Moby Dick Marijuana Strain

Moby Dick Marijuana Strain

The Moby Dick marijuana strain comes in two phenotypes, and can be either Sativa dominant, or Indica dominant with THC levels measuring 20% – 27%. Typically, this strain leans more Sativa dominant, and it will lean Indica only 30% of the time. Winner of “Girl of The Year” by the cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010, people can expect exceptional effects. Much like Moby Dick himself, this strain will take a big chunk out of your thinking power, leaving you with a cloudy head high. Flavors of earthy, citrus and sweet round out this whale of a strain.


Originating in Amsterdam, Dinafem Seeds currently breeds this marijuana strain. This majestic marijuana strain comes from two heavy-hitting parents: White Widow and Sativa Haze. Let us take a brief glance at the two strains responsible for creating Moby Dick.

White Widow Strain

First bred in the Netherlands, this strain is a well-balanced hybrid. It has been found in Dutch coffee shops since the early 1990s and has birthed many other legendary strains. White Widow provides users with bursts of energy that promotes creativity and highly energized focus. The overall high will be felt mostly in the head, with some users feeling a slight body buzz. Can be used as a wake and bake type of strain. The flavor profile includes earthy, citrus, and sweet. Great for mental ailments like depression, stress, and fatigue.

Sativa Haze Strain

When a marijuana strain is bred with Sativa Haze, this means it has multiple Haze marijuana strains present. There isn’t one specific parent strain in this case, but a combination of a few. The Haze family has some of the most potent THC found within them, which makes them highly desirable for the medical marijuana community. It is exceptional for a long list of medical ailments, specifically anti-inflammatory and stress relief. They provide a long-lasting and energetic high, that won’t leave users in a couch potato state. Haze aromas are typically spicy, fruity, sweet, earthy, woody and citrusy.


One or two hits, is all consumers need for this highly potent strain to open your mind to light, and instantly uplifting effects. Ideal to be used during the day or night, if taken in large quantities.

Expect your cheeks to hurt, after the hours of smiling, that will ensue with the use of the Moby Dick marijuana strain. Users will be productive, and negative thoughts or energy will give way to a positive, go-get-em attitude. Carefree vibes, and love for the world, leave users feeling content.

This energy is toned down with the Indica found within it, and it won’t leave users feeling jittery or paranoid. Users who are sensitive to high THC levels should proceed with caution, because in high doses, this can leave users with trippy and psychedelic feelings. Seasoned users, don’t waste your product, as you only need a bit of this, to leave you feeling satisfied.

Moby Dick enters your body and finds the confidence inside of you, that you have been suppressing. This allows you to push yourself into work, or hobbies that you have been putting off. It acts as your internal cheerleader, releasing any anxiety or stress that has been blocking you from your creative ventures.

This strain has a way of opening up your heart to people you have been blocking off due to petty stubbornness or insignificant fights. Feelings of love and forgiveness take over, and you can mend relationships that have been weighing you down.

Recreational Uses

In small doses, this strain can give you an energized and focused head high, which can promote creativity, and provide you with the energy you otherwise wouldn’t have, to get your projects started. You don’t have to be Pablo Picasso to pair this with artwork such as painting, drawing, or sketching. If you get stuck in a creative rut, this can be just the thing to get those creative juices flowing.

Feelings of confidence and pride will overcome the mind and can help artists who get stage fright. If you have been thinking about joining your local taverns open mic night, but haven’t had the nerve to do so, take some Moby Dick with you. Just a little bit can fill in the nervous space in your mind, allowing you to get on stage and show your true talents to the world.

Feelings of energy will abound, and you will find yourself participating in sporting activities like:

  • Surfing
  • Golf
  • Batting Cages
  • Mini golf
  • Volleyball
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Hiking
  • Walking

It is to be noted that in larger doses, or those with THC sensitivity, you might not want to venture too far out. Psychedelic thoughts, and trippy sights, might leave you not wanting to move around too much. Sight, sound, and even taste can be altered to a new dimension.

If you haven’t had a trip before it might be scary at first, but most users tend to enjoy the overall experience and use it as an alternative to drinking. Drinking can leave you feeling sick the next day, but marijuana has no lasting effects, once the high has worn off.

Medical Uses

The substantial Sativa lineage gives way to the high energy and overall mind lifting effects, which is sought after by therapeutic patients. Moby Dick can be enormously helpful in treating stress, depression, and anxiety. Since it contains a bit of Indica, anxious feelings from the high THC levels are kept in check.

Physically speaking, this strain can be helpful for cancer patients. It will give them a feeling of optimism and can be beneficial in in reducing body pain. Nausea will be kicked to the curb, and side effects from chemo will be erased. Cancer patients can eat a meal, and keep it down, which will give them the strength to live on and fight another day.

