Platinum Kush Marijuana Strain

Platinum Kush Marijuana Strain

Platinum Kush marijuana, an Indica dominant strain, is one of the more visually appealing strains in the world today. On top of its impressive looks, it also comes loaded with head-ripping levels of THC, which are 17-20% on average. Sweet, fruity, and hash are all flavors tasted and smelled with this strain.

Platinum Kush has become famous on the west coast, and it has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Back in 1994, it won the first place prize for best hydro strain in the 1994 High Times Cup.

Aside from its large number of THC, it also contains a small amount of CBD, which aids in relaxation and pain management. This strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is great for medicinal purposes, as well as recreational uses. Those who are in search of a CBD and THC strain will find what they are looking for with Platinum Kush.


Where did Platinum Kush come from? It was brought to you by OG genetics, which is a company based out of Southern California.

While the parent strains have yet to be confirmed, it’s said that Platinum Kush is a cross between Master Kush and Afghani. If this is the case, it makes plenty of sense, because both of these strains have built a massive fanbase in their own right.

Master Kush

Master Kush is an Indica, and it comes from two different landrace strains from the Hindu Kush Region. Master Kush is the type of strain that is perfect for medical purposes. It has the ability to put people into intensely relaxed states of mind, all while providing a nice head buzz, as well as an intense body high.

An earthy, citrus aroma, is given off from the smoke, that is similar to incense.


Anyone who knows marijuana, has probably heard of the legendary Afghani strain. This is one of the most popular Indica strains in the world, and it has been used widely for medicinal purposes. The body high from this strain is second to none, and because of this, it has risen to extreme popularity.

Afghani has also been used to create some incredible strains, that have also risen in popularity. Flavors of pungent earth and pine fill the user’s senses, and create a classic flavor.

Flavor and Aroma

This strain is a little bit sweet, and a little bit spicy.


As far as the flavor goes, Platinum Kush has a very classic taste, with a nice twist. It has earthy, pine, and pepper tastes in it, that bring about a steady smoke.

Overall, this isn’t the most impressive flavor profile, and the flavor is not what brings people back to the strain. Depending on how the person grows it, flavors of sweet, spicy, herbal, fruit and even grape can be tasted.

Prepare your lungs and your mouth for some heavy smoke, because this is the type of smoke you feel like you can chew on.


Similar to the flavor, Platinum Kush gives off the aroma of pepper and berry.

When the buds are broken up, a potent earthy and organic scent will be wafted into your nostrils.


Platinum Kush gets its name partly because of its appearance. It is absolutely one of a kind, as its resin gives off a beautiful silver color throughout, which exudes a platinum-like shine. Aside from the silver presence, you will also notice a pretty purple, that spreads throughout the pale-green leaves as well.

The nuggets themselves are medium to large in size, making it desirable for both grower and consumer. The flowers are spade-like, which is consistent with other Indica strains.


Overall, Platinum Kush grows to be medium in height, and it requires trimming in order to maintain its health. It can grow both indoors and outdoors, but it does require ventilation when grown indoors, for optimal results.

Larger growers have not made seeds available online, so smaller growers will need to obtain clippings from the Platinum Kush plant. Growing of this plant should be done in the form of identical clones.

One thing to note with this strain, is that it doesn’t grow well in cold climates, however, a slightly cool temperature is what gives the color to the leaves. A Mediterranean environment is best for this strain to thrive when grown outdoors, and this means those in Arizona, or other dry climates, will want to grow indoors.

This plant grows short and bushy, which can be great for those who have a small growing space.


Platinum Kush takes about 8-9 weeks to be ready for harvest indoors. This is a plant that gives a healthy yield of 17-20 ounces per square meter. As mentioned above, it can be grown indoors, but you have to make sure you have proper ventilation. Temperature control, which may prove to be tricky, due to the fact it needs a mediterranean climate, which requires a certain amount of moisture.


