Pineapple Express Marijuana Strain

Pineapple Express Marijuana Strain

The Pineapple Express strain is an uplifting yet calming cannabis flower. It is dominant among the sativa hybrid family and is unique in its citrus pepper scent. Pineapple Express is high in THC, and is renowned for its calming aroma molecules and anti-inflammatory effects. It leads you to a happy place where bliss and energy are realized from the effects of its sweet fruity flavors.

When you hear the word Pineapple Express, you might think of the 2008 comedy movie that goes by that name. As a matter of fact, this strain started to become popular because of that movie. The Pineapple Express Strain has been cultivated for quite a while, but people became familiar with it after the movie became a hit.

This strain is a blend of the Sativa Hawaiian and the hybrid strain, Trainwreck.

For the Recreational User but Has Medical Benefits as Well

Pineapple Express is liked by the recreational user because of its calming effect, but it also comes with potential medical benefits. The relaxation or calming effect of the strain boosts your mood and promotes productivity. This effect has been utilized for the betterment of people suffering from anxiety, depression, fatigue, general restlessness and chronic stress. Furthermore, because of its relative sedative characteristic, the Pineapple Express Strain has been used to diminish mild pains, inflammation, and to relieve muscle tightness as well as migraines.

Effects and Things to Watch

It can be smoked in exotic overtones of pineapple and mango, with undertones of pine and green apple. This flavor can be coupled with high concentrations of Pinene, which is the reason for the characteristic pine-y aftertaste. The Pineapple Express Strain’s  THC content is about 24%. This high THC percentage can produce side effects, which include bloodshot eyes, paranoia and dry mouth.

The high is sometimes described as a slow creeper, meaning it won’t hit you all at once after you smoke. So, it is better to start smoking in small amounts, to see how your body responds.

You might experience a euphoric high and feel rejuvenated. The Pineapple Express Strain usually produces a happy high and helps to get your creative juices flowing. Soon the feeling gives way to some relative numbing, and a wave of relaxation spreads to your limbs.

What to Expect

In the movie, Pineapple Express refers to the lies the world has never seen. But in the real world, it is a mild variety and is relatively non-intrusive. It does not push your thoughts and body in a particular direction. It goes along for the ride, improving your mental state and mood, as it loosens up your body. Pineapple Express is a good choice for new users and those who can’t handle the potency of most super-hybrids.

This strain is suitable for both regular users and those starting out because of its well-balanced effects. Its major selling point is the balance it provides, producing both calming and energizing effects. It also promotes creativity and productivity. If you are looking for a productive clear head while feeling energized, go for it.

Pineapple Express can produce an extreme amount of psycho-activity that spurs your imagination and creativity.


Half of the genetics of Pineapple Express come from a pure strain of sativa origin, which is the reason it has such a strong sativa style influence. Its high bringing effects are strong and powerful. It was first promoted by California medical dispensaries, but has since become popular around the world. We assume it was first bred in California. The plant is quite popular and can now  be found at a variety of dispensaries and other access points across the United States and Canada.

Since Pineapple Express has been around for quite a while, the plant is now found in numerous phenotypes and generic variations. For example, the plant grown in one location may be found to be different in features from the same strain grown in another location.

The plant can vary quite a bit from sample to sample. The characteristics mentioned here are generalizations.

How to Recognize It

Local stores can often prey on customers, especially newbies, by passing off any kind sweet smelling weed as Pineapple Express. Don’t be duped by this. The real one should smell like pineapple. It might vary in look depending  on what location it was grown and which seed it came from.

At first intake, you experience its fruitiness in full, with a taste of  pineapple remaining on your tongue long after the smoke is gone. So, your taste buds are left in a tumultuous of pleasure. Pine and woody tastes fill up your mouth first when you breathe out, then go to your nostrils. This creates an overall scrumptious experience that is both humbling and grounding.


As previously mentioned, the Pineapple Express Strain has various phenotypes that can grow quite differently from one another. Sativa dominant blends branch out and grow tall. Indica dominant blends grow bushy and stout. It takes about eight weeks for the plant to flower indoors. It produces a bountiful yield of about 3 to 6 oz per square foot. It can also be grown outdoors, but should be protected from high winds. Indoors, you should have your setup produce a gentle breeze so the plants are encouraged to strengthen as they grow.

The plant grows well in moderate to warmer climates with optimal growing temperatures of 21 to 29 Celsius. Silica based products help to keep the stems of the plant healthy and strong enough to support heavier buds.

The Pineapple Express Strain should be grown in soil to promote its infamous fruity aroma. Since the plant requires a fair amount of attention and care, intermediate growers are best suited to cultivate it.


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