Liposomal CBD: What You Need to Know

Liposomal CBD: What You Need to Know

Liposomal CBD is prepared containing the active CBD in the form of tiny particles that are simular to a fat particle. According to the National Institute of Cancer (NIC), supplements or drugs prepared this way for ingestion allow the body to absorb them easier. This allows it to reach the area of ​​the body where it is to be delivered much easier as well. NIC also share that “Liposomal drugs may have fewer side effects and be more effective than other forms of the drug.

CBD is already an easily absorbed and highly effective product. Engineering it to enter the body more efficiently makes it much more coveted. Whether you are looking for relief from anxiety, chronic pain, or even Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Lipsosomol CBD may provide rapid and extraordinary results to help you get that relief quicker.

What’s CBD, and What Makes It So Unique?

CBD is just one of the many compounds, that are native to the hemp plant, which belongs to the cannabis family.

The cannabis family is unique, in that it offers a wide variety of cannabinoids, with CBD being one of them.  What makes them so fascinating, is that they work directly with the endocannabinoid system within the body.  This system manages homeostasis by the process of regulation.  Throughout the body are many cannabinoid receptors that correlate with bodily processes, such as sleep, mood, pain tolerance, inflammation, and more.  When the cannabinoid receptors receive cannabinoids, chemical reactions take place that allows these important processes to be regulated.  This is how the body becomes capable of achieving and maintaining homeostasis.

That’s not all that hemp has to offer. Hemp is naturally rich in terpenes, which are compounds found in the essential oil of every plant.  Not only do they determine the flavor and aroma of a particular plant, but they also offer unique properties of their own.  For instance, many of the terpenes found in hemp have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

Then, there are flavonoids.  Flavonoids are compounds that seem to have synergistic properties and may be capable of boosting the bio-availability of cannabinoids.

Bioavailability is the body’s ability to properly absorb a particular nutrient or substance, and utilize it. Some supplements are not highly bioavailable, because they are engineered in a way that causes the body to metabolize them before they get a chance to become active in the system.  Therefore, when it comes to taking CBD, you want the most bioavailable method that’s possible, which makes Liosomol CBD the obvious choice.

What is Liposomal CBD?

Liposomal CBD works off of the science behind liposomes.  A liposome is a small spherical sac that’s made up of phospholipid molecules, which are lipids that largely make up the membranes of our cells.  Liposomes are naturally encased in droplets of water.  When these liposomes come into contact with our body’s cells, our bodies absorb them.  This allows for the cells in our body to directly receive the contents of the liposome.  Due to the properties of liposomes, they are highly water and fat-soluble.

Liposomes are changing the landscape of the supplement industry, because of how they dramatically increase the bioavailability of crucial nutrients.  When we consume nutrients via ingestion, our body metabolizes a high amount of them via the digestive system.  This means that our bodies receive only a fraction of the nutrients consumed. But, when we consume these same nutrients in the form of liposomes, those nutrients directly feed our body’s cells, allowing for far more absorption.

CBD’s unique effects on the endocannabinoid system mean that cannabinoids are possibly capable of changing the function of our bodily processes, due to the placement of cannabinoid receptors throughout the body.

Therefore, it’s not a stretch to suggest that the difference between someone who feels strong effects from CBD and someone who claims that CBD doesn’t have any effects at all, lies within each person’s unique ability to absorb these cannabinoids.  This means that it’s a matter of bioavailability.

Liposomal CBD works off of this scientific principle.  Essentially, liposomal CBD is CBD that has been artificially made into liposomes.  We explained liposomes earlier, stating that they essentially bypass the digestive system in order to deliver compounds directly to the cells of the body. 

Another use of CBD oil is oraly.  CBD oil is a versatile product and is becoming more and more popular to cook with. It can also replace a portion of the fat in a particular recipe.  This specific CBD increases the bioavailability of the cannabinoids, and other plant compounds as they are digested.

Liposomal CBD oil can also be used topically. Topicals increase the absorption of CBD into the skin cells, while also helping it pass through the skin’s layers quickly and efficiently, so that it can enter the muscular, and joint tissue beneath the skin.

How Liposomal CBD is Made

Liposomal CBD is made using nanotechnology.  This allows scientists to create these artificial liposomes, which are far too small for the naked eye to see.  They are microscopic, and they are constructed from one or more lipid bilayers, that contain phospholipid acids, which mimic cell membranes.  This, as we stated earlier, allows the cells to absorb them easily.  Nano liposomal CBD simply refers to the process used to produce these CBD liposomes.  “Nano,” in the most basic of terms, means small enough to be on an atomic or molecular level.

Liposomal water-soluble CBD is made using a process that was approved by the FDA 25 years ago.  In other words, scientists have been creating liposomes for decades, to improve the delivery of important nutrients, as well as drugs that tend to have low absorption rates, due to how they are metabolized by the human body.

How Is CBD Usually Taken?

CBD comes in many different forms, with each one representing a unique method of consumption.  The compounds in hemp are very bioavailable by nature, so many different delivery methods allow for the compounds to be properly utilized by the body’s endocannabinoid system.  This is why you’ll find CBD oral tinctures, topical creams, vape oils, edible candies, and so on.  But these methods are not equally efficient at delivering those crucial hemp compounds to the body in an efficient manner.

CBD Bioavailability

As we shared, hemp compounds are naturally bioavailable, but that doesn’t mean that the body uses them completely. Given what we know about hemp, and how it works with the body’s many processes, we want to ensure that we absorb as much of it as possible so that our body can put it to good use.  This is why scientists have been trying to create the most highly bioavailable CBD products possible.

Make Liposomal CBD Products Part of Your Daily Regimen

This CBD is changing the landscape of the hemp industry by promoting higher bioavailability than we ever thought possible.  Due to the fascinating science behind this delivery method, we can enjoy more absorption of those critical compounds, native to the hemp plant.  This innovation, therefore, allows the endocannabinoid system to receive exactly what it wants so that it can function at a higher level.

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