Outdoors, you can expect 14 -18 ounces per square meter. You can expect to harvest in late September, to the beginning of October. A shorter flowering time makes it ideal for those looking to get a quick return of profit from their plant.


Tread lightly with this strain. Platinum Kush is known for hitting people like a truck upon smoking. The effects come on fast, and are incredibly strong. The THC and CBD found in this strain, ensure users can expect one heck of a cerebral high, that leaves them feeling notoriously relaxed, sleepy, and happy.

Expect to feel an intense body high, that almost feels like a narcotic high. Your body will tingle, and feel slightly numb, depending on how much you consume, and your sense of touch will be increased.

Due to its sedative effects, this strain is best used in late afternoon, or during the nighttime hours.

You can expect to feel the following effects:


Just like most Indica strains, you will feel an abundance of relaxation. This is one of the attributes that make this strain suitable for medicinal purposes. Relaxation can significantly help with stress and insomnia, as well as a variety of other things.

Feeling relaxed is on everyone’s to-do list at some point during the day. Being relaxed recharges and refuels a person, and the Platinum Kush strain takes the human tank from empty to full, in just a few minutes. For this reason, this strain is often paired, at night after work or a long day of errands.

Have one of those families that makes the holidays absolutely dreadful? Bring a bit of this to use before the dreaded Thanksgiving family dinner, and it won’t be so bad, in fact, you might actually find yourself having a grand old time.

Tired and Calm

You will definitely feel extremely tired after consuming this strain. Because of this, it’s not recommended for morning use. This is the type of strain that works for people at night. Once all of the things that you want to do during the day are accomplished, this can make for a great strain to relax with.

Most people take the feeling of being tired for granted.  It’s only until you can’t turn yourself off, that you wish you could feel tired. Not feeling tired is an exact link to insomnia.


This is the type of strain that will make you happy, without giving you a ton of energy. Marijuana typically makes consumers feel happy, and this strain is no exception.

If you’re someone who enjoys relaxing at night, and you struggle with depression, this strain could be a real helper.

At the end of the day, people just want to feel happy, and the Platinum Kush strain is the exact cannabis you need to feel elated.


Chemo patients have found great relief from Platinum Kush. If you’re having trouble eating, or you have no appetite, marijuana, and this strain in particular, can significantly help.

Marijuana has been used for years in order to help with the chemo side-effects associated with cancer. It hasn’t been, until just recently, that marijuana has been given credit for what it can genuinely do. It is because of patients dealing with chemo, that medical marijuana has been so rapidly introduced into mainstream healing practices.


While this strain can help greatly with pain management, it also has the ability to help with depression. The euphoric state of mind that Platinum Kush provides, is no joke. Platinum Kush is the type of strain that brings people to a world of joy in no-time, and leaves them there for hours on end.


Platinum Kush is definitely one of the better strains for particular medical ailments. Doctors have been prescribing this strain, due to its wide variety of benefits. It also contains CBD, in addition to THC, and this is a knockout combo.

Pharmaceutical companies are not happy about the advancements medical marijuana has made in recent years. Because cannabis can help with specific ailments, it leads to a decrease in pharmaceutical sales. When pharmaceutical sales drop, it starts to decrease the money doctors, and pharmacists retain.

Some of the things that Platinum Kush can help with are:


Platinum Kush has some fantastic reviews from its consumers. Some people have stated that they’ve tried other strains and found little relief, until they found Platinum Kush, which completely changed their perspective on medical marijuana.

If you’re someone dealing with pain on a daily basis, this could be a great strain to try. Many people think the effects of this strain helps to relieve pain in more than one way, and doesn’t have the nasty side effects that narcotics possess. Since cannabis can be felt within minutes, users don’t have to wait a long time for their pain to go away.


It should come as no surprise, that this strain will lead to a significantly reduction of stress. If you’ve read marijuana reviews, chances are, you have seen a lot of people talking about decreasing levels of stress.

