Kosher Tangie Marijuana Strain

Kosher Tangie Marijuana Strain

Kosher Tangie is an almost perfect hybrid, leaning a bit more Indica heavy. The exact breakdown of this strain is 60/40 Indica to Sativa, meaning users can expect both mind, and body highs.

Standout notes of citrus, skunk, sour, and earth make this a diverse smelling and tasting marijuana. Kosher Tangie has won numerous awards in the marijuana community. The most two prestigious awards being back to back wins in the “Best Indica” category.

Who Made The Kosher Tangie Strain?

Kosher Tangie was not made by someone within the Jewish community, but instead by the powerhouse team at DNA Genetics.

DNA Genetics was created back in 2004, and is one of the few businesses to offer commercial, and at-home recreational use. They not only provide seeds for sale, but they also are responsible for mixing, and breeding, new strains of cannabis.

Those who look for THC in a strain before anything else, will be happy to know levels in this strain come in around 21-24%. This type of strain is great for any kind of cannabis user, and it can be used caution-free.

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Multiple Names

Kosher Tangie also goes by the names 24K or 24K Gold.


Kosher Tangie was made by crossing Kosher Kush and Tangie, hence the name. What is the dominant strain in Kosher Tangie? Well, let’s take a look at both parent strains to answer that question.

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush is another one of DNA genetics creations, that has won the High Times Cannabis Cup’s division of Best Indica, in 2010 and 2011, with an additional award of Best Strain in 2011. The THC content is, arguably, the most in any strain to come from the OG Kush family.

The aroma profile is herbal, citrus, and pepper, which reminds people of tea. It is often used in treating stress, insomnia, and pain.


You will be seeing a common theme here, because Tangie is yet another DNA Genetics strain. Tangie is an updated version of an early 90’s marijuana strain, Tangerine Dream. The THC in here measures a bit lower than the other parent strain, and therefore is not the more dominant parent.

Tangie is a bit of a creeper, and has an aroma most related to a tangerine. Those who prefer a sweet taste, and smell, are going to drool over this strain. It is ideal for treating headaches, stress, and depression.


Kosher Tangie may lean Indica dominant, but its effects may mimic more of its Sativa heritage. A users’ mood will be immediately elevated, which is paired with a clear head high. A mild body buzz relaxes the users without pinning them down to the spot they are sitting.

The keyword people use when describing this strain is how balanced the overall effects are. Instead of one type of high being stronger than the other, they work nicely together, providing admirable results.

THC content in this strain is average, and new users should use some caution, but do not need to be too worried.

Kosher Tangie is the type of strain that can be used morning, afternoon, or night. People will typically use this during the day, but the choice is yours to make. It does have a significant THC content, but since it is a well-blended hybrid, users should not have trippy, or psychedelic effects. All five senses will stay relatively stable, and the biggest one to change will be touch, which will be felt in the form of relaxation, and a slight body buzz. It is the same body buzz coffee lovers feel after a shot of espresso, or a cup of red-eye coffee.


Kosher Tangie is the type of strain users can take if they are having a crummy day, and simply need a bit of a pick me up. Sometimes you can’t change a bad thing that has happened to you, but you can help improve the way you feel about it. A bit of this strain is sure to put a permanent smile on your face!


The Koshe Tangie marijuana strain is Indica dominant, so it should come as a surprise to no one, that relaxing properties are sure to hit. These come in physical feelings of calming nerves, and taking tension out of the body. Consumers will feel a little bit lighter, and their shoulders will physically relax back.

Rush of Sunshine

Have you ever sat through many days of clouds and rain to find a bright sunny day at the end of it? The first rays of the sun that hit your face cause feelings of instant joy, and a bit of glee will rush over your entire body. A hit of the Kosher Tangie marijuana strain is precisely like that.

Recreational Uses

Since this strain can be used any time of day, it can be paired with a broad range of recreational activities.

Morning Activities

Wake up and pair this with your morning activities, such as showering, making breakfast, and answering back last-minute emails. Since it has an orange taste and scent, it mimics a morning cup of orange juice, and therefore pairs well with a morning English muffin or bagel.

Afternoon Activities

When your afternoon slump hits, consume a bit of Kosher Tangie, and get a fire lit under your feet. Great for pairing with running errands, workouts, hobbies, and chores.

Evening Activities

Have a party to go to in the evening, or a date with your couch? Lucky for you, both activities will pair well with this strain. It can be used socially, or individually, and will amplify both experiences. Pair it with a party, game night, concert, Netflix, or a chill session.

Medical Uses

Hybrid marijuana strains, such as the Kosher Tangie, are quite popular within the therapeutic community. Some people want to medicate without having to feel fully sedated or knocked out. Strains like these are crucial for giving people a chance to knock out ailments, without having to knock themselves out, allowing them the opportunity to function like an average human.

