Jack Herer Marijuana Strain

Jack Herer Marijuana Strain

Anytime a product, day or event is named after a person; it speaks volumes. The Jack Herer Marijuana Strain is no different and it is named after the famous activist.  Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant hybrid created in the Netherlands around the mid-1990s. There are several different variations of Jack Herer, and it was first distributed by Dutch pharmacies as medical marijuana. To this day, Jack Herer is considered medical marijuana.

To truly understand the strain, you need to understand who the strain was named after. While those in the cannabis industry know all about Jack, those new to the cannabis world have never heard the name. Jack Herer is to the cannabis world as Kernel Sanders is to KFC, you can’t have one without the other.

Who is Jack Herer?

The man, the myth and the legend, Jack Herer fought for the legalization of hemp and marijuana up until the day he died at age 70 in 2010.

Being born a conservative, he didn’t enter the marijuana world until later in life at the age of 30. His tale is a love at first sight story, and he instantly was changed by cannabis after the first day it entered into his life.

He spent his later years traveling around America lecturing to those who would listen about the positive effects of marijuana in all aspects. Jack believed marijuana could be used as fuel, food and could be grown in any climate.

Jacks Herer’s Contributions

As time went on Jack believed his life’s purpose was to spread the word on legalizing weed and informing everyone about the positive properties of marijuana and debunking the negative myths around it. Jack even wrote a book, ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes,’ which is to this day an incredibly important piece of literature for the industry. He dove deep into research and spent 10 years writing the book. ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’ is still a reference book when activists go to states with strict laws in hopes of legalizing marijuana.

The commonly used scale to reference marijuana quality is based off a book he co-authored called ‘Zine G.R.A.S.S’ (Great Revolutionary American Standard System) which is the 1-10 scale used today.

Besides his published works, he is the founder of the organization H.E.M.P, which was created to end hemp and cannabis prohibition.

Continuing with the pattern of firsts, he was the owner of the first hemp store in California along with a store in Oregon called The Third Eye. Individuals in the cannabis community give credit to Jack Herer and say without him medical marijuana stores would not be possible today.

Did Jack Herer Create the Jack Herer Marijuana Strain?

No, after all the firsts he was able to achieve in his life, it comes as a huge surprise to people that Jack Herer did not actually grow or birth the strain.

Jack Herer Cup

Each year in Las Vegas there is an event called the Jack Herer Cup, which is held on the world-famous strip. This event gives out various awards to the top strains in the industry and the top cannabis products.

Jack Herer Marijuana Strain Origins

We know the man himself did not grow this strain, so where did it originate from? This strain was created by the Dutch breeders known as the Sensi Seeds in the Netherlands in the 1990s.

Jack Herer strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that instantly got the attention of Dutch pharmacies and medical practitioners. Once they understood the medical properties it held, it instantly became a therapeutically used cannabis. 


While being a popular strain all around, there is some mystery as to what it’s parent strains are. The exact genetic makeup is a highly guarded secret, and you would have better luck breaking into Fort Knox. Most believe it comes from a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross.

This strain is technically a Sativa-dominant marijuana strain, but the breakdown is almost even coming in at 55% Sativa to 45% Indica. Since most Jack Herer marijuana strains are grown from clones, some strains can take on an Indica-dominant trait, but this isn’t a common occurrence. If you feel more of a body high than a head high this could be an indication your grower has an Indica heavy strain. THC found in this ranges from 15-28%.


Jack Herer strain hits consumers quickly and doesn’t have a slow build up like other strains offer. Once it hits, a strong headrush is noticeable followed by an overall sense of elation. This head high is clear and won’t leave users murky headed. A slow rush to the body follows and consumers will feel like they are on a cloud, but it won’t leave them glued to their seat.

This is a wake and bake type of strain and it is great for daytime use. Not recommended for night-time uses because it gives your mind a boost of energy, which might keep you awake. Effects from this are often compared to 5-hour energy drinks or shots of espresso.

Medical Uses

Patients often use this strain to help with numerous ailments, and it works particularly well with psychological disorders. Since Jack Herer hits fast and strong in your head, those dealing with mental ailments can find quick relief when using this strain.

