Maui Wowie Marijuana Strain

Maui Wowie Marijuana Strain

Maui Waui, sometimes referred to as Maui Wowie, is a Sativa dominant hybrid that first washed up on shore in 1960. Its name gives way to the fact that it comes from the Hawaiian Islands, and nearly all pot coming from there at the time was given the same name. The tropical flavors and uplifting light effects, take users to a true vacation state of mind.

The True THC OG

When it was first introduced to the marijuana community, it was instantly a fan favorite, and became the first marijuana strain to raise the THC levels. At the time, most strains were measuring under 8% for THC. Maui Wowie came in and really shook things up throwing in THC measuring in the high teens.

As time changes, so do peoples expectations. When compared to other marijuana strains currently on the market, Maui Waui now sits somewhere in the middle of THC potency. Many strains have matched and surpassed the THC levels. This makes it a favorite among those who prefer a medium Sativa with slightly above-average psychedelic effects.


The parent strains are unknown, and there isn’t even a guess as to what they might be. People accept this for what it is, and don’t dig too far to find out; perhaps it has something to do with being a laid back, old school, style of the strain. One thing that is known to be true, is the fact that the first few strains were cultivated out of soil, that was once covered in hot lava.

It was first grown outdoors, on the Hawaiian Island of Maui, and slowly migrated to the other islands over time.


Just like a vacation to Hawaii is sure to cure any stress and put people in a zen mood, the Maui Waui marijuana strain is sure to do the same. Users feel its effects almost instantly, and ride the high wave for a longer than average time, making this a strain that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It is best when used in the morning, or early afternoon.

It should be noted that Maui Waui marijuana consumed in Hawaii is going to be much different, than Maui Waui grown in the states. Growing conditions have a significant impact on how marijuana strains develop, and the way they develop is a critical factor in the effects that will be felt.

Have a can of spam nearby, because the Maui Wowie marijuana strain is going to leave you with a giant case of the munchies. For those who don’t want to fill your face with food, try drinking more water to subside the empty pit that is going to build inside your stomach.

Along with the munchies, users experience an instant mind boosting effect that leaves them feeling optimistic, happy, and determined to get things done. It can be an exceptional coffee substitute, because it won’t’ leave you with the jitters and an afternoon crash, yet still provides you the get-up and get going type of feeling.

While this strain will give you a sudden burst of energy, it won’t make you overly chatty. If you are already a talkative type of person, this may be the strain for you, so you don’t talk to people at 100 miles a minute. People often use this before going to social events, parties, or any other type of public group gathering.

Other activities that pair well with the Maui Waui strain include:

  • Beach days
  • Baseball games
  • Water parks
  • Malls
  • Surfing
  • Art projects
  • Kayaking
  • Dog parks

It can help boost creativity, making it desirable for artists of all kinds. Musicians love to use this when they are planning out their next album cycle, because those who have had success with one song often find it overwhelming to write a follow-up.

Medical Uses

With THC measuring in the teens, it is a commonly used marijuana strain for aches, pains, ailments, diseases, and illnesses. Its overall aroma makes it pleasant for those who are typically hesitant to use marijuana as a therapeutic treatment, because the smells instantly put them at peace.

Stress, Depression, Anxiety

This is an excellent strain for those who suffer from stress, depression, or anxiety. The THC will take users to a different mindset, leaving them to feel 100% better than the way they woke up. Negative thoughts, future worries, and fears will slide right out the mind and wash away in the waves of the ocean.


Those who have a wandering mind, or have ADD & ADHD, can benefit from Maui Wowie. This strain helps people focus, sharpens their minds, and aids in prioritizing tasks, from urgent to least urgent.

Body Pain

Medical patients don’t seem to flock to this strain for massive therapeutic pain. While this strain will give a mellow body buzz, it isn’t suggested for those looking to treat nerve, muscle, or aching disorders.

Cancer Patients

Cancer patients receive numerous benefits from this strain. It can help put them in a confident state of mind, which helps them stay optimistic and keep fighting when they think they can’t fight anymore. It can also aid them in the adverse effects felt from chemo. Feelings of nausea are often wiped out, and patients are instead left with feelings of hunger!


The Maui Waui marijuana strain has an overall aroma that is satisfying. You will want to put it in a tiki cup, and sip on it next to the beach. Pineapple, tropical, and sweet are the first flavors users will smell and taste.

A smooth smoke can be expected on both the inhale and the exhale with a fruity, sweet taste through and through. One puff of this and it will leave you saying “Maui Wowie”, that was delicious.

Since it is grown from the most ideal place to produce fruit, the sweet scent of this is a bit different than other sweet marijuana strains. It smells more like real tropical fruit, and you will look around for pineapple, mango, and passion fruit.


Since it hails from Hawaii, it should be a surprise to no one that this strain flourishes in a climate similar to the Hawaiian Islands. It can be grown from seeds and thrives in a warm, sunny and balmy weather. It grows great in a tropical environment, and isn’t recommended to be grown outside in dry climates. People who choose to grow indoors should make sure they have plenty of nutrient fertile soil, and regulate the humidity accordingly.

If grown indoors you can expect it to be ready for harvest in 9 weeks and can produce a yield of 14 ounces per square meter. Outdoor growing means you can harvest mid-October and will provide a more significant yield of about 16 ounces per plant.

Very resistant to mold, mildew, and pests, making it an excellent marijuana strain to grow for any type of grower.


The plant overall is tall and has the classic marijuana look of green color in plant and bud. Orange trichomes run throughout and are covered in crystal trichomes.

Negative Effects

Dry eyes and cottonmouth are the most common negative effects users may feel. Other, more annoying adverse reactions include:

  • Headaches
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Eye Soreness
  • Eye Twitch
  • Head Pressure

Side effects are situational for each person, how often they consume marijuana, and the dose amount they take at one time. Start off small, and increase your dose as you see fit. You can always smoke more to increase desired effects, but you can’t un-smoke.

Popular Cities

If you are not lucky enough to live in Hawaii, have no fear! The Maui Wowie strain is available in the states and is found most abundantly in:

  • Los Angles, CA
  • Santa Ana, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA
  • Denver, CO
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Oklahoma City, OK
  • San Diego, CA

If you can’t find this at a dispensary near you, opt for a similar strain:

  • Citrus Punch
  • Orange Haze
  • Bear Dance
  • Blue Dot
  • Flowerbomb Kush
  • Black Lime Special Reserve
  • Hashberry
  • Alien Apparation
  • LA Ultra
  • Ray Charles
  • Valley Girl
  • Electric Girl
  • Sierra Mist
  • Golden Ticket
  • Aurora Borealis

Final Thoughts

Individuals looking for a new strain, can say Aloha to the Maui Wowie marijuana strain! With an unforgettable aroma profile of tropical scents, and highly energetic effects, this is sure to be on your list of must-try strains. Even those who are typically sensitive to THC can benefit from this strain, if they do so in a moderate dose! Treat yourself and take some time to relax with this vacation-like, easy-breezy strain.


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