Orange Sherbet Marijuana Strain

Orange Sherbet Marijuana Strain

Orange sherbet marijuana is like the A-list model at the C-list celebrity party that no one knows anything about: how they got there, where they came from, who they came with and what their overall story is can all be a relatable question to this strain. There are so many unknowns with Orange Sherbet it makes consumers instantly intrigued. The breeders of Orange Sherbet are unknown, and there is very little credible growing information available.


Breeders of this strain are unknown to this day and the herb itself is one of the hardest to find. The best guess of its parent strains includes Sunset Sherbet strain and the line of Orange strains.

Since not much is known about Orange Sherbet, our best next place to look is going to be Sherbet, aka Sunset Sherbet, which is an heir to the Girl Scout Cookies.

Basic rundown of the parent strain Sherbet:

  • Indica leaning hybrid
  • Bred by Mr. Sherbinski
  • Ancestors include OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Durban Poison

With a family tree containing some of the most popular strains, it’s safe to assume when you use Orange Sherbet you are getting a quality product.

Popular Cities

People have found Orange Sherbet available in:

  • Valdosta, GA
  • Decatur, GA
  • Sunset District, CA


While coming across this strain is like stumbling across Bigfoot, there are user reviews out there who have tried the Orange Sherbet Strain. It is from those reviews we are able to understand this flavor, scent and overall aroma.


Obviously, the forefront flavor is going to be orange, followed by a sweet tropical flavor, finished off with notes of pine. Those who have tasted this strain say their first instinct is to take more because it sits so well on the tongue with a smooth smoke.

The overall aroma to the buds is going to be a sweet, citrus which makes it a neighbor friendly strain and won’t leave behind a pungent trail.

Overall there a few things are seen constantly posted by reviewers including notes such as:

  • Very happy feeling overall
  • Excellent buds
  • Euphoric onset
  • Soft, fluffy body


Consumers say this is a pretty even hybrid coming in at 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Others say it is a bit more Indica heavy and it leaves you with a nice body buzz. Most users can agree on the fact of the THC and CBD levels remain pretty even and consistent. While you will notice a body buzz, it still leaves you functional and not glued to the couch.

While it is never suggested to drive under the influence; a small dose of this isn’t going to leave you unable to operate your car, bike or horse.


The best overall feeling comes when this cannabis is smoked. Those who typically don’t like smoking can rest assured that no coughing fits will ensue. Orange Sherbet is bred to be smooth, from the bud to the high experience. If you don’t think you will enjoy smoking this strain no matter how smooth the smoke claims to be; it is suggested you then consume this strain in the form of an edible.

Since it has a sweet flavor, it can be a great option to pair in edibles. A few that go well with it are chocolates, candies, and drinks. Keep in mind when you use edibles, it will take a while for them to hit so allow at least 30 minutes to an hour before trying to consume more.

Due to its low THC and CBD levels, this is one of the worst strains to try to use in the form of a topical lotion or oil.

Medical and Recreational Uses

Orange Sherbet is a multifunctional strain that can be used during the daytime or nighttime. Upon use consumers will notice a nice relaxed body buzz with a mental uplift, leaving a headspace full of optimism. Not suggested for a wake and bake because it won’t give you a huge energy shot or increase your adrenaline.

Medical Uses

Since this strain isn’t heavy in THC or CBD, it’s medical use is going to differ person to person. It is medically used by people typically to help with:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • ADD
  • Anxiety

Those with anxiety can use this without having to give much caution to the dose. When strains have a normal level of THC and CBD there is less worry about the marijuana leaving users paranoid. This strain is a nice relaxant and there have been no reports of this putting you into a deep, dark headspace after overconsumption.

Patients who have a hard time shutting their brain off and focusing on one task at a time benefit from this strain because it allows them to take a chill pill, so to speak. A better phrase might be a chill puff!  Chilling a busy, clustered brain helps people focus on the task at hand that needs to be done.

Recreational Use

New or first-time users are strongly suggested to use this strain. Orange Sherbet offers a nice relaxing buzz leaving users in a fun headspace that allows them to still function, move around and aids them in being a bit more giggly.

A small dose of this is comparable to having two beers or drinks, where you feel a tension release and get outside of your head. Doing this allows the user to become more chatty and less anxious when talking at social events. Since there are no psychedelic effects, you don’t have to worry about being the weirdo at the party talking to the coat hanger.

Recreationally used by people:

  • Before social gatherings
  • Before bed
  • Before working out
  • Before doing yard work

People who mix alcohol and weed sometimes have a negative reaction, but users don’t get that with the Orange Sherbet strain. This means once the high starts to wear down, you are able to indulge in a few cocktails or beers without having to worry about getting the spins or stomach upset.

The Buds

The Orange Sherbet plant grows out long leaves with dense mint green buds and orange hairs. Extra side leaves grow throughout the plant close to the harvest time. These are just structural growth and they don’t produce any buds. The plant has a flowering time of 60-70 days.


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