Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

Nature is spectacular. The Northern Lights are one of nature’s most stunning, artistic, and majestic displays. If you ever get the chance to witness them, you are likely to feel completely overwhelmed, bewildered, and yet waves of pure peace will roll over you at the same time.

Surprisingly, much of the same can be said about the Northern Lights marijuana strain. This strain has made a name for itself as one of the most iconic and popular indicas in the world. If you ever get the chance to use the Northern Lights marijuana strain be prepared for an overwhelming out-of-this-world experience.

Lineage and Origin

The exact origin of this strain has been hotly debated. Some insist the strain was first bred in Seattle. But, most can agree it was likely created by the famous Sensi Seeds in Holland around 1985.

Whoever it was that put the work into this masterfully created marijuana strain did an incredible job. Northern Lights is full-bodied and gives users a euphoric and relaxing high.

The Northern Lights strain genetics go back to two powerful landrace strains that were perfectly matched to create Northern Lights—Afghani indica and Thai sativa. This makes this magnificent strain a hybrid but, it is indica dominant with a 90% indica and 10% sativa ratio.

The Northern Lights strain THC content impressively ranges from 15%-22%. You will almost instantly feel the potent effects of this strain. If you want to be energized and hyper-focused this is not the strain for you. Instead, you may want to try a sativa dominant strain. Or, If you are looking for relaxing medical benefits without the THC hit, you may want to try CBD products.

However, if you want to feel relaxed and uplifted like never before, this may be the perfect strain for you.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

It’s fitting that the pungent aroma of the Northern Lights strain is said to take you to a mystical place in the middle of a pine tree forest with just one whiff. It has a woodsy outdoorsy aroma that will fill up an entire room and gives you a sense of adventure knowing that something you’ve never experienced before is going to happen with this strain.

However, it’s flavor is even more complex. When you first taste this strain you may get a sense of the piney and earthy flavors. But, that will soon transform into a dynamic sweet and candy-like flavor. Occasionally, this unique strain may also even have citrus flavors adding to its mystic and complex flavor profile.

The appearance of this strain also sets it apart from the rest. True to its name, the Northern lights marijuana strain presents streaks of vibrant purples and even deep blues throughout the flower against an olive green background. Brassy orange pistils also twist and curl among the sugar leaves of this the Northern Lights strain.

Growing Northern Lights Strain

The Northern Lights strain is a pretty low-maintenance strain to cultivate. It is known to be highly resistant to diseases, bugs, and mold. The Northern Lights strain grows in the medium height range making it great for both cultivating indoors and outdoors.

Regardless of the method you choose, these plants have one of the shortest flowering periods, and the Northern Lights strain yield can be on the larger side. Many believe the Northern Lights marijuana strain is one of the simplest and most rewarding strains to grow—making it perfect for both professional growers as well as beginners.

Growing Indoors

Both using hydroponics or soil growth will work with these easy marijuana plants. But, the temperature of the space will need to be well regulated. The indoor yield is on average around 18 ounces per square meter.

Growing Outdoors

When growing outdoors, you will need to be sure you are cultivating the plants in the right conditions for them to thrive. The ideal climate is warm, balmy, and Mediterranean-like. The outdoor harvest will occur around mid-October. You can expect the Northern Lights outdoor yield to be pretty impressive at around 22 ounces per plant.

Northern Lights Strain Effects


The Northern Lights cannabis strain has an incredibly unique ability to produce many of the classic full-body melting effects of indicas without the next day hangover-like feelings.

With its dreamy and euphoric effects, Northern Lights sends its users into a spacey and blissfully relaxed state. You will be able to let go of your stress and worries as you begin to feel mentally and physically at peace.

Initially, this strain is notorious for causing lots of smiling, happiness, and even some possible psychoactive effects that make the world and life feel more light and vibrant. It is also possible to feel more creative, and you may even begin to start having some deep philosophical thoughts. However, this will all eventually fade into a full deep relaxation and sedation.

Because of its potent peaceful effects, this strain is best enjoyed after you have all of your work or errands done for the day. Northern Lights is an enjoyable evening strain or an excellent strain to use before a good night’s sleep.


Overall the Northern Lights strain has few negative side effects. Because it is a heavily indica-dominant strain, it is not likely to produce paranoia or anxiety. But, you should still be careful if you are prone to THC induced paranoia because this is a THC heavy strain. If you are prone to this kind of paranoia, you may want to try a small dose or stay away from THC heavy strains.

Like most cannabis strains, the two most common side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes. Both of these adverse effects can be easily managed or even prevented with a little knowledge and preparation.

Just be sure to keep plenty of water or hydrating fluids within arms reach and stay hydrated before, during, and after you use Northern Lights. Also, pick up some moisturizing eye drops ahead of time to help with the dry eyes.

Medical Benefits

With its uplifting and relaxing effects, the Northern Lights strain is a great choice for medical marijuana patients. Many people have found the relief they needed from various health conditions with this strain.

While its powerful full-body effects are excellent for chronic pain, be aware that when it comes to relieving physical conditions, you may need a high dose for it to be fully effective. Concentrates and edibles are a few great ways to get the higher dose you may need.

People have also found relief from mental health conditions with this strain. However, in these cases, a small dose may be most effective.

It is always best to start small and work your way up to a larger dose. Know your limits and stick to them.

A few of the medical conditions the Northern Lights Marijuana strain may help relieve are:

  • Chronic pain
  • Migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia


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