfing with Island Sweet Skunk marijuana. Since the high time is a few hours, you don’t need to spend extra money when the golf cart girl comes around, and you can ride out the high until the last put is in the hole.

Medical Uses

As we have already discussed, ISS marijuana can have THC and CBD within it, which makes it a top therapeutic strain. This can help aid mind and body ailments, without leaving users in a goofy, out of their mind, type of headspace.

Headaches and migraines can be diminished with this strain, and people can get out of the darkroom, until their headache subsides. When people can rid themselves of their migraine issues, they can be free of the crippling pain, and in some cases, be free of blurry vision that can make it hard even to walk.

Nerves issues and muscle spasms resulting from trauma or genetics can be improved as well. This can leave those who are typically unemployed, to have a chance to return to the workforce, and even obtain a social life.

Inflammation is another disorder that can be aided with the use of this marijuana strain. Specifically, those that have arthritis and lupus, have found relief from ISS, and can quit or diminish their pharmaceutical drug use.

Can additionally help those with:

Nerve Pain

When people use marijuana to help heal ailments, they don’t have to worry about negative side effects, and can say goodbye to taking medications around the clock. Because this strain produces a clear-headed high, users can take this throughout the day to treat their problems.


With a name like Island Sweet Skunk, it doesn’t take a person with an imaginative mind to figure out what the overall aroma to this strain would be. Sweet, skunk and tropical all round out the flavor profile.

Having a sweet tropical scent, underlined with a bit of earth and skunk, pleases almost all palates. The taste matches the smell, which is part of this strains popularity. Since it comes from the skunk family, the smoke is smooth, but may be a bit thicker in density.

Even those who typically don’t smoke marijuana, might want to give this one a try in the form of a joint or vape. The instant effect from smoking can sometimes help people, versus using using it in edible form, which can take up to an hour to feel.


Growers of all types can find success in cultivating this strain. The sea of green method seems to produce the most profitable yield of about 200 grams.

A warm, sunny, and outdoor environment is suggested for growing, and harvest should be done in mid-October. The flowering period is typically 8-9 weeks, which is on the lower end. The stretch of the plant lies between average to 200%.


The plant itself grows tall and may require some branch support. For this reason, if you only have a small growing space, you may want to skip attempting to grow this strain indoors.

Buds are dense, with sticky colas and have a considerable number of hair and trichomes covering them. Hairs on these buds stand out a bit more to the eye, because they have an overall bright yellow color to them.

Similar Strains

If you enjoy this strain, and desire to find others like it, here are some similar strains:

  • Webster
  • The Cough
  • Big Mac
  • Dutch Kush
  • Ortega
  • Four Way
  • Black Cherry Pie
  • Super Snow Dog
  • Special K

Popular Cities

The most popular cities to find Island Sweet Skunk include:

  • Portland, OR
  • Denver, CO
  • Chicago, IL
  • Fernley, NV
  • Kenai, AK
  • Oklahoma City, OK

This is one of the more popular marijuana strains to find, and most dispensaries should have it in stock. If you are in Canada, you are sure to find it everywhere and anywhere!


Looking at reviews can give you a more precise picture of what you can expect from the Sweet Island Skunk marijuana strain. A few things noted by multiple users include:

  • Powerful medicine
  • Effects last for hours
  • Aroma is so tropical the name says it all
  • Smooth, but go easy it sneaks up on you
  • Motivated but laid back
  • Clear-headed high and manageable

Negative Effects

Dry eyes and dry mouth are the only side effects you have to be on the lookout for, and these can be treated with some high-quality H2O. If you are paring this strain with physical activity, make sure to pack double the amount of water you usually would, and you will be good to go.

There have been no reports of increased dizziness, paranoia, or anxiety with the ISS marijuana strain.

Final Thoughts

Those looking for a hybrid to produce a functioning mind and body high, can find exactly that with the Island Sweet Skunk marijuana strain. It is used recreationally just as much as it is used within the medical cannabis world. Take a break from everyday life, and treat your self with this tropical marijuana strain.


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