Low Libido

Men and women both struggle with low libido, for a large number of reasons. Kosher Tangie seems to find a solution for people to chill out and perk up. Pharmaceutical drugs come with an extensive list of side effects, many of which are worse than the low libido issue itself. Having a strain like this one can be a real lifesaver, and a hero for relationships.

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and Overthinking

The Kosher Tangie strain can abolish mental ailments, illness, and troublesome issues. It takes the brain and rewires it into a different mindset, allowing users to make it through a full day. Kosher Tangie engulfs the mind with positivity, which outshines negativity, worries, and fear.

Digestive Issues

A wide variety of things can cause digestive issues, and it can additionally be a side effect of medications. Kosher Tangie is excellent at eliminating all the digestive problems, especially nausea, heartburn, and indigestion. Pair this with its pleasant aroma, and it can be a one-two punch for hangovers of all severity.

Kosher Tangie Can Also Help With:

  • Chronic aches and pains
  • Muscle spasms
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Aroma & Taste

Sometimes you want the smell to match the taste when using cannabis, and users will get exactly that with this strain.


Have you ever walked into a place, took a moment to stop, and instantly smelled someone sipping on tea? That is what this strain is reminiscent of. Herbal, pine, pepper, and citrus round out the aroma to the Kosher Tangie strain.

Orange zest jumps out of the buds as they are ground down.


The taste matches the smell, and it has an overall sweet, sugary tone to it. The flavor only grows in strength as you inhale and exhale, making it feel like a flavor bomb went off inside your mouth. Underneath, it all will be a complex of skunk and earthy tones.


Growing the Kosher Tangie marijuana strain can be done so by new and old growers. It can be a beneficial plant to grow, due to the fact it produces high yields, and is very low maintenance.


Those looking to grow this strain indoors should make sure it has enough room to grow in the height aspect. When this plant has enough space to grow upwards, it can produce a large number of buds. Indoors, the Kosher Tange strain will produce a yield of 20 ounces of bud per square meter that was planted.


When the strain is grown outdoors, the yield is going to be a bit more, coming in at about 22 ounces. Growers should expect to harvest this strain around the end of October.

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Large, pepper shaped buds are found throughout the Kosher Tangie plant. The buds have a frosted gold color, which is a reason why Kosher Tangie is referred to as 24K Gold. Unlike the parent strains, this strain doesn’t have much purple in its appearance.

Underneath the gold frost is a mix of dark, light, and mint green colors, with orange pistils intertwined.

Similar Strains

If the Kosher Tangie sounds like a strain you would dig, then you might also dig these other familiar strains.

  • Jilly Bean
  • Cherry Pie
  • Citrus Sap
  • Agent Tangie
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Jet Fuel
  • Berry OG
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  • Dragon OG
  • Double Dutch
  • Pink Sunset
  • Lemon Kush
  • C. Banana
  • Pagoda
  • Longbottom Leaf

Most commonly found in Oregon, Nevada, Illinois, and Georgia.

Negative Effects

Once the sweetness starts to wear off in the mouth, from smoking this strain, users will notice a slow creep of cottonmouth starts to form. Have some liquids at hand, the best being just plain old water.

Not all users will experience dry eyes with this strain, however, red eyes are sure to ensue if smoking. This can be fixed with a single eye drop. If you don’t smoke this strain, you may be in the clear from any type of adverse eye effects.

First-time users might feel a burst of energy, in the form of a racing heart. This is normal, and no one has reported having a heart attack, or even came close to one, while using cannabis.


Reading first-hand reviews can help gather a broader range of thoughts from a wide variety of cannabis users. Some reviews might be from people who smoke daily, and other reports might be from the first time type of user.

A Few First-Hand Reviews are as Follows:

  • I am high on the Kosher Tange right now, and I feel like I am home in a cozy wood cabin. I have my fire going, and my feet are up in a flannel blanket, and I couldn’t feel more at peace.
  • I use this daily for pain relief and to focus on relieving my headaches.
    Kosher Tangie is the strain I use when I’m not sure what kind of high I want because it allows me to have a bit of both at the same time.
  • I call this strain Tangie heaven, and it is the best tasting Tangie strain on the market.
  • I use this in the daytime when I still have to be an adult and function, but I don’t want to adult while trying to fight depression. A co-worker once asked me how I’m always so happy, and I told her it was all thanks to the Kosher Tangie. She said she was surprised I used cannabis to medicate, and I told her I’m surprised more people don’t. The trick to using Kosher Tangie before work is to use it in the form of edibles or oil.

Final Thoughts

The Kosher Tangie marijuana strain comes from strong family background, and it shows through in its potent effects, and cult following. The THC levels aren’t off the charts, which means users won’t have any mind-altering effects, or find themselves talking to tangerines. Those who like an herbal and sweet aroma should be running to the dispensary to pick up some of the Kosher Tangie Strain.


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