Effective in helping those with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Chronic Pain
  • Neurotic Pain
  • Migraines
  • Back Pain

Not suggested to those who cope with a large amount of stress, because it can leave you feeling paranoid and can put you in a bad mindset. Even consuming this in small doses can leave stressed out users feeling worse, and this may turn users off entirely.

One of the most frustrating problems medical patients face are the issues that cannot be visible to the eye, such as nerve damage. Patients often have a hard time coping and also have a difficult time convincing their health care providers that they have an issue. This strain can give these patients much-needed relief in both a mental and physical state. Multiple Sclerosis pain can be treated with this strain and the feeling of one’s feet on fire can finally be turned off.

Medical Consumption

Jack Herer strain works best for patients when it is consumed via edibles, concentrates, live resin and in candy form.

Patients are rarely urged to try this form via smoke. While marijuana is an herb; anytime you are filing your lungs with smoke from something being burned, it’s going to be impactful on the body.

People using this to help with medical ailments are most likely doing so with the intent of getting their body back to 100% health, and smoke in the lungs is going to be another obstacle they have to hurdle.

This strain is not suggested for users trying to find a solution for their loss of appetite or insomnia.

Recreational Uses

People who are having creative mental blocks tend to use this strain for its mental breakthroughs. Artists of all kinds dabble in this strain when they need a fresh take on things.

Social Settings

Those who need a little bump in the confidence area use this strain to open up at parties to become a social butterfly. Since it jolts your mind while keeping you alert, it can be great to even use at family events where you need to be on your A-game while still trying to impress the in-laws.

Physical Boost

People who love to workout, but have long hours at the office use this to get through the 3 pm slump and give them the kick in the rear to make it to the gym after work. Since this strain won’t give you the munchies, it can also help you in the physical appearance department allowing you to indulge in this strain without consuming a whole cake.

Hikers and walkers love to include the Jack Herer strain before and during their trip to the wilderness because it can amplify the overall experience, making it both pleasurable and memorable.

Remember, that when using this strain recreationally, you want to allow enough time for the edibles and candies to fully hit, or you will be taking a dose greater than what you need. This won’t harm you, but it will give you a longer high time and the comedown will be much longer.

Flavor and Aroma

Earth, pine, and wood are all scents used to describe the overall aroma of Jack Herer. It is a pleasurable scent from flowering to consumption. The aroma alone makes it an alluring strain for medical and recreational users.

Smoke from this strain is smooth and easy, leaving behind a herbal scent on the tongue. Its lineage may come from the skunk line, but consumers are pleased to smell an overall potpourri after smell vs a skunky potent smell.

Other overall flavors used to describe this strain include:

  • Lemon
  • Pine
  • Citrus
  • Sweet
  • Spice
  • Orange

Everyone’s taste buds will pull a different flavor from Jack Herer, but one thing all taste buds alike will pull unanimously is the taste of deliciousness.


Jack Herer plants are not the most eye-catching plants in the world. The plants themselves are leafy green and are oblong in shape, however, the flowers are something to write home about.

When grown properly, the flowers found on this plant give off a deep floral perfume with visual hints of orange and lemon zest. Flowering time is typically 8-10 weeks and growers can expect a yield of 18 ounces per plant.

Overall, this is an easy plant to grow and can be done so inside or outside. Outside conditions have to be perfect for the crop to flourish, so it is suggested you grow inside. Pick a place that is on the larger side because this plant grows to be pretty big, averaging 80 inches tall.

This low maintenance plant is resistant to:

  • Mildew
  • Virus
  • Spiders
  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Insects


Seeds of Jack Herer are available from the creator Sensi. Growers can also obtain mature clippings from healthy plants in order to grow clones, which might take more gardening skills.

Growers are urged to purchase more seeds because this plant produces a below average yield overall.


Buds found on this plant are orange, sticky and dense. Growers can expect the best bud yield when grown in a Mediterranean climate.


Jack Herer has won 9 Cannabis Cup Awards, making it one of the top strains in its field. Each award has been the title of Best-In-Class Flower.


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