Muscle spasms, aches and pains, arthritis, and fatigue can be alleviated from the Moby Dick marijuana strain. To achieve a full-body high for treatment, take a more massive dose. Body pain treatments will require some users to use topical lotions or edibles so they can accomplish the maximum results. Edibles give results that will last longer than smoke or vape, and can help people make it through a workday, or sleep through the night. Remember, edibles take twice as long to kick in.

Negative Effects

Dry eyes and a dry tongue may leave users reaching for some liquids and eye drops. I don’t suggest getting the eye drops that have a cooling effect in them, because the THC may make your eyes more sensitive, thus causing a burning sensation.

Dehydration may produce a headache or migraine, so be sure to drink before, during, and after your consumption to combat them from occurring. You don’t necessarily need to drink water, just try to drink some type of liquid. Beware if you mix a high THC marijuana with alcohol, as it can produce the spins, so try to stay away from smoking and drinking at the same time.

Those who haven’t experienced a high with THC may over trip, and this can cause you to feel like you’re living in a nightmare. Start small and work your way up to a more massive dose. If you are in the middle of a bad high, try to close your eyes, take a nap, and wait out the long ride. You can’t overdose or die from marijuana so have no fear, you will live to see next year.


Similar to its parent strain, Moby Dick has aromas with pleasant citrus, floral, sweet, and even earthy notes. A surprising note of vanilla and eucalyptus will also be present, putting this on many consumers must-have list. With a wide range of pleasant notes, that aren’t skunky, this makes it desirable for those who typically don’t like the standard marijuana smell. Can be used inside homes and apartments, without leaving behind a trail of unwanted weed smell.

Taste-wise Moby Dick matches it’s scent, and surprises people with intensified tastes. This strain is potent, in the sense that users can chew on the smoke, which resembles a smooth taste similar to sucking on candy. Smooth smoke means people won’t cough up a lung when inhaling. Sweet and creamy vanilla flavors are reminiscent of vanilla ice cream, and this aids in its popularity within the medical world.


Appearance-wise, you can expect buds to be dense and very thick. Light, medium, and dark green buds are covered in bright orange pistils, matching the classic look of what you would expect marijuana buds to look like.

Leaves are coated in massive crystals and trichomes, which would be expected with its heavy THC content. When the Moby Dick strain is first observed, the overall appearance shines like diamonds in the jewelry case. Since there is a Sativa and an Indica phenotype, the plant itself may take on a number of leaf shapes.


Take seat newbies, because this is not the marijuana strain for you to start trying to grow, as your first strain. While it is resistant to mold and mildew, the Moby Dick plant takes a bit more care and maintenance. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, as long as proper growing techniques are used.

Dinafem has some specific guidelines for growers, and suggests having an electrical conductivity level between 1.5 and 2, and pH levels below 6.5. Keeping these in check will allow your plant to produce a larger than average yield of 23 ounces per meter squared indoors, and a whopping 53 ounces per plant outdoors.

Since it is a Sativa heavy strain, you might want to grow this outdoors, so it has ample room for its extensive and long leaves to be able to grow and spread out fully. You won’t want to shove this into a small indoor space and stunt the plant’s full growth potential. The leaves were bred to grow and expand upward in a warm, sunny, and Mediterranean like climate.

For those who do choose to grow indoors, watch out for large leaves and branches. Some type of pruning and clipping may be required. Indoor growth should also monitor sunlight and overall humidity, which will require extra UV light and a proper ventilation system.

Moby Dick has a short flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. Remember, since there are two phenotypes, the plant may grow more similar to the Indica variety; growers shouldn’t be alarmed if it takes on more of those traits, growing full and bushy.

For those who may be stumped on which phenotype the plant is developing into, are urged to do some research. There are plenty of youtube videos, articles, and even forums relating to marijuana growth. When in doubt ask around, because no one wants a dead plant, resulting in money lost, and Moby Dick seeds wasted.

Similar Strains

While the Moby Dick marijuana strain is one of the most popular, your dispensary may be out of it. Don’t throw a temper tantrum, instead look for one of these similar marijuana strains.

  • Cherry Durban Poison
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Alpha Cow
  • Hawaiian Mayan Gold
  • The Sauce
  • Blue Kiss
  • Mango Kush
  • Master Kush
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Blue Dream
  • Zen
  • Master Skunk
  • Boss OG

Those residing in Oregon, Arizona, or Washington should have no problem finding these strains, since they are most popularly sold there.


Looking at reviews, a few things seem to be consistent with this marijuana strain:

  • People use this as their go-to daytime strain
  • Makes people feel happy AF
  • Magical psychedelic effects take you to another world
  • Giant bud production
  • Great medication to de-stress and unwind

This is one of the most reviewed strains on the market, which backs up its claim of being one of the most popular strains.

Final Thoughts

Those looking for potent therapeutic marijuana, with above-average levels of THC, can find precisely that in the Moby Dick marijuana strain. Assisting in head and body ailments, this strain is ideal for medical patients of all kinds, and the flavor profile makes it suitable for all ages. A floaty, relaxed mindset will aid people in feeling good morning till night, while still giving them the energy to be productive.


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