Platinum Kush is right on par with the other strains, and might even be a step up. The intense levels of THC, and small levels of CBD, are enough to reduce the stress levels of the most individuals.

Individuals can feel stress physically, and might not even realize that stress is the cause of their physical pain. Stress can be felt in the hands, feet, neck, and also the jaw. Using a bit of the Platinum Kush strain can come in, and replace, a tense buildup, with a nice body buzz.


Over the last five to ten years, the amount of people who treat insomnia with marijuana has increased significantly. People who don’t typically use marijuana recreationally, or during the day, will partake in a nightly smoke before bed.

The reason is simple, it works for them. Platinum Kush would be one of the better choices for this, as it will pretty much numb your body, and relax you, until you fall into a deep sleep. Tossing and turning will be a thing of the past, and a steady full-night’s rest is in the future of all who partake of this strain.


While Sativas are most likely used for depression, this strain can also be used. The one thing to note here, is that it will make you sleepy, drowsy, and tired. If your spells of depression are being worsened from poor productivity, or the lack thereof, this probably isn’t your strain. If you have things to get done, and a long to-do list, using this strain is only going to make you procrastinate more, which in turn is going to get you down.

With that being said, if you experience depression at night, this could be a great strain, as it will relax you, and enhance your mood before falling asleep.

Recreational Uses

Since this is a night-time strain, it isn’t great to use at social gatherings, or events. It can be great to use with people you are close with, and those you like to share intimate experiences with.

Whether you are a new couple, or have been married for years, using Platinum Kush on your next date night can be precisely what you need. It can put couples minds into the same rhythm, and one-on-one time can be much more intimate. Ideas and thoughts will flow back and forth, and topics you typically talk about will have new light shed on them, making the conversation feel fresh and exciting.

Platinum Kush Pairs Great With:

  • Reading
  • Movies
  • Meditation
  • Fires
  • Puzzles

Negative Effects

The one thing to note about this strain, is that it can lead to severe couch-lock. If you’re trying to be productive during the day, it would be wise to tread exceptionally light with this strain. It has the potential to put you into a state of mind where you’re not able to properly function for a couple of hours.

The THC in this strain will distort your senses, which may feel a bit overwhelming. Simple things, like a ceiling fan, will sound like the loudest wind tunnel in the world. Once you get used to the sensory changes, users typically start to crave it. What is at first a negative side effect, turns into a positive one.

Because of this, it’s not recommended for novice smokers. Your typical dry eyes and dry mouth will ensue as well, so be sure to have water and eye drops by your side.

Similar Strains

Have you already tried Platinum Kush? If you answered yes, then you might want to check out these similar strains:

  • Orange Creamsicle
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This strain is available in dispensaries everywhere, but is prevalent in Oklahoma, Washington, and Maryland.


Let’s take a quick glance at a few first-hand user reviews of the Platinum Kush marijuana strain.

  • Anyone who has had an excellent Kush strain is going to be blown away by the Platinum Kush marijuana strain. The best way to describe it is my head just sank right into my pillow. I typically toss and turn at night, and this left me sleeping in one place the entire time.
  • Every time I get this strain, I am always satisfied.
  • Have been using this strain every night for a month now, and it still kicks my butt before falling off into my night’s sleep.
  • If you are someone who deals with anxiety, this is the next strain you should try. Oddly enough I like to mix it a sweet highball cocktail at night and the earthy herbal taste pairs well with scotch.
  • Platinum Kush has some of the most crystalline buds I have ever seen. Very heavy high ensued after I smoked this strain, and it instantly gave me a feeling of relief all over as I felt the stress leave from my body.


Overall, Platinum Kush is one of the more popular Indica-dominant hybrid strains.

It is important to note that this strain will make you more numb, and tired, than most other strains you have tried.
In a world where marijuana is becoming more and more popular, it will be exciting to see how popular the Platinum Kush strain becomes.

If you’re someone who loves Indica strains, this should definitely be on your radar for strains to try in